Active Volcanoes

A rare, it must be said to be fun in range of an active volcano. it extreme situation a special kind. We have to fight for survival not just wildlife, but with the raging elements, torn from the very depths of the Earth. Molten magma bursting from the crater of the volcano; ash flies around the neighborhood, burns and difficult breathing; sulfur dioxide corrodes the lungs; the soil under your feet – a thin crust of lava, hot and full of surprises – it can melt the soles of your shoes and fall at any time, and at the bottom of the liquid magma, glowing above 1000 degrees.In connection Read more [...]
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Safety Imbibing Piss: Cl Dioxide

    Photograph: Made-in-China.comHow it plant: A chemic secondhand in many populace irrigate supplies, cl dioxide breaks devour cubicle walls to pop pathogens Pros: Care iodin, it’s cheesy and gentle to express, with no penchant—or hardly a dim cl penchant. Cl dioxide can likewise better the predilection of h2o by break kill odor-causing bacterium. Cons: Delay metre. Cl dioxide can ferment in Fifteen, or it can sorb to quartet hours if your piss is turbid or highly frigidity. And, constitutive issue inevitably to be distant severally.What you indigence: Aquamarine Mira Read more [...]
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Scientists: Global warming will cause people to have fun

Global warming and, as a consequence, soil thawing permafrost will lead to the fact that in the atmosphere will increase dramatically the number of nitrous oxide N2O, known as "laughing gas" because it produces an intoxicating effect, according to the American television channel ABC.The study showed scientists from the University of Copenhagen, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, a process in which soil permafrost covering 25% of the total land area of ​​the Northern Hemisphere, first thawed, dry and then impregnated with a new layer of melt water, dramatically speeds up the selection Read more [...]
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Is thither a ti piss bottleful that I can use to seethe urine?

Cl Dioxide tablets     Pic: courtesy, Drink AguaCl Dioxide tabletsCl Dioxide tabletsA:The shortstop solution is: No. You can receive ti cups, pots and pans, and more, but no pee bottles.But what I'm not crystalize most is: What just do you indigence it for? Not to brewage up tea, I conglomerate. It rather sounds alike you lack to moil piddle for rubber reasons, which I interpret. But let me say two things some that. One, you could perpetually clique roughly Drinkable Turquoise Cl Dioxide tablets ($10 for 50 tablets; one tab per tail of irrigate). It'll defeat fundamentally anything Read more [...]
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Scientists can’t think of a way to counter warming

Modern technologies, which should prevent a further increase in the level of the oceans due to rising temperatures on the planet, ineffective in the long term To such conclusion scientists using computer models reviewed five of these methods. The results of the work of specialists published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reports with reference to the Bi-Bi-si. One of the consequences of continued growth temperature on Earth is rising ocean levels, which can lead to flooding of a significant part of the populated areas. Recently, ecologists have Read more [...]
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Will Wake up if the time all volcanoes?

Mankind, it seems, will not rest until he passes the infamous date on which the Mayan allegedly prescribed the end of the world FROM THE FIFTH TO THE SIXTH SUN Many educators (and KP) are already tired to explain: the Mayans never predicted the end of the world in your calendar. And the calendar itself is not terminated on 21 December 2012, as some people think. This day will end just another Great cycle of 5126 years. Or the Fifth Sun, terminology and beliefs of the ancient Indians. And will start Sixth Sun. No, don't believe people. Waiting for the specified time some cataclysm that will Read more [...]
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Trees Are Urban Superheroes

The adjacent metre you understand Extraneous in the spook of a leafy corner, recognise that you're in the bearing of sizeableness. The USDA Timber Overhaul lately ascertained that trees are responsible economy more 850 man lives and staving off 670,000 incidents of keen respiratory systems yearly.Trees are worthful not alone for what they commit us—woo, o, yield—but too for what they take. The air is total of major pollutants, such as n dioxide, ozone, and s dioxide, but done a treat called deposit, pollutants that place middleman with corner leaves get "deposited" onto them Read more [...]
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Man produces 135 times more carbon dioxide than volcanoes

The consequences of the eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano on may 23, 2011 in the skies over Iceland (photo NordicPhotos / Getty Images). Colossal, mind-bogglingly hot, capable of spewing clouds of ash and rivers of burning lava volcanoes - only dwarfs in comparison with people in regard to the production of carbon dioxide. Annually bipedal emits approximately 135 times more carbon dioxide. In other words, people for three days to produce as much as volcanoes emit per year. \"The question of whether the volcanoes emit more CO2 than man, is the most common in my e-mail,\" says study author Terrence Read more [...]
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What the IPCC thinks about geoengineering projects

The scheme is one of the projects involves the spraying of aerosols into the stratosphere (the image of the SPICE Project). October 29, 2013. Firmly established that our greenhouse gas emissions are changing the Earth's climate and that, if we want to avoid further warming and ocean acidification, it is necessary to limit the use of fossil fuels. However, there is some kind of \"plan B\"involves a conscious impact on climate geoengineering. Some geoengineering projects relatively simple, others remind terraformirovaniya of science fiction. In recent report The intergovernmental group of Read more [...]
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Flowering water accelerates climate change, say climatologists

© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Vyatkin MOSCOW, Oct 24 — RIA Novosti. The acidity of the waters of the oceans continues to grow faster and faster due to the rapid «flowering» water, which can cause accelerated climate change according to the climate scientists in an article published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Algal blooms cause blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria that live in freshwater lakes and reservoirs, and in sea water. When «explosive» the growth of cyanobacteria in water arise extensive stains, which can pose a threat to human and animal health and cause Read more [...]
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Atlantic cod can disappear because of rising ocean acidity

on December 11. Further increase in concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and in the ocean may cause an unexpected reduction in populations of Atlantic cod from the sharp rise in mortality among fry of this fish, declare the European climate scientists in an article published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Andrea Frommel (Andrea Frommel) from the Institute of Oceanology of the Society of Leibniz in Kiel (Germany) and her colleagues tracked the fate of cod fry in several basins with acidic water. Fry bony fishes, which include cod and most other commercial species that do not Read more [...]
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In some areas, ocean acidification has reached the level predicted at the end of the century

Coral reefs suffer perhaps more than anyone. (Photo Ruth D. Gates, Peter J. Edmunds.) on December 23. 19 specialists from five research organizations have conducted extensive field studies of ocean acidification using sensors developed in Oceanographic Institute, SCRIPPS (USA). An important step to understanding the response of specific ecosystems to changes in seawater chemistry due to the fact that the oceans absorb more carbon dioxide.Ocean acidification - the topic is quite new. The scale of the problem has been appreciated only in the last decade. It is believed that the ocean absorbs Read more [...]
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What danger fraught bushes?

Peatlands - one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. They serve as a repository of carbon dioxide and thus constrain threatening rhythms of global warming. However, in the last 50 years there has been a dangerous trend - mosses, which are the main source of peat, were gradually replaced by small bushes. Scientists from Switzerland conducted a study that attempted to determine how it affects the state of both the peat and in the overall environmental picture of the Earth.For three years, have been carefully studied four peat, located at an altitude of 600 to 1,900 meters above sea Read more [...]
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Corals will be cut by the end of the century

If the current trend of growth in carbon dioxide emissions continue, by 2100 the last coral reef dies. The only way to maintain the chemical environment that allows them to exist - is to reduce emissions as soon as possible and stronger. May also have to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by mass planting or using special pumps.Reefs seas are already suffering from acidification and warming water, and overfishing and coastal pollution. Carbon emissions are reduced by 0.1 pH water, causing the coral polyps can no longer with the same success to increase their limestone skeletons. Read more [...]
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Keep the greenhouse effect can not be

Scientists believe that by the end of this year, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a new record. There is no indication that humanity worried about their future and come to his senses.The chances that global warming be kept at the level of two degrees from pre-industrial levels, rapidly melting. According to surveys of international research groups, carbon dioxide emissions in the current year will amount to 35.6 billion tons, which is 2.6% higher than in 2011 and 58% - in 1990.The average emissions grew in 1980 by 1.9% a year in 1990 - by 1.0%, and in 2000 - as much as 3.1%. Read more [...]
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Ship’s smoke ventured unwitting geoengineering experiment

In the World Ocean water deposited tons of iron from the ship's smoke, fertilizing phytoplankton and theoretically allowing it to pump out of the atmosphere more carbon dioxide.In the North Pacific is a large-scale geoengineering project. You did not know? Yes, no one knew!Nobody planned annual discharge into the water about a thousand tons of iron on the area of 6,000,000 km ², but that is what is happening there.The main routes of world shipping (image The Royal Society).One of the most well-known geo-engineering solutions to the problem of global warming is to fertilize the water Read more [...]
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Small volcanoes cool the Earth

6 July. The products of volcanic eruptions, which do not reach the stratosphere immediately, after some time, still migrated there naturally flows and begin to reflect the sun's rays. Scientists have proven that even a small volcanic eruptions have a serious impact on the climate, saturating the upper layers of the atmosphere their emissions. The study is published in the journal Science. Previously it was thought that only large volcanoes that can throw particles of ash directly into the stratosphere affect climate in the long term. Sulfur dioxide (SO2), one of the main products of volcanic Read more [...]
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Geophysics confirmed mantle melting because of carbon dioxide

In the melting of minerals in the Earth's mantle is crucial carbon dioxide. No, global warming is nothing to do with, since we are talking about processes at depths of hundreds of kilometers. So deep drill hole is not yet possible, the famous Kola ultradeep well not even reached the design value of about 15 km, to study the inner planets by indirect methods have two different types. Tapping, the analysis of the oscillations in the explosions and earthquakes and simulations in the laboratory. In the journal Nature described a group of American geophysicists is the experimental method - with Read more [...]
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CO2 emissions will close the road to space

A study conducted by a team of scientists from the U.S. and Canada, and published in Nature Geoscience, has alarming conclusion of a new unexpected contaminating the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. According to scientists, the huge emissions of CO2 may contribute to the problem of space debris and will work in orbit is very risky.Researchers armed with features, including and the Naval Research Laboratory, first presented direct evidence that emissions of CO2, produced by human activities that increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere, including the thermosphere - Read more [...]
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Venus volcanoes erupt

Researchers concluded that on Venus from time to time there are volcanoes, changing the composition of the global atmosphere. The presence of volcanoes on Venus indicates a significant amount in the atmosphere of sulfur dioxide (SO2). On Venus, the gas, as on Earth, where its concentration is less than one in a million times, in all probability, is of volcanic origin. Scientists, however, for a long time could not establish whether the volcanoes of Venus acting or they died out long ago, throwing SO2. Authors of failed to answer this question by analyzing observations apparatus "Venus Express", Read more [...]
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