Training departure on January 26-27, 2013. (Report).

Departure place though not quite as planned.Route: 55.665172 / 38.454075, covered about 6 km. to the point of camp, came back a little bit more because we went to the nearby art w / d Evsyukova. Conditions: Winter mixed forest windbreak. Daytime temperatures -14 to -19 at night. PERSONNEL - 6 people.Due to heavy snowfall in mid-January, it was decided not to break up the group (see initial conditions) and go one route. In this regard, unfortunately it has not turned the radio to practice skills on the trail.Especially difficult to go over the snow, crashing through a windbreak on 70 centimeter Read more [...]
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Photo exhibition «Wildlife RB-2012»

For the fifth year of the photo contest "Wildlife of Bashkortostan", "become attached" to everything that is related to this event! Wonder, and how I lived without the fuss and exciting moments - fees for a master - class: exit onto PA area that holds a contest despite the fact that promises us "heavenly office", and despite the fact that the meeting was going just a couple of the participants ... getting ready, going, planning, experience, dream ..! and with all this, always smile when I think what a warm and spiritual meeting ahead of us ... This year's photo contest carries natural park "IremelHotel." Read more [...]
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What’s decently to bed earlier start out on frigidity runs?

A:That's an interesting enquiry. My own use is to first a picayune coolheaded then warm. But a sane motion is: Is it amend for your trunk to beginning lovesome? For an reply, I pinged Robert Lutz, a doctor and practiced in employment physiology at Washington Commonwealth University. Hither's his payoff: "'What's improve' is to around stage a thing of personal penchant. The world-wide passport is that as your exercising chroma and continuance increases, your torso temperature bequeath step-up, so you should garb as if it's pentad to ten degrees heater than the start ambient temperature. Commend Read more [...]
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Will-Powered Wheels

You're hazardously fleshy and in painfulness. You could tone resigned to your place, or you could be care Shane Gorrell, who's pickings the route less travelled to trade with his sizing and wellness. The Longview, Washington, nonmigratory is on an 1,840-mile weight-loss deputation: Disdain having no premature cycling receive and against the management of aesculapian professionals, the 300-pound, 6-foot-3 Gorrell is biking 40 miles a day to Sedona, Arizona.Gorrell, who started the cod at 332 pounds, distinct it was sentence to do something drastic when his weightiness began hindering his Read more [...]
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How to change the behavior of migratory birds

November 2, 2013. Every autumn with the onset of cold weather migratory birds gather in flocks and migrate to warmer climes. Russian ornithologists carefully study the terms of their departure to find out if it affects them warming. Bird watching is the easiest way in the places of their mass banding to notice a gradual process of departure. For example, on the Curonian spit in the Kaliningrad region, where there is a station of the Zoological Institute RAS. Ornithologist Leonid Sokolov working there, found that the timing of the flight of birds more do not depend on the amount of heat in the Read more [...]
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Jet Ski Rides Wave—And Crashes

A 20-foot undulation folded ended a jet ski aviate, destroying the ski and $15,000 privately equipment but departure onlookers with a serial of striking pictures. Early humankind genius surfboarder Tom Carroll was towing surfboarder Ross Clarke-Jones into a 20-footer when he lost the undulation's departure line and was strained to bait the flourish. The distich were cinematography a succession for the coming picture Surprise Surfers 3D. Carroll, 49, loose without life-threatening hurt. “The waves were so wilderness and irregular that it was grueling to severalize what was occurrent," Read more [...]
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Boeing passenger made an emergency landing in Sochi

Aircraft Boeing-737-500, en route Yerevan-Sochi flight, due to a technical problem had to return to the departure airport. As reported by the air carrier "Don-Air", the crew of an aircraft taking off from Sochi at 07:15 MSK, in flight found minor failure and decided to make an emergency landing "In Sochi airport problem is solved by experts airline. Those on board 81 passengers, including 12 children, and 5 crew members expected departure to the place of direction ", - said the spokesman of" Don-Avia "Inna Churlyaeva. According to her, the aircraft will fly to Read more [...]
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The plane returned to the Domodedovo due to engine problems

