Plea Apollo

When you have finished experimenting with sverhmarafontsami, I decided to make new ones, since the mountain climbers and tourists. In the story about them, I will limit myself to a few details, which I hope to remind you about the role of consciousness and will transition into a prescribed to us by nature lifestyle. Among the three climbers - the participants of the experiment - one stood out in particular her husband's. Distinguished by his classic physique, for which even the men called him Apollo, its rigor in food, even before the beginning of our experience, he btl staunch vegetarian. Read more [...]
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Vitamins 'economy' protein

Grasped all this, we can better understand the dietary laws of various religions that are clearly undervalued contemporary criticism. Hindus believe that the habit of eating meat is bad for a person, has a cruelty. Jewish strict prohibition against eating blood and meat of many animals have a deep foundation. At the dawn of history intuition told some ancient peoples, how important food in human behavior. Now we will try to clarify what are the major factors distinguish the diet, the underlying health of Hunza, from the diet that causes the disease, characteristic of the inhabitants of Calcutta Read more [...]
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Can you survive without meat, milk and butter?

"But how is it that no meat, milk, and butter? - Cried again indignant reader. - Can you survive on such a diet your intelligent modern man? ' I personally know a lot of people for decades observing a vegetarian diet, and that look perfectly healthy and youthful at the same time. I know too many people who observe, as I do, multi-office and at the same time do not feel flawed. Among your friends, too, for sure there are devout Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or yoga that fast or abstain from animal food for spiritual or ethical reasons. Such people may be treated differently, as well Read more [...]
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What is there?

"What is now, if all the bad?" - Probably more than once asked the puzzled, angered and confused the reader. When I ask this same question to his audience, I hear all kinds of responses, which essentially turns, usually around the grass and all kinds of plants. Moreover, stimulation of such poor prospects and hear the responses of some Speedy. For the correct answer to this question I suggest that we return to the two previous questions, we've already covered in the text: what we eat and what we waste energy? And if we do want to use food as a source of energy and want to spend her Read more [...]
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Why Caucasians — the people hot?

So, like health is clear. More difficult is the case with the emotional and intellectual realms of the human psyche. On average, more than meat-eaters are quick-tempered, aggressive and erratic. No wonder that in the eastern region and the Caucasus countries without end and did not break out all sorts of armed conflict subsides. One of the main reasons why yoga try not to eat meat food - that's what meat carries on a cellular level information about animal life, with all its animal passions, instincts, aggression and fear. Eating meat, man receives this information and he appeared irrational Read more [...]
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Is it possible to compensate for the damage to the meat?

So what, then, are the advantages of our meat consumption? Welcome to yet it possessed some supernatural healing properties that have bathed his shortcomings. So is not even that. Moreover, the very theorists balanced diet to look for workarounds to compensate for the shortcomings of animal food, mixing it with a vegetable rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Only the results obtained are often disappointing: increases "overrun" of energy by the body, and thus reduced the already short time of our stay in this beautiful worlds. The concept of a mixed animal-plant food - is Read more [...]
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The meat you strength?

The answer to this question is more than convincing gives in his book "The Healing Power" PhD GS Shatalov. Even in the time of the birth of the theory of a balanced diet, this theory has announced animal proteins ideal food for the body. It was alleged that they contain most of the necessary nutrients and human elements to make up the cost of energy and matter in the life of the organism. Contrary to all the facts and experiences of a vegetarian diet dissertation thesis of the monograph monograph roamed and still roams the well-known thesis that there are a number of amino acids that Read more [...]
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How much fun?

Let us examine briefly to the first "but" and, honestly, honestly admit to ourselves: in the choice of food we often driven motive of pleasure or concerns about its usefulness? And what we buy, when we get in a cafe or shop - that tasty, or what not, because it is useful? I admit that a small part of a very strong-willed and highly motivated people, and do not look in the direction that is at least some harm to their health. Alas, most buyers will choose from a numerous range of products that familiar, nutritious and tasty, from their point of view, having bought for conscience sake, Read more [...]
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The food crisis

The study of the environment in which one lives, - the biosphere, and the study of modern man adaptable to this environment - the necessary foundation to improve the human condition.The value of the world undertaken by biologists of the International Biological Program is recognized particularly acute because we are living through a time when realized productivity of the biosphere are not enough to feed his fill of all people on Earth. Of these, 15% are chronically hungry, and 50% are fed properly, that is, without realizing it, are apathetic existence, devoid of activity necessary for social Read more [...]
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Allergic diathesis in children

Usually detected at the age of 3-6 months, kept for 1-2 years and some children in the future disappears. Important role in causing diathesis have a genetic predisposition, exposure to environmental factors, as well as provoking moments: toxaemia of pregnancy, infections in the mother, the use of drugs, excessive consumption of eggs, honey, confectionery, mandarins during pregnancy and while nursing baby. In addition, "the starting point" may be the food, not cooked (eggnog, raw milk, whipped with protein berries), and foods such as fish, nuts. Allergy in children can occur with overfeeding, Read more [...]
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The obsession with beauty

