River Forest Desert

From the Urals travel writer Vasily Nemirovich-DanchenkoPart IGrey Ural, this mighty dvuhtysyachekilometrovy boundary between Europe and Asia, with its rich and unique landscapes - the rocks and snow-covered peaks, rapids rivers cut through the stone monoliths, and forests - in the XIX and XX centuries, has become a kind of Mecca for writers and artists in the works where nature has been one of the leading themes. Hundreds and thousands of kilometers they have walked, rode horses and deer on the rocky trails, sailed on fragile boats on the mountain rivers in search of subjects for future works. Read more [...]
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Desert, where there is life

- Dimitri, antelope over there on the top. You see them? They go on to grebnyu.Prilipnuv to binoculars, to hurt me in the eyes peered into floating in the haze of hot air away the tops of the mountain range70 km / h — can develop a speed of Oryx antelope. The meager scraps of scorched on sun grass, gray-white deposits of stones, piles of boulders, rare green bushes and heather ... somewhere on According to Jason, shall be four oryx antelope.Finally I I find animals, nature, painted as brightly as the rocks around. The gray-white, a plurality of Read more [...]
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The movement on the desert

Go to the desert – one of the most difficult tests for humans. No wonder special forces are marsh throws in the wilderness, as a final test of survival. It is especially hard for a lonely traveler, lost in the desert. In this article, we will talk about the features and rules of movement in the desert. Walking in the desert during the day – it is very difficult and dangerous. Without considerable supply of water near you and at all will pass. Ideally, the hellish heat of the day should wait in some shelter, and move in the morning, evening and sometimes at night, when the temperature Read more [...]
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Search for water in the desert

In today's article we will talk about a very difficult subject. As always, when it comes to survival in extreme conditions, We have to solve the challenges. Get water in the desert – is the most important task, the solution of which depends – you will live until tomorrow, or not… So, where is get water in the desert? In fact, a few options, but all of them are, frankly not one hundred percent. The beds are old and dried up rivers, lowlands. To identify areas where the water is as close to the surface, you should try to get up on some hill. Where to be able to detect pockets of Read more [...]
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The dangers of the desert

Desert full of dangers for the traveler. In this review we will talk about the threats that are waiting for a lone traveler in the desert and how to avoid them. It often happens that during a trip to an exotic country, and is a tourist lost in the desert. The desert is one of the most disadvantaged regions to autonomous survival. Terrible heat; scorching sun; no vegetation, and therefore shade; dangerous poisonous snakes, scorpions; lack of water, and not a lot of food; Well and sandstorms as the last straw. The heat need to be protected clothing, in every possible way to close the exposed skin. Read more [...]
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Desert – far from being a heavenly place, and the most that neither is hell. Unbearable heat, the almost complete absence of water sources, dangerous snakes and scorpions. However, this is not limited to the whole list of threats to life, to survive in the wilderness. Sandstorm – very common and life-threatening event. To learn how to escape from a sand storm, we'll talk in today's article. Desert – This vast space occupied by sand dunes. Neither you woods or mountains, or other obstructions. If Desert strong wind, he begins to raise the sand into the air and carry its huge mass. Read more [...]
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Many dangers lurking traveler in extreme conditions. In different regions of our diverse planet these dangers very differing. But there is a need for all of us, are not satisfied that we die very quickly, regardless of the natural area, which is in distress. it water demand! And the dangers we have in the absence of moisture saving – this dehydration. Of course, in some areas of natural water simply get hold of (Antarctica, jungle, forest, mountains), while others are extremely difficult or even impossible (ocean, steppe, desert, savanna). Yes, the ocean was in the list of water-scarce regions, Read more [...]
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Orienteering in the wilderness

Desert – vast expanses of sand, stones and sometimes mountains. When you walk through the desert, everything seems the same: the dunes, dunes, dunes. Because of this uniformity,and a small number of visual cues, in the deserts is very difficult to navigate and keep the selected motion vector. Let's try to understand how to effectively navigate the deserts, steppes and high plains. In the desert a lot of Sunny days, so that the surest way to navigate by the Sun. Night – in the desert you can effectively navigate by the stars. If you know how to blow the prevailing winds in this region, Read more [...]
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How to get water, where there are no rivers and lakes?

You can often encounter a situation when you need to replenish the water, to avoid dehydration, and the terrain does not conducive to the satisfaction of the needs in the water: it's just the terrain with no ponds, and possibly at all – an arid steppe, plateau or desert. What to do in such conditions? As to get life-saving water? Let's try to find solutions in this article. Similar «anhydrous» situations happen on the way in a variety of natural areas. When you are unable find the water source in the humid jungle, the forest or the mountains – this is one situation where Read more [...]
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Best wishes survival

" IN THE DESERT " ( memoirs)...I walk through the Kyzylkum desert. I barely pull on sand its 75 kg and 80‑kg Laden weight is great. Monotonous consider steps: 647, 648... Via step 352 I will allow myself another SIP of water from a jar. About anything I do not think and do not want, not counting water. Happiness for me is equivalent to the water. Remember many unfinished life juices, compotes, jellies, yogurt, streams flowing from nedostavernuyu cranes, rivers, lakes, puddles underfoot. Tons of unused, not drinking my water. Tons Surely, fate punishes me the torture of thirst Read more [...]
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In Africa, the ocean is born — the Afar Triangle. Photo

