Greetings, comrades! In general, the question is: offered to buy dosimeters dp-5-5 or IPD. I in them, like a pig in oranges. Explain available is the difference between them, and whether it makes sense to purchase. Or is it better to buy something modern. What? Thanks in advance.UPD 07.10.13: Friends, thank you for your answers, tips, read, recommended that, like in my head cleared. Stopped on the DP-5V. How acquired otchetik try to do, if you are interested.Here is a miracle:Overview write not see any sense, because "everything is invented to us." Better than here, still do not. Compared Read more [...]
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Scientists have recognized: Between a man and a pig there is almost no difference

George Orwell's phrase, that between a man and a pig there is almost no difference, much closer to the scientific truth than he could guess the author. This conclusion is journalist Mark Prigg of the largest-ever study of the genome of pigs, which is published in Nature, writes Daily Mail. "Scientists have discovered that pigs are adaptable and amenable to domestication, and that they are easy to seduce a meal. All these features are very similar to a human, "- says the article. Furthermore, pigs suffer from the same genetic disorders and dysfunctions of the proteins that cause Read more [...]
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Weather prediction for temperature

Signs of bad weather If the day and night are equally warm (ie, the difference of day and night temperatures a little lower than 10 ° C) and the humidity is high and the day of the order of 70-80%, - all this speaks of the approach of bad weather. If you do not see a night of cooling air, especially if the evening and the night air is noticeably warmer ("night float") - is approaching bad weather. If in the lowlands and the uplands, in the woods and in the open air temperature is the same - it points to the approaching storm. If the day there is a powerful and high Read more [...]
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Experimental study was performed vestibular function in 24 workers exposed to manganese. Half of them were found certain irregularities. Hyporeflexia sharp rotation and kalorizatsii observed in 4 working; hyperreflexia - one, partial Fly Out of eyeballs - at 4; dissociation between caloric and rotational breakdown - in 3. In most cases, these deviations are accompanied each other. These violations were, except for one patient, in patients with significant hearing loss, which by audiometric test suggests the defeat of the spiral ganglion. As mentioned above, the symptom Fly Out eye refers to Read more [...]
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In close contact (eg, soldering or welding) of two different metallic conductors of the free electrons of the metal, where their concentration is higher, and the forces that hold the metal inside, smaller changes to another metal. In this regard, the contact layer, an electric field and potential difference. This potential difference increases significantly with heat seal. With the closure of the cold end of the conductor in the circuit formed thermal current, the magnitude is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the hot and cold junctions. Thermoelectric measure microammeter, Read more [...]
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Rheometer. Rheometers - a device for measuring the volume of air or any gas passing per unit time on the pipeline system. Applied in practice, hygiene and toxicology studies, particularly when sampling air and dispensing it. The main part of the most common rheometer (Figure) is a glass tube (1), which is soldered diaphragm (7) providing resistance to the gas flow, resulting in a pressure difference before and after the aperture, the measured liquid pressure gauge (6). Manometer has the right and the left extension (5 and 2), designed to prevent the liquid (4). Graduated scale (3) is movable Read more [...]
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Perception of Space-5

It was found that newborn vigorously turn away from unpleasant odors. They never turn left when the stimulus is placed on the left and the right, when he is on the right. These observations were made for babies within hours of their birth, so it seems likely that the ability to determine where the source smell, by assessing the difference in time of stimuli is innate (Engen et al, 1963). This rule is the transition from the proximal to the distal features qualities inherent in man is at an age when the learning process is not cause the necessary structural changes, therefore, we may conclude Read more [...]
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Brief information on bioelectric phenomena

Every living cell like a galvanic cell is a generator of electricity. All her vital functions associated with electrical phenomena, which are now due to improvements in electrophysiological research methods yield fairly accurate study. Substantial assistance in the investigation of a number of electrical phenomena in living cells have tiny electrodes, which are made of heat-resistant glass walled capillaries of 1 mm diameter with produced ends (with a diameter of 0.5 to 0.1 mm) and filled with a solution of 2.5 M KC1. Such electrodes can be introduced into cells without causing her any harm. If Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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