Our society loves beautiful people, but how many of them are actually naturally beautiful? Very few. People whom we consider beautiful, often look so only because they are cleverly disguised or removed cool photographer. However, like it or not, we still influences what people think beautiful. Our society goes too for totally unrealistic standards of beauty - we are being bombarded with this through newspapers, magazines, television commercial. Girls just tormented accepted in society ideas about a good figure. Dolls like the popular busty Barbie offer such physical ideals, which simply can Read more [...]
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Figs and fig tree

Other fruit, the origin of which goes back to the Midwest, anciently used directly as food and as medicine. The Arabs believed that figs, like dates, is able to give them a special life force, if you regularly consume this fruit as a tonic. In Roman gladiators there was a special tradition - have to add to the diet of a large number of figs and dates. Armed with ancient knowledge, few years ago I started to add figs to your personal diet and immediately noticed how increased my performance. In addition to its direct use as food, figs - a great tool for the treatment of bruises, warts, boils, Read more [...]
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Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis characterized by a progressive atrophy of the gastric mucosa, which develops as a result of the current long-term inflammation. These changes lead to a breach of the secretory, motor and in some cases the endocrine functions of the stomach. In chronic gastritis may be involved in the process and other organs and systems (intestines, liver, biliary tract, pancreas, blood system, nervous and endocrine systems). Etiology. Chronic gastritis is the result of the impact of exogenous factors (prolonged disturbance of diet, alcohol, nicotine) and endogenous (nervnoreflektornye impact Read more [...]
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Feeding laboratory animals

Along with the correct content of a good organization of feeding - a basic condition, allowing to keep healthy, hardy and productive animals in captivity. Feeding must be complete, comprehensive, standardized, with well-balanced diet. The composition of feed should include a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. When organizing guided forage feeding norms approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. For each type of laboratory animal feed developed standards and feed rations balanced digestible protein or protein and food units. Read more [...]
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Balanced diet

Among the conditions of right living is very important good nutrition. It must be reasonable for the quality, the quantity and the regime. On the qualitative side, we have already spoken enough - we dealt with the role of vitamins and the importance of dairy products, the need to restrict animal fat in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Let us dwell a little more on the quantitative side. The fact is that we all tend to overeat because we obey the appetite, eating to satiety. Yet nature has given to animals appetite not as a regulator of how much to eat, and as a whip, which drives the search Read more [...]
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Pure white and deadly-2

In R. Adams and F. Murray "Megavitaminnaya therapy" [71] describes an experiment in animal modeling influence consumption alcohol set of products and dishes that Americans are fed-teens (teenagers and young adults aged 11 to 19 years). In this experiment, rats were donuts and coffee for breakfast, sweet rolls and coffee in the so-called coffee breaks (10 and 15 hours), a roll with sausage, lettuce and mustard for lunch, spaghetti with meatballs, green beans, white bread, chocolate Cake and coffee for dinner, cake, candy and coffee for a snack before bedtime. It is easy to see that in Read more [...]
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Sugar and dental caries-1

In this regard, of particular interest study A. Stralforsa where for 45 days golden hamsters received regular diet supplemented with either white (control), or brown sugar. In one experiment added molasses. Compared to sucrose brown sugar and molasses give greater weight gain in the animals and 68-78% reduction in dental caries lesion (Table 15). These Stralforsa confirmed in a pilot study group of the authors of the Odessa Medical Institute. She conducted experiments on 30-day-old Wistar rats, which are received within 60 days of cariogenic diet. This is a 18% casein, crackers - 18, sunflower Read more [...]
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Sports Nutrition

Food injured athlete is one of the least understood issues of Sports Medicine, but has great theoretical and practical significance. Must take into account the energy consumption in the pre-and postoperative periods, as well as the stages of medical and sports rehabilitation. Practice, however, shows that in the trauma clinic diet athletes, in essence, no different from the usual (for patients not involved in sports.) Perhaps, there should be a four-time meal during the day according to age athlete, the nature of its sports activity, weight class, etc. Food must be strictly individual and balanced. The Read more [...]
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The influence of white and brown sugar on metabolism

Above was given a brief overview of disease caused by excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, especially white sugar. Of the pathology leading place of the disease, which are based on the profound changes in metabolism. Acquired with age diabetes long disease called confectioners. The number of people in this profession not increased, and diabetes are increasing. In the last decade, it is clearly associated with the excessive consumption of sugar, which is confirmed by experiments on animals. Found that the replacement of 40-70% energy intake of rats with sucrose causes them lowering Read more [...]
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2 male infertility

Observations during the mass starvation during the war showed that prolonged fasting is greatly disturbed spermatogenesis. Particularly affected by chronic hunger testicular function in puberty and adolescent boys. When malnutrition is also suppressed pituitary gonadotrophic function. The stimulating effect of gonadotropins on spermatogenesis in starvation always dropped. For normal activity of sex glands, pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine glands are also important vitamins B, C, etc. Therefore, vitamin deficiency can cause temporary infertility, which is often observed, for example, in Read more [...]
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