Scientists have discovered underwater oases methane

July 17, 2013. During the shooting of the seabed in the autumn of last year, the scientists on board the survey vessel noticed bubbles rising from the depths. Phenomenon has aroused interest marine biologists, and they sent to their place of interest expedition. Here, they found out that the seabed in the form of methane gas bubbles coming out and the vicinity of this space filled with a variety of life forms. A study by researchers revealed that on the ocean floor at depths of up to 1.6 kilometers inhabited by whole colonies of bacteria that are used for life energy of destruction of methane. Read more [...]
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The scientists compared the seismic processes on the Earth and on the moon

In science it is considered that the main cause of earthquakes serve its own tectonic processes of the Earth and monotrate mainly due to tidal forces, i.e. the influence of the gravitational field of our planet. However, these provisions may soon be revised. According to the Director of the Institute of marine Geology and Geophysics Feb RAS corresponding member Boris Levin and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Elena Samarovo (tsunami laboratory of the Institute of Oceanology. P.P. Shirshov RAS), seismic processes both celestial bodies are common causes. The paper was published in the journal Read more [...]
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Ocean trenches: The Blind Side of the Earth

The average depth of the oceans is 3,800 meters. They occupy our planet 99% of the space, where life could exist. 85% of this volume is to dive into the eternal darkness of the depths of ocean basins.Deep-sea diving with enough equipment became effective only recently implemented, and today we have detailed maps of only 5% of the ocean floor.For the past twenty-five years on average every two weeks published description of a new and hitherto unknown species of the deep sea dweller. An estimated ten to thirty million species yet to be discovered. About those that live at the bottom of the ocean, Read more [...]
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Universe named Oceans

Since ancient times, people interested in the life of the World Ocean and tried to penetrate its secrets. The underwater world has always struck his imagination vastness.Secrets Hydrospace First Sumerian legend of divers states that Gilgamesh (king of Uruk) went to the bottom of the sea in search of algae, which was to give him immortality, but it never found. However, interest in the mysteries of the ocean does not dry out at mankind for millennia. Long before human exploration of the mysteries of the Galaxy begin penetrating the mysteries of the underwater world, or Hydrospace. Built submersibles, Read more [...]
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On the threshold of hell — Kola ultradeep well

"Dr. Guberman, what the hell you dug down there?" - A replica of the room interrupted the report of the Russian scientist at a UNESCO meeting in Australia. A few weeks earlier, in April 1995, around the world, a wave of reports of mysterious accident at the Kola super-deep borehole. Soil testing proves: Moon broke away from the Kola Peninsula Allegedly on the way to the 13th kilometer instruments recorded a strange noise coming from the bowels of the planet - yellow newspapers unanimously claimed that since sound can only cries of sinners from hell. A few seconds after the terrible Read more [...]
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Is there life on the sun?

The story takes on a spiral. Often the idea of once forgotten and discarded as obsolete, back again, and found a second life in the light of new scientific evidence. Personolizatsiya Nature is one of the underlying features of the human psyche. Worship of spirits or gods of fire, water, wind, and was the basis of all ancient religions. Later, these ideas were rejected as superstition and replaced with a more "advanced" the doctrine of God as the Universal Absolute, father, son, etc. But let's think again, is it really so absurd old beliefs, or did they have some kind of rationality, Read more [...]
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Overvoltage rocks

Creases, cracks and fissures in the rocks found almost everywhere. Some faults reach the surface of the Earth - in this case, we see the zone of crushed, frayed rocks. But most of them remain hidden under tysyachemetrovymi layer of sedimentary and crystalline rocks. It is believed that earthquakes are located in the centers of average depth of 30 kilometers, but some earthquake nucleate at much greater depths of the order of several hundred kilometers. This indicates that even in the depths, dominated by high temperatures and enormous pressure, the rocks can be fragile. But deeper than 1,000 Read more [...]
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How deep earthquakes originate in the bowels of the earth?

Most people never does not ask, at what depth are earthquake. For scientists, this same question is very important. It is also important in practice. Very deep earthquake, obviously, should be accompanied by less damage than the surface. The reason is that they are more distant from the surface, although their influence is distributed over a larger area. Scientists are particularly interested in a rather rare "deep-focus" earthquakes occurring at depths of up to 1,000 kilometers. This depth immeasurably greater than any mine or well. The study of such earthquakes may shed light Read more [...]
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Underwater vehicles provide a wide range of human conduct research and underwater works at any depth of the seas and oceans. Oceanography, geology, research and development of fisheries flora and fauna of the ocean, exploration and development of oil and gas production, installation and inspection of underwater pipelines and cables, control of pollution of the seas and oceans, wrecking - this is not a complete list of what busy today submersibles. They allow people to observe the object in its natural environment, choose suitable for observing and working position. Submersibles maneuverable, Read more [...]
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In the depths of the ocean

"I apologize for my negligence led to the death of the imperial Underwater boats and sailors of the emperor. Every sailor team until the end of his duty "- Sakuma hurry hand was badly obeyed, displaying columns of hieroglyphs" [57, p. 92]. At thirty years he was a freshman in the Navy, and Underwater boat, this one, he was in command for four years and knew her "habits". The smallest of the first Japanese submarines (length 22 m, width 2.1 m), it is too much hassle to remove the command of the eternal problems. In addition, the boat had a tendency to "dig" Read more [...]
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Caves and catacombs

Caves and dungeons in the past and we were home and fortress, but those days are long gone, and now every normal person is afraid of dungeons and caves. The cave is associated with something unknown and unexplored, a place where you can easily get lost and die. And it really is true. There are caves in which people often get lost and die, but there is a cave in which you can freely walk around with you and nothing will happen.The question arises. What or who makes a dangerous cave? Try to answer this question as short as possible. Perhaps each of the nations there are legends that have demons Read more [...]
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Scientists thought that the ocean's surface, warmed up to 0.6 degrees

April 3. Scientists using data from the expedition of the XIX century, determined that the temperature in the surface layer of the World Ocean in the last 135 years has risen by 0.6 degrees, the Internet portal LiveScience referring to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The study, conducted by researchers from the University of California, San Diego, with the support of the American administration Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that global "warming" of the ocean occurred over 100 years ago. Comparing data 1872-1876 British expedition's with Read more [...]
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