In Zelenograd failed asphalt

In the 14th district of Zelenograd district corps 1413, the collapse occurred grunting reported in the government district of Kryukovo, hole in the asphalt were formed on the territory of the way post offices No. 617 before last Saturday. On the site of the incident was conducted by a Commission examination. Damage to communications passing near the failure is not detected. Leaks and flooding in the basement-mail is also not detected. It is assumed that the failure could be associated with errors in construction during the construction of buildings-mail. To eliminate the effects of public Read more [...]
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The new strain of the dangerous virus detected in Britain

Rosselkhoznadzor reported the detection of a new strain of norovirus UK "Sydney 2012", which was discovered earlier in France, New Zealand and Japan. Outbreak of norovirus infection are also registered in the U.S. state of Illinois, where 140 people fell ill, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Sources of infection in both cases are not set. In addition, cattle in the UK revealed highly methicillin-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus MRSA ST398. It was first detected in pigs in the Netherlands in 2003, then spread in a population of pigs from other countries in Read more [...]
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Search cruiser Edinburgh (UK)

Twenty-eight in April 1942 cruiser 'Edinburgh"Left Murmansk led the convoy, carrying on board 465 gold bars weighing more than 5 tons of gold intended for the payment of the United States to the Soviet Union for the supply of equipment and food. [49] At 200 miles from Murmansk "Edinburgh" was torpedoed by a German submarine and two destroyers. Get three hits, "Edinburgh" lost speed and barely kept afloat. Fearing capture of the ship by the Germans, the convoy commander ordered the flood cruiser. In 1980-1981 Years. search and the subsequent unloading "Edinburgh" Read more [...]
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The clinical picture and diagnosis of cirrhosis

The clinical picture Cirrhosis of the liver is closely connected with an etiological factor, the morphological features of liver cirrhosis and the degree of compensation of the pathological process. Compensated for cirrhosis characterized by the following symptoms. On examination, the patient's face, neck and trunk are often observed "spider veins" - the expansion of blood vessels with pulsation in the center, and from this central part of the pulsating like rays diverge in all directions finest vessels. On the palms of the hands shows patchy redness elevation finger and thumb ("hepatic Read more [...]
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Cytological examination of submandibular salivary secretion in calculous submaksillite

For the diagnosis of various pathological conditions is increasingly used method of cytology (SI Aganov, 1948 TI Albany, 1949 FB Berenzon, 1949 PT Maksymenko, 1958 MG Bugaev VV Volodkina, 1959 O. Castelli, 1966 1. W. Whitten, 1968, etc.). However, the nature of changes in the cellular composition of saliva in lesions of the salivary glands and the extra risk concerns mainly the parotid salivary gland disease, not the submandibular (JS Hahalkin, 1966 OV Rybalov, 1970; S. Rauch, 1959). We conducted a cytological study submandibular salivary gland secretions in calculous submaksillitah in 29. Analysis Read more [...]
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Fluorosis (Synonym Cryolite disease) - a chronic disease bone that develops with prolonged excessive intake of fluorine and its compounds. The cause of dental fluorosis may be elevated fluoride in drinking water, the consumption of food contaminated with fluoride, inhalation of dust containing fluorine and its compounds. Disease detected mainly in people a long time working with fluorides (see Fluorine). Once in the stomach, fluoride dissolved gastric juices are absorbed and enter the blood. Then salt of hydrofluoric acid circulating in the blood begin to be delayed in the skeleton and teeth. Read more [...]
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Spondylosis (synonym deforming spondylosis) - A chronic disease of the spine due to degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc and ligament calcification at the site of attachment to the edges of the vertebral bodies. Calcified cartilage in the future into a bony growths. Spondylosis is caused by degenerative changes in the spine (intervertebral discs, ligaments, and surfaces of the vertebral bodies) and is detected mainly in elderly and senile patients. Contribute to the development of spondylosis constitutional predisposition and, apparently, hard physical work. In addition, spondylosis Read more [...]
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Rheumatic pericarditis-1

X-ray examination of the heart shadow size with the accumulation of fluid are rapidly increasing, taking the characteristic triangular or round shape. Ripple contours weakens. Rentgenokimograficheski been a sharp decrease in the amplitude of the heart. With a large effusion can be displayed atelectasis of the lower lobe of the left lung. ECG changes in pericarditis detected even before the pericardial friction noise and have a characteristic dynamics. In the first phase, which lasts about a week, found arcuate deformation and displacement of the ST segment up with a simultaneous increase of Read more [...]
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Combined mitral-8

Forecast in this variant of the combined Mitral vice unfavorable, as compensation defect occurs due to the weak left atrium and right ventricle. Unfavorable point is the fact that the defect gradually progresses (stenosis). Also, perhaps, for this option more frequently than others, there are severe complications, such as the arteries of the brain embolism and atrial fibrillation. *** Third option combined mitral defect characterized by the absence or deficiency prevalence of stenosis, and there is a combination of significant Mitral stenosis with significant mitral insufficiency. In these patients, Read more [...]
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Circulatory system

Changes characterized by swelling of the aorta, basophils, and calcification lipoidozom wall. In the myocardium detected swelling of the stroma, vascular engorgement, salt deposits of lime - calcifications (Fig. 20). Muscle cells were swollen, eosin staining on some parts of the observed disappearance of myofibrils, the homogenization of the cytoplasm. In other parts of the muscle cells were seen large perinuclear vacuoles. When stained by Selye eosinophilic regions will fuchsinophilia were PAS-positive, gave a positive reaction to fibrin. Around the focus of eosinophilia was most pronounced Read more [...]
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Personnel shelter

Personnel shelter designed to stay fighters, store weapons, ammunition and personal belongings, as well as for protection from artillery fire and air (the majority of detected PS shelters withstand a direct hit by 152-mm high-explosive projectiles). The thickness of the floor most of the tree-ground shelters range from 0.7 to 1.2 meters, and some more. Loopholes to conduct defensive combat equipped with only a small number of shelters. Such shelter (up to 20% of the detected FS) have one or two slits narrow sector of fire. All shelters, including the cave type, carefully masked from detection Read more [...]
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