Tomsk governor has appointed the head of the Department of Game and Fisheries

The governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin appointed head of the Department of Game and Fisheries Victor Sirotina. According to the press service of the administration of the Tomsk region, a new department in the structure of executive bodies of state authority created by October 1 of the Joint Committee of Fisheries and management of hunting. The new department combines the functions of the two departments, its creation has not caused disruption in the provision of public services. Victor Sirotin first headed the committee of fisheries.«We will continue to optimize the structure of executive Read more [...]
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Department of Natural Resources is developing rules on the content of the apartments wildlife

As the head of the Department of Natural Anton Kulbachevsky, Muscovites will be able to obtain official permission for it, if they prove that the beasts are able to provide the right conditions — for example, have sufficient income, and the desired number of square meters.With the adoption of such a law according to experts of the Moscow Society of Animal Protection Natalia Bazarkina. Commenting on the proposal of the Department of nature, she pointed out that today anyone can start a wild animal - even from the Red Book.«Keep wild animals in captivity is always dangerous. In this case, Read more [...]
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Kurgan Avenger

Modest Kurgan businessman Vyacheslav Bobkov in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan region known person. For four years, he is haunted by the officials, distributing the wealth of his native land – hunting, care «users» most eligible trans-Ural forests. And once I did not try to negotiate with stubborn: and attractive benefits promised, and threatened with death - and he does not give up – sues and wins.Here only «Matchmaker and brother»Since 2008, Vyacheslav and he tried to participate in tenders for the provision of Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin detained Head of fishing control

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court granted the petition of the Sakhalin interdistrict prosecutor Yuri HSCHENOVICHA elected to a suspect in the crime under Part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code, the chief of department Korsakov fishing control and hunting supervision of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Sakhalin Region Sergey Bogachev measure of restraint in the form of detention, the press service of the Prosecutor of the Sakhalin area.     Earlier Sakhalin district prosecutor's office in relation to Bogachev was a criminal case, he was detained on suspicion of committing a crime directed against Read more [...]
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Thinking out loud

It's no longer a secret that the transfer from the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources office of public administration functions in the field of protection, use and reproduction of objects of fauna of game and their habitats - the question has practically decidedAbout Will the benefit Hunting regular or permanently change its collapse think certainly all hunters. Ready to share my thoughts and me.If you look deeper …As follows from the proposal, the Ministry of Russia has three objectives:•    simplification of the system of state administration Read more [...]
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Appeal to Medvedev DA

To the Editor received a letter from A.V.Firsova familiar to our readers for the publication in the newspaper and on our website. We can not be published and given a letter of appeal.Photo:, Nikolai Sorokin Chairman of the RF Government DA Medvedevfrom the hunter A.V.FirsovaYaroslavl region, Pereslavl region, Berendeevo village. Dmitry Anatolyevich!I ask you personally, in «manual» understand the following situation, as it is a disgrace to the Russian state and its government. So I ask you to remind assistants that, guided by part 6 of Article 8 of Read more [...]
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How to equip our hunting

February 26, the opening day of the exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia", a conference convened by the Russian Union of hunting, on the theme "The hunter, hunting and hunting in the realities of modern Russia." Photo Natalia Sdobnikova I was pleasantly surprised by the very high number of participants. Yes, and impressive geography. Conference was opened by the chairman of the ROS Bonch-Bruevich. Presentations were made by the Chairman MGOOiR A. Kaledin, a State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev, President POPC T. Aramileva, Editor «Hunting» B. Kuzenkov, deputy. editor Read more [...]
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On the new department rationalization proposals

The topic raised in the article "New Department were several hunting MNR of Russia" ("EGR" number 23, 2014) prompted me to voice their opinions.Photo by Vadim Tikhomirov Ohotdepartamenta rationalization proposals on the separation of permits for mining rights to two new species: a) non-hunting resources and b) referred to the hunting resources,in my opinion, another legal nonsense.Problems of hunting have a legislative basis. TO time of the adoption of the law on hunting in the country has already formed the legal hierarchy: a) The Constitution of the Russian Federation, Read more [...]
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The position of the Department of spring hunting and entry into AEWA

AE Bersenev, director of the Department of State policy and regulation in the field of hunting and wildlife Ministry of RussiaPhoto Gidzy / Recently, hunters, environmental and scientific community active discussion dedicated to the spring hunting of migratory birds. In the press there emotionally rich publications, often grossly distort the existing situation. The initiators of the debate are, as a rule, NGOs and some media.Many (not hunters) blamed for reducing the number of birds practiced in our country spring hunt, but in fact it is the cause of not more than 6% Read more [...]
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About lyapah Department

After reading in the "horn», №№ 1 and 5 of this year, in my opinion, is absolutely reasonable and fair conclusions of respected leaders and practitioners of Game VV Caplin and TS Aramileva the nullity of the Department of hunting MPRiE RF, join the criticism exclusively to retain Berseneva AE and it is clearly dependent or incompetent "Zulu" from further mistakes, discrediting both the federal authorities and harming the hunting industry in Russia.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova I do not restrain myself and at the same time from the aphorism — «… Read more [...]
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Picket Ministry of Natural Resources