Cleft in the Afar triangle signal to the birth of the ocean. Tim Wright / University of Oxford Geologists from the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia amazed - Afar in the desert with amazing speed cavity is formed, which can be the seat of a new ocean. September 26, 2005 in the desert of Afar, a series of earthquakes, which initiated the formation of cavities. Since then, geologists have observed previously unseen seismic processes - within a few months the ground sank to the level of 100 m below sea level. Abnormal portion of desert geologists call "the Afar Triangle» (The Afar Triangle). Read more [...]
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Dalmatia (to tonsure Mokrinskiy Dmitri Ivanovich)

Dalmatia (to tonsure Mokrinskiy Dmitri Ivanovich) (1594 Berezov 25.06.1697, Dalmatovo Assumption Mon.), Reverend, founded. Isetskoy desert (later Dalmatovo Assumption Mon.). Rod. family Berezovsky Cossack chieftain. Since 1628 Tobolsk son Boyarsky. In 1642/43 has left state. service and took vows in Nevyansk Epiphany Mon. under the name Dalmata. In 1644 founded the desert on the White Castle mound at the confluence r.Techi in r.Iset which became the first Russian. settlement in the Urals. Deserts repeatedly ruined Kalmyks and Bashkirs, but revives D. and his associates. With 60 years. D., remaining Read more [...]
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Survival in the wilderness. What to do?

Useful tips: • The most important thing in the desert — this is to avoid dehydration. If you were among the Sands due to damage your machine, use it as a source of shade. If you are traveling on foot, find some cave or sit in the shade of the rock. • Protect your head and neck from the sun (generally try to avoid it). If you have a hat, wear it, and on top tie some sort of scarf to escape from heat stroke. • If you are stuck in the desert by car, do not leave it. If for help there is no hope, get to places where you can meet people. Move only at night, waiting Read more [...]
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Sandstorm in the Chinese city. Photo

June 1, 2010. Like a scene from a Hollywood movie disaster, amid a huge cloud of sand, facing rows of houses in a small town in central China seem tiny. Residents of closed doors and windows in their homes when the dust storm at a rate of 21 meters per minute (70 ft / min) swept through the region.Day instantly turned into night, tons of dust temporarily closed sun and visibility dropped to 180 meters (600 feet). But when the storm has calmed down, the clouds of sand dust hit the Earth, causing residents to begin a major clean-up operation. The population of the town of Golmud 200,000 people, Read more [...]
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Desert: Winter season

A few tips for those who are going to travel in the desert.1. Give someone you know the route and time of your hike planned for passage. If you did not come at the appointed time, knowing your route you simplify your search and rescue services. 2. Multi-day transition break so that each day you have had a certain exit point. To the village, well, busy road. In case of emergency you can get there in less than a day. Such costs also indicate points in the itinerary. 3. Keep a stock of water purification tablets at least 20 liters, this tutu 20tb. Constantly and boil large amounts of water on you Read more [...]
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Transitions in the desert. (Part One)

Case can bring anyone in the desert, and many of us have not been there even once imagined it as the illustrations in the tour agencies. Bare sand dunes, wind carrying sand moving huge weight. So the desert are very different, the very definition of the desert depends on the amount of precipitation falling in the area. It does not bare sand or rocks in the desert lacks vegetation and wildlife is not so scanty as we imagine sometimes present.And so we make the transition fell in the wilderness, and that should be taken into account in the first place. Let's say you're in a place where you have Read more [...]
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Ukraine comes desert

The fires in Russia and neighbouring regions of Ukraine drew attention to the problem, which has long spoken in Europe, but which was little disturbed by Ukrainians. For Kharkiv climate change may indicate the onset of the steppes. At the conclusion of biologist by profession, Chairman of the Kharkiv environmental groups \"Pechenegs\" Sergei Shaparenko, climate change has accelerated. According to him, Ukrainians today obviously see what the environmental organization said in the beginning of 1990-X. In the Kharkiv region, says Saraireh already installed restoratively climate — Read more [...]
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Clothing in the desert. Device shelters. Specific tactics in the desert. What and how to drink in the desert

Home. Clothing in the desert The first desire of the person caught in the wilderness, take off her clothes. Unfortunately, since most and goes. Experienced momentary relief, they do not realize that made the first step towards his death. In the desert sun can afford either a madman or a man, which is an unlimited supply of water.Studies have shown that when the air temperature +38 ° C water loss from sweating man sitting naked in the sun, at 800 g / h At the same person, but in the clothes - 580 g / h, while sitting in the clothes in the shadow sweating is reduced to 300 g / h The difference Read more [...]
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We already knew about Matthew Allen, who held the Australian forest 9 weeks in the heat, until it was found..( http://vk.com/club30159529?w=wall-30159529_28050)Now another young man was zaputalsya in Australia, and almost died from the heat in the desert, on their own stupidity. Call the guy Sam Derry.18-year-old Englishman was lost during sports Jogging. Three days spent in the criteria for severe heat, he was obliged to drink the liquid lenses and their urine, so as not to die from dehydration.Sam Derry went for a jog in the morning on Tuesday. The guy from Europe is absolutely not so long ago Read more [...]
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How to win a place in the shade, or survival in hot climates

On the topic of this chapter, I decided to stop in more detail. First, more than a third of the current CIS occupy arid areas. Second, they can be pretty random person who does not have absolutely no skills desert survival. They are participants of various tourist groups, archaeological, geodetic and other expeditions, hunters, oil and gas companies and other contract workers. Thirdly, apart from the deserts, there are steppes, this natural area is also very common. A technique of survival in the wilderness, and in the wilderness like. Fourth, unlike other accidents (including even winter), the Read more [...]
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