Large harvest in Tatarstan in this year will not be

Blame this spring drought and heat waves. Due to lack of moisture in the soil crops continue to be killed, and rain in the near future is expected. According to specialists, farmers, the state could save weekly rains. That's how much water you need to crops in the fields of the republic were able to fully grow. In the meantime, they are forming the main stem and ear, while the other shoots die. Dry perennial grasses and clover. Thus, even the necessary supply of feed in the agricultural sector to ensure Tatarstan unlikely. On a large crop of winter count is no longer necessary. With spring wheat Read more [...]
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In the Chelyabinsk region caterpillar plague

One step away from ecological catastrophe. Southern Urals attacked by hordes of gypsy moth. Billions of caterpillars destroy forests throughout the Chelyabinsk region. Do rangers fight the invaders have neither the strength nor the ability. This enemy does not burn the village, and a good view of it can only be under the magnifying glass. His main weapon - a hunger that he is constantly trying to quench. Gypsy Moth - Butterfly of the family volnyanok. Distributed in Turkmenistan, United States, Japan and Europe. Now to this list we can now add the Southern Urals. On the same tree Read more [...]
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The village of Azerbaijan suffered invasion by rodents

Photo: Frontline villages of Agdam region of Azerbaijan was invaded gray mice, which destroy crops, reports regional correspondent Visited. According to farmers, rodents multiply at an alarming rate, but the location of the site in a front area, in sight of the enemy greatly complicates the control of rodents, which for one night destroy 150-200 kg of tomatoes. Farmers reported that the Executive power of the district gave them pesticides against rodents, however, go on crops is dangerous, and therefore use of these preparations is not sufficiently possible. Source: Vesti.Az Read more [...]
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Detected the virus that can destroy humanity

British scientists have discovered a previously unknown to science deadly virus, which, they claim, in the near future could destroy mankind.One of the victims of the "virus of Armageddon," as he called scientists, has already become a 38-year-old Briton, says RBC. The other day he died in a London hospital of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms of the disease - a headache, and joint pain, nausea and fever. As the disease on the patient appear extensive bruising, starting uncontrollable bleeding of internal organs. It is assumed, that the British had contracted the disease Read more [...]
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Megaizverzheniya, epidemics, asteroids and aliens: so many threats to the Earth after the Mayan predictions

Compiled by the World Economic Forum report, which lists the natural phenomena that can destroy our planet, suggests that worry is meaningless, says Elena duzi in an article published on the website of the newspaper La Repubblica."We thought we escaped Mayan prophecies. However, we have little reason to stay calm when you take into account all the disasters that can destroy life on our planet. This is a natural phenomena, such as megaizverzheniya, storms on the sun, gamma-ray bursts in space, epidemics, and of course, asteroids, tsunamis, or meetings with extraterrestrial beings. All these Read more [...]
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Great harvest in Tatarstan in this year will be

Blame this spring drought and heat waves. Due to lack of moisture in the soil crops continue to be killed, and rain in the near future is expected.According to specialists, farmers, the situation could save weekly rainfall. That's how much water it takes to the crops in the fields of the republic were able to fully grow. While as they are being formed and the main stem of the ear, and the other shoots die. JAFI perennial grasses and clover. Thus, even the necessary supply of feed in agriculture provide Tatarstan unlikely.On the big crop of winter count is not necessary. With summer the Read more [...]
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Global disinfection

Spread of dangerous biological forms can lead to complete contamination of the biosphere. In this case there are options: A) People will have to take refuge in isolated protected shelters. But will always be a threat of importation of dangerous biological agents outside. B) Biological control of hazardous agents: the spraying of antibiotics, anti-virus. B) Creation of an artificial immune system of the Earth. But this is possible only after a preliminary "cleansing" and presented new threats associated with the risk of "auto-immune reaction." D) total sterilization live nature. Read more [...]
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The goal of a doomsday weapon

Hazard global catastrophe could arise or accidentally, or be created intentionally. (However, the possible combination of these two things: a random factor can use deliberately, for example, the approach of hiding a dangerous asteroid, or vice versa, something that was conceived as a game with a low risk of global catastrophe, out of control.) Often arises in discussions opinion that no one wants to sell a diabolical plan, and therefore it can not be considered. This is incorrect. First, it applies a statistical approach - sooner or later the right conditions will prevail. Second, the world Read more [...]
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Types of hostile AI

In general, it is necessary to distinguish between four main types of unfriendly AI: 1. AI which has one of the sub explicitly hostile to humans (for example, an AI that makes the entire solar system in computronium, to calculate the number pi, and this has to destroy humanity.) Here are two possibilities: AI deliberately man-made hostile to destroy the world. AI made by one (or small group of people) person to establish his personal power and performance of his whims. This AI is hostile to all people, but a few. AI, whose main objectives are set so inaccurately, that are hostile Read more [...]
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System goals

Key after addressing AI is a question of objectives of AI, or in other words, its "friendly", at least with respect to the owners. There are two options: either the AI is strictly programmed people on some purpose or goal he bought by chance in the course of its development. In the first case there is a fork in the road: - the objectives of AI can be dangerous to humanity or 1. because it has created a group of people pursuing certain destructive purposes, or 2. because when programming the goals of AI in it crept subtle mistake that leads to a gradual exit from the control of AI. Read more [...]
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Doomsday men: a person chooses death

Doomsday men »-«People end of the world "- this is the title of a book by American writer PD Smith, whom we have already quoted above, about a group of Hungarian physicists, and especially about Leo Szilard, who stood for the most significant development of atomic weapons - the idea of a chain reaction of hydrogen and a cobalt bomb. In this chapter we will try to answer the reader naturally arises the question: "Well, there are lots of technical capacity to destroy the world, but surely there is a fool who wants to use them?" We do not know exactly who wants to destroy the world. Read more [...]
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Death at the hands of their

Over the past half century, the world has been designed and developed weapons, which is enough to destroy the Earth 8 times, and this is according to official data. And how many more weapons hidden in a secret bunker? This history is silent. Everyone knows that in addition to formal powers possessing nuclear weapons, a growing number of countries that are trying to get it too. And as everyone knows if they will get to it, you do not know in which direction the flight of a rocket. And the more general it can turn out to the world. I think it would be hard to imagine, even in the worst nightmares. Read more [...]
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Scotch pine

Found throughout Europe, from Scandinavia to the Balkans and in almost all of the forest zone of Russia in the European part of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and other regions. Forms pure and mixed stands on razlrgchnyh soils. Pine is 20-40 m in height. The trees have grown up in the woods, have slender, well-treated trunks covered with reddish-brown bark. In the lower and middle part of the trunk of a mature tree bark glubokotreschinovataya at the top and large branches reddish-yellow and peel thin films. Young shoots are green, with age yellowish gray. Crohn young trees conical, old - a broad, Read more [...]
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Phytotoxicants (from the Greek. Phyton - plant and toxi-kon - poison) - Toxic chemicals (recipes) designed to destroy various types of vegetation. In Peaceful used in appropriate doses mainly in agriculture to control weeds, to remove the leaves of vegetation in order to accelerate and facilitate the ripening of the harvest (eg, cotton). Depending on the nature of the physiological effect and purpose are classified into herbicides arboritsidy, algicides, defoliants and desiccants. Herbicides  targeted for destruction of grass vegetation, cereal and vegetable crops; Arboritsidy  - To destroy Read more [...]
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