February 16 at the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in Moscow, was a man with a placard calling to send federal leadership willingly resigned.Photo Nikolai Sorokin The protesters Andrei Firsov told us: "I'm from the Yaroslavl region, the village Berendeevo, a graduate of Game Biologists, hunter with 30 years of experience. Here, in the picket, I express my personal protest of the state policy, which is carried out in the field hunting economy. I think that the whole policy aimed at the destruction of hunting. Initially, all depends on the leadership Read more [...]
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Meeting at the Ministry of Natural Resources

"HORN" Number 46Press and Information Ministry of the Environment The meeting was attended by Director of the Department of AE profile Bersenev his deputies AA Sitsko and DN Lipatov, Ministry of Natural Resources staff.The main purpose of the meeting – training and funding of measures to improve state regulation to the area of ​​hunting, identify urgent problems and ways to resolve them. To this end, a meeting of leading experts have been invited to hunting, employees of relevant agencies and institutions, scientists, zoologists and biologists, game wardens, Read more [...]
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Well if Woodcock in France?

French hunters are concerned about the future of woodcocksPhoto: Mark Kras This year the winter woodcock flew to France to a much smaller number than usual. Autumn migration has been sluggish almost everywhere, and experts and hunters have a low density of forest waders.Despite the extremely low number of woodcock in France as a whole, their distribution in the country is extremely heterogeneous. There were areas of mass gatherings woodcock with a very high density. Unfortunately, in these areas, and passes the basic hunting.According to experts of the National Office of hunting Read more [...]
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Why criticize the Department

Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing I must say that the criticism of the department in recent years has become so familiar that for the first time, yielding to the general mood, I, too, was ready to express their outrage. But still I decided to find out: limiting the maximum area of ​​land in «one hand» – it is good or bad for the hunting area?Not long ago, from the bowels of the Department of hunting MNR released a new document – a draft order on the establishment of a maximum area of ​​hunting grounds for which can be enclosed ohothozyaystvennye agreement Read more [...]
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Full details of the order and the place of receipt gosohotbiletov in Moscow and Moscow region

For residents of Moscow: The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:if any (optional): hunting license or membership of a hunting license issued before 1 July 2011 and the validity of which has not expired;Two personal photographs in black and white or color performance without the brackets 25 x 35 mm with a clear picture of the person strictly full-face without headgear;A copy of the identity document (the main page, the place of registration).Admission tickets to the applicants hunting 01.12.2011 is strictly in the place of residence (registration) competitor hunting Read more [...]
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Prepare hunters

Russia sorely lacking competent hunters. The problem of professional training in game management is a long time. It raised the profile ministers AV Gordeyev and YP Trutnev. The faculty is based on the Department of Ecology and hunting. It was organized in the period of foundation of the university in 30 years of the twentieth century (in the beginning it was the Department of Zoology). History of the Department connected with names of famous hunters and biologists: Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of SP Bogolyubsky professors PA Manteuffel, SA Severtsov, SP Naumova, AN Formozov, VF Larionov, Read more [...]
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Poachers in the OPS

Baykalovskim District Court of the Sverdlovsk region sentenced against three people accused of committing a crime under Part. 2 tbsp. 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.Photo courtesy of the press service of the Department Mr. K. Gy, gr Mr. S., gr Mr F. made illegal hunting, group of persons by prior conspiracy, with big damage.The crime was committed on the territory of the public area of ​​the hunting grounds «Baykalovsky», 2 km from the village. Krasnopolyanskoe.Around 11 pm, c. K. F. and the car VAZ – 2104, and the c–Mr. S., who was Read more [...]
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How to Tie Your Paraphernalia Fine-tune

The Teamster's Incumbrance is the handiest mi on the satellite     Picture: International ClipClimbers, Boy Scouts, and sailors may dissent, but the Teamster'S Limp—extremely adjustable and open of piano-string closeness—is the handiest gnarl on the satellite.(1) Assure one end of a rophy to your offset tie-down item. So pee a quick-release grommet betwixt it and your secondment tie-down period. To do this, catch a part of the lasso in your paw and whirl it clockwise threefold, so puff a department of quag business done it until you get a tight grommet. (2) Draw the unleash Read more [...]
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Cho is not clear how

U.S. Security Department buys 450 million roundsU.S. Department of Security (Department of Homeland Security) continues the mysterious preparation (see, eg, U.S.: FEMA announced a tender for the construction of camps for "displaced persons" - here: and buys 450 million .40 caliber rounds, and also announced a tender for the delivery of 175 million cartridges .223 caliber. That is, in sum - about 2 bullets per capita. I remind you that in 2000 this department did not exist in principle, it was created as part of an ambitious program launched after the September 11, 2001 Read more [...]
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In Peru, people died due to flooding

In Peru, three people were killed and two are missing due to the exit from the banks of the river in the department of Huancavelica Huayanay in the south of the country, the cause of which served as heavy rains in the region in the last few weeks. This was reported by the local authorities. Head of the Department of Federico Salas said that the flood affected a total of more than 150 people. "A few hours after the floods, which began on Tuesday night, was recorded mud flows that destroyed several buildings in the surrounding communities," - he added. In connection with anomalously high intensity Read more [...]
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