Passenger "Boeing", departing from "Domodedovo" in Vienna, had to return to the departure airport, "Interfax" a source in the traffic services Moscow airports. "Airplane" Boeing 737-800 "departed from" Domodedovo "in Vienna in the morning, but after taking off his alarm went off about the problems in the right engine and the aircraft commander decided to return to the airport of departure," - he said. According to the source, the plane landed safely in "Domodedovo" 20 minutes after takeoff. All on board were 140 passengers, Read more [...]
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Plane flying from Krasnodar to Moscow, he returned to the departure airport after hitting bird in the engine

A320 airliner, en route flight "Krasnodar - Moscow" has made an emergency landing at the airport of departure presumably because of falling bird in the engine, said on Monday night the agency "Interfax-South" a source in the emergency Kuban."Sundays at 12:08 MSK A320, flying along the route" Krasnodar - Moscow ", took off from Krasnodar, and a few minutes later readings showed that one of the drivers could get a bird has become more frequent since the vibration of the engine. Aircraft commander took decision to return to the airport of departure, "- said Read more [...]
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Plane on Kamchatka was forced to return because of a cracked glass

Passenger Yak-40K, going from village Ossora in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, had to return to the departure airport, "Interfax" on Saturday, a source in the emergency Kamchatka. "After the departure from the airport at 06:40 MSK Ossora aircraft commander told dispatchers that the windshield in the pilot study went crack. However, he decided to return to the airport of departure in Ossory," - said istochnik.Po him, On board were 20 people, no one was hurt. He added that the aircraft is owned airline "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airline." Pilots managed to safely land the Read more [...]
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Flying from Tyumen to Salekhard plane returned to the airport of departure due to a cracked glass

Boeing airline "Yamal" executed Thursday flight Tyumen - Salekhard, had to return to the departure airport due to technical director of airline nepoladok.Kommerchesky Andrew Dubrov informed agency "Interfax" that in the cockpit windshield was cracked, so it was decided to return."Landing done safely. Injured" - said Dubrov.Po him, sent from Salekhard reserve board (A320-200), which will take the passengers to their destination.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Passenger Boeing has made an emergency landing in Krasnodar

Passenger "Boeing", traveling from Krasnodar to Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, made an emergency landing at the airport of departure. As reported by Interfax in the Krasnodar aviation hub, a few minutes after take-off in the cockpit alarm went off on the loose in the cabin door is closed. The commander decided to return to the airport of departure. On board were 95 passengers. When planting no one was injured, the circumstances of the incident are established.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The Nutrient Champion

I was embossed on a pocket-size grow in Bethesda, Maryland. We were hapless, but we ever divided what we grew.I leftover habitation at 18 and subsequently college terminated up playacting pro hoops in Belgium. During my unfreeze clip, I'd dispel to the area. They were land alike we did, winning aid of the country. Beholding them reignited a warmth. When I got backbone to the States, I started maturation and merchandising my own nutrient in Milwaukee, hauling clobber in, departure from storage to memory, departure to the greenmarket. My kids ran a wayside stall. At the metre, I was workings for Read more [...]
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Pop Comparable a Troglodyte

Sometimes hunt same Fred Flintstone is your lone alternative.     Pic: Instance by Wienerwurst Stockton.Let's say you're in a grievous pickle—out thither, disoriented, hungry—and motive protein. Your scoop bet, according to contributive editor Steven Rinella, genius of the new Move Line display The Barbarian Inside, is to take at diminished gage comparable a squirrel, crab, or rabbit—and donjon it dim-witted:"The behind demarcation is you shouldn't takings any putz you don't already cognize how to use, or recall you're leaving to keep your ass by attempting around proficiency Read more [...]
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If in the course of the seizure, or fire raid GTB battle with the enemy becomes protracted and its continued maintenance is impractical (the ratio of forces in favor of GTB), reconnaissance group organized out of the fight. Retreat from the battlefield with the permission of his superior, and a forced emergency exit GTB from combat its causes and results of the battle are reported immediately after the release of the battle. GTB output from the battle can be a sudden the enemy cease-fire and the rapid departure of the group of scouts on a watershed (collection point) or sequential departure subgroups, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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