Baltic Monolith

In 2011, the Russian market was delivered the first batch of hunting cartridges for smooth barrel produced by the Riga D Duplex. Its founder is a hunter and designer Aivars Dundurs. Company D Duplex offers a wide selection of his bullets like in design and caliber.Bullets Dupo 28 is recommended by fast-moving game. The first product was a bullet Aivars «Monolith» — the prototype of the next bullet designs. Later Monolit 32 and Monolit 28, became the basis for creation of a series of expansive bullets Rossa 32, Dupo and 28 Hexolit 32. By Monolit Read more [...]
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Preparing for the winter!

Part 3. Selection line and udilnikov.Photo Anatoly Mailkova The fishing is not worth saving on two elements of any equipment – on the fishing line and hook. For fishing from the well, in my opinion, better suited fishing lines that have a hardened surface. The resistance of the fishing line on the lower injury to the sharp edge of the hole depends on the calibration of line, by its rigidity and the quality of raw materials. Typically, these characteristics have fishing lines that are created for fishing with a reel, usually on their labels and show. And whether the benefits Read more [...]
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The trunk and shot

I take my pen, so to speak, made the recent controversy on our site. A certain "big expert" called the ravings of a madman comment Sorokin, in which he found a big mistake to move guns 12 gauge Izhevsk production with the bore diameter from 18.5 mm to 18.2 mm. Photo by Ilya Lipin I also inevitably had to intervene as a comment Sergei belonged to my old article in which I mentioned that the bore diameter of 18.2 mm, no limit for the test portions.The fact is, it would seem indisputable, especially in Izhevsk has long been the increased diameter.But, nevertheless, we Sergei turned Read more [...]
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Will need: a knife, a dry Board, grid iron, brick - what-nibut that wasn't afraid of the intense heat (but not the cloth), tweezers, matches, Bank of coffee, tushonka, cat food - no matter what, in General but not less than 5-6 cm and not more than -8,. For aesthetes recommend podstavochku-pad for mug on the grid for gas plate (square or round, but round - "groove" - that the jar tightly village) podstavka not Neatkariga, but there's a greater chance that the mug will not turn over and will not tilt the burner.The Bank selected by the diameter/size of the pads is present reshetochki Read more [...]
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Sinkhole on the territory of the Holy Spirit Monastery

Sinkhole on the territory of the Holy Spirit Monastery opened the researchers to study the pre-revolutionary system of underground utilities Tsaritsyn. According to the press service of the Volgograd diocese after the holidays in the courtyard of the Holy Spirit Monastery formed a significant sinkhole. The diameter of the failure on the surface is about one and a half meters and a depth of two meters up to five or six meters in diameter. It is assumed that the failure has opened access to the catacombs of the Holy Spirit Monastery, which was built in 1911 under the leadership of priest-monk Heliodorus Read more [...]
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Sintashta cult. archaeological. complex, incl. fortified settlement., groundwater and burial mounds, a large mound -hramovo-burial structure. Chelyaba. region., Bredy district, pos. Rymniksky, p. Sintashta lion. tributary of the river. Tobol. Titles. S. (possibly Turkic river with gravestones) is given by the name of the river. Site was used at all stages of Bronze Age. Regular. settler and funerary complexes date from the second quart. II millennium BC. on the findings of discoid Psalm Mycenaean type pastovymi warty beads and copper spearheads. Inst. VF Gening and G.B.Zdanovichem. Fortified settlement. Read more [...]
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Equipment buckshot cartridges.

Quite easy to notice a certain pattern in the relationship "patron-game", the smaller the fraction, the less responsible shot. Slip or Podranok corncrake or snipe, of course, disappointing but missed or fox goose especially. Although fans of hunting marsh and field game with setter with me and can not accept. But even taking into account the objective value of the trophy, the very nature of preparation for hunting big game increases the responsibility for a shot. Buckshot is just designed for hunting is big game such as wild boar, roe deer, wolf, lynx, so the quality of the fight canister rounds Read more [...]
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Black ice

To gololёdno-rime effects include ice, frost, ice complex deposition and wet snow. The main synoptic conditions of such phenomena is the presence VFZ (altitude frontal zone), the orientation of which contributes to the removal of warm and humid air KhMAO. The formation of ice is preceded by a system of warm fronts and occluded fronts moving at a speed of 15-40 km / h. Temperature contrast in the area fronts on OT500 / 1000 is 16-25 decameters / 500km. Stratification in the lower two-kilometer layer of the atmosphere with a power inversion layer 200-1000 m. Temperature gradient varies 0.6-1.6oS Read more [...]
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Byzovskaya epic

Before an architectural monument of the museum will be the subject requires more research, restoration. Only a small circle of managers, researchers, conservators knows what a Herculean effort at times they require. Two years ago, ethnographic expedition of historical and revolutionary museum found in the village Bizova interesting farmhouse, which allows to track changes in the home of a single chamber of the hut to the three-chamber for 70-80 years. It consists of two huts: the old and "new". Old struck everyone who saw her, his dumpy power and austere beauty: crowns and ceiling are made Read more [...]
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Implementation of undocumented possibilities distillation using pot Airborne

After reading the article decided to prepare in advance for your bowler opportunities distillation. Tools Required: 1. Drill / screwdriver. 2. Diam.7mm drill. 3. Scissors: Metal, tailoring. 4. Files: flat, round. 5. Hacksaw.Specification: 1. Bolt 2M6h15 OST 92-0751-72 (with lock holes and dop.shlitsem screwdriver) - 1. 2. Slice vacuum rubber S = 3 mm, 20x20 mm - 1 pc. 3. Slice aluminum sheet S = 2 .. 3 mm, 20x20 mm or stainless steel washers - 1pc. 4. GOST 10450-78 Washer 6 - 1 piece. 5. Nut M6 GOST 3032-76 (lamb) or normal - 1pc. 6. Catheter - 2 pcs. 7. Stainless or aluminum tube diameter 8x1 Read more [...]
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society of vyryvalsya equipment

