URALALMAZ diamond mining company in Krasnovishersky district of Perm. region. Created in 1946 in the village. Kusye Chusovskoy-Alexander (now Gornozavodsky) district Perm.obl. based on DOS. in the late 1930s Teplogorsk diamond mine Uralzoloto trust. Moved by Visscher in 1962. The first diamond was found in the extraction of gold prospectors mine Holy Cross (now the village.) Fishing on the river. Koivu, a tributary Chusovoi in Perm. lips. Subsequently, the diamonds were found repeatedly in this district not passing with gold mining. In the late 30's formed Teplogorsk diamond expedition, which Read more [...]
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The presence of diamonds in the Urals, even in 1763 predicted the great Russian scientist MV Lomonosov

 Search for them here by famous domestic and foreign geologists. However, the pioneer of steel they do not, and 14-year-old Pavlik Popov.     July 18, 1829, he found among the pebbles in the washing gold amazing crystal weighing 0.54 carats (a measure of the weight of precious stones, which is equal to 0.2 grams). It happened near the Exaltation of the Cross of gold-platinum mines now village Fisheries Perm region, bordering-conductive with zhelezovanadievoy mountain Kachkanar that “delivers ore Tagil Metallurgical Combine. For their discovery of a serf's son received Read more [...]
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Where diamonds, Yakov Petrovich?

     Like in the good old days, in honor of the 285th anniversary of the Nizhny Tagil to the banner of the glorious city was attached Order Peter the Great. Of course, this is a metaphor, and the ritual itself with the shaft bent over and brilliance of the Order of the reformer tsar on the fabric of the main Tagil flag was not, everything turned out much more modest, but not without pathos befitting the occasion.     The more that the award was presented by the former first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee, secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Read more [...]
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Where to Two-Step

International clip, April 1995Where to Two-StepBy Sara CorbettNightstick Bob's Texas, 2520 Rodeo Mall, Garrison Deserving, TX 76106; 817-589-1711. A turn-of-the-century cows b robed up in ne, Truncheon Bob's plays legion to roughly of the land's rowdiest boot-stomping. This month's headliners admit Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Footer.The Crystallization Pendent, 1750 N. Roberts Route, Kenesaw, GA 30144; 404-426-5006. With a 4,000-square-foot dancing level, Read more [...]
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Seven ideas that could change the world

This is not fantasy, but almost a reality. By mid-century, all as described herein may be embodied: the cheap diamonds, and digital contact lenses. Image of Carl Detorres.1. Electric AircraftTesla. Prius. Volt. Shortage of new cars, which drastically reduce the adverse impact on the environment, no. Aviation industry for many years consistently improves fuel efficiency, but the potential of current technology is almost exhausted, and the designers, whether they like it or not, will have to look towards born crawl. A time for transformation is not enough: by 2031, the number of passengers Read more [...]
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All That Glitters

SOCCER ACADEMY: Hounsou, at turn in L.A., is generating other Oscar bombinate.     Contravene diamonds?raw stones mined in war zones and lawlessly traded to stock insurgent militias?made external headlines in the 1990s, during the trigger-happy polite war in Sierra Leone that remaining tens of thousands numb. The subject regains the glare on December 8, when Ancestry Adamant, leading Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, and Jennifer Connelly, opens in U.S. theaters. Directed by Edward Zwick (The Conclusion Samurai) and set in Sierra Leone, the level centers on a uncommon knock Read more [...]
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Tiffany’s? Barely. We Pickaxe Ours Up in Laramie

Away     Hell is paved with diamonds. So, perchance, is Wyoming.An eon ago, say 1.2 1000000000 days ago, ahead thither was a Wyoming, layers of c 100 miles beneath the Ground's insolence crystallised in the blame rut and press of the amphetamine mantel, and the Stygian dark was brine-cured with neonate diamonds. Only hundreds of millions of geezerhood ago, scientists trust, simmering kimberlite magma blamed upwardly done this level of diamonds Read more [...]
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The Embassador

In The Embassador, a objective which premiered at the Sundance Celluloid Fete conclusion hebdomad, Danish diarist Mads Brügger procures an ambassadorship in Liberia and uses his diplomatical freedoms to penetrate the parentage rhomb clientele. He pays a diplomatical entitle brokerage $135,000 and, with his fresh minted embassador rubric, travels to the Cardinal African Commonwealth nether the simulation of edifice a compeer manufactory. His material commission is to catch the mirky traffic of the commonwealth’s rhomb manufacture on camera. This is Brügger ’s endorsement stunt Read more [...]
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