Military-sports games 3 Aug 2013 15:35Test 7 night vision devices In this article, you, we have prepared a comparative analysis of 7 completely different night vision devices (by type, generation, manufacturer, and other technical terms).These included such devices as:Monocular night vision YUKON NVMT 4 (1×24) Belarus - 1×24.htmlGeneration image intensifier 1Visual enhancement, x 1The diameter of the lens, 24 mmResolution, lines/mm 36The field of view of 30 degreesLimit overfocusing eyepiece, diopter +/-4The range acts Read more [...]
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Candlestick PET bottles

Process is extremely simple.Cut off the tops of two PET bottles in shape - to your taste. Over the flame, turning to uniformity with an average speed, heat the ends of bottles. I first warmed and applied a one, but not grasp. Therefore, it is necessary to heat once both. Quite real. Holding on to the wall blank thumb behind the inner side of the former bottles remaining outside intercept netoropyas fingers. Snap.I warmed over a gas hob, but you can probably over a flame and candle itself (maybe slightly bloated probably).Too long to dislodging, heat is not necessary - roughly 20 Read more [...]
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Weapons of Tuneup

I decided to post the article after a blog about weapons. Where to unload the barrel after BP? In the gun shop, the option (if close), the police, ha! there for each barrel your own boss there. In the safe, there should put him first. So hands on izgotovku.Lepim orugu distance.Air gunOne of the most effective means. Absolutely silent, it is elementary to manufacture and can deliver poison arrows for a considerable distance (up to 30 steps). It is an ideal tool for the saboteur! Air gun consists of a brass tube and arrows. First talk about the tubeThe tube must be made of rigid plastic, steel Read more [...]
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survival Samodelkin

Dmitry Aleksandrov HOMEMADE KAYAK FROM the Branches.This boat can be done in 4 hours with only a branch of white willows, canvas, wire.The base boat is round edges. Most of the ribs 70 and 40 cm in diameter. Then we will have little to pull the ribs that came out oval.Fastening rods between them can be done on a wire, rope, plastic clamps for wires.Length of 3.5 m Rods approximately longish 4.5 meter Ribs centre - 70 cm diameter and 40 cm Next edge after the Central - 48 cm 35 cm Lower edge 33 cm across. The spacing of the ribs- 43, 43, 60, 60, 43, 43 see Tarpaulin (3.6 x 2.7 m).Wrap the frame Read more [...]
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In Mexico formed the failure of 13 meters in diameter. Photo

August 2, in Mexico, in the vicinity of the city Marchenko that ğthe formed an indent in the earth is round shape with a diameter of about 13 meters and a depth of 40 meters. Peepers formed about the failure will have the curiosity to moderate, because the Director of the local MOE says that the area is cordoned off and additional studies. Source:  The Eye Of The PlanetRead more [...]
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Little about heating-2

I propose to consider the liquid-fuel stove, as an alternative to wood for heating time tents or other shelters. As is well known stew is everything, and as it can not only warm inside but also outside. For this we need the empty cans of corned beef under, multitool, rifle, bullets and of course diesel fuel energy source.First you cut off all the bottoms of cans, with one exception, the lowest. need as many cans to collect pipe leaving beyond the "roof"Thrashing one edge of all cans accordion to reduce the radius of the banks, then they sit down at each other pipe. Principle that that cap Read more [...]
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NAZ his version

My Naz going after studying several articles on this topic on various websites and of course will be modified to reflect new ideas survivalist. I want to share my little experience, and listen to criticism and comments. So in order. Backpack 30 liters. Selected based on the need to accommodate equipment not more than 3 to a maximum of 5 days. Has several branches and filled about half. Who exactly 5 kg weight. Three knives, one main, 4 mm, solid, another Chinese skiletny for possible use as a spear, the third folding of the "expedition" with ordinary and Serration, whistle clip and flint. Last Read more [...]
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Jellyfish will displace fish and will become dominant in the World ocean

Coastal waters from California to Australia was filled with jellyfish. If population growth continues, fifty years these marine animals will displace fish and will become dominant in the World ocean. The number of jellyfish in a natural way increases every 12 years. The next 4-6 years, it remains unchanged, and then starts to decline. But the last decade of their population and habitat are expanding rapidly. Jellyfish are increasingly becoming unusual regions and feel great in a new place. While the aliens cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem.Like home 1. This summer in Moscow-river Read more [...]
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In Chuguev, Kharkov street of failed asphalt. Photo

September 16, 2010 around 15 hours Manager utilities «Chuquisaca» received a message about the next breakthrough sewer in the street of Kharkov in the town of Chuguev. This time the collector has broken around the house No. 155 near the intersection of Karl Liebknecht. On the roadway formed hole in an asphalt surface with a diameter of about one meter. Under the asphalt formed the collapse of the soil with a diameter of about 5 meters. The place of the accident was promptly fenced to prevent failures cars and people. The next day, September 17, after the start of production of Read more [...]
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Nod — alternative float

Good day. Wanted to share the tackle which is used for fishing on the river shore. This tackle successfully replaces me float, not quite whimsical and easy to manufacture. For fishing tackle this need for, fishing occurs from the bottom, or near (the type of gear or donk poludonka). Not my idea to tackle at one time was borrowed from local fishermen.Nod For the manufacture of a spring nod need gland (gland of large diameter, the diameter of the spring 3-4mm), wine stopper, pieces of foam In a traffic jam drilled two holes.Along the rotation axis to a depth 25mm, 3mm diameter rod tip under Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).