That's when the second bomb exploded, Captain rank Migirenko compiled a list of those who participated in the tests, and sent him to the headquarters of. Were on the list and we are the factory workers. More Migirenko promised reward for the work done. So anything we do not have! But taken with each of us two of the receipt of non-disclosure of information for 30 years. I was silent, others also spoke. They were afraid. When sick, silence, and when he died, also spoke. First through year Sr. died after a trip of us - Anatoly Poryadin burner. We were so surprised! Soon after him - Alexander Read more [...]
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Big problems

After the service, I was in Severodvinsk, Sevmash entered. In three or four began to notice - no appetite, lose weight quickly, condition worsened - sometimes darkens the eyes, pains in the back. I was admitted to the hospital, and here for the first time set diagnosis - "Radiation disease". I spent a few months to cure, but I still lost about 30 pounds, and from that time I still can not type your former weight. Doctors have asked me to leave the city, gave a third group of disability. I was afraid of that same disability at a young age because he did not want to move to low-wage Read more [...]
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On temporary disability in the production of maxillofacial injuries in miners

Injuries maxillofacial region are not uncommon, and is more severe. They are characterized by a variety of clinical - from mild to severe, leading to prolonged and persistent disability. We analyzed 191 Trauma maxillofacial region. In 76 (39.7%) patients, it was work-related injuries, 15 (8.0%) - transport and in 100 (60.3%) - household. The criterion for recovery and termination of disability considered the disappearance of pathological changes associated with the injury, bone fracture consolidation, restoration of the bite, chewing function, full range of motion in the joint, restore muscle Read more [...]
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Placement sick and disabled people in the Soviet Union - a system of government and social events, to bring to socially useful work of persons with disabilities without compromising their health. Rational placement promotes rehabilitation of sick and disabled people. Placement patients in need of sheltered employment or change of profession, in accordance with the conclusions of the medical and counseling or medical labor expert commission, whose decisions are binding heads of enterprises, institutions, organizations, state and collective farms. Relevance, appropriateness and accuracy of the employment Read more [...]
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Ability to work in the forensic respect

In a number of civil and criminal cases (in connection with injury, claims for damages for personal injury in the workplace, with a transport injury, etc.) for a forensic examination to determine the degree of disability. In criminal cases under Art. Art. 108, 109, 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and the relevant articles of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic is determined by the size of loss of total disability. Thus, the examination relates to serious bodily injury, which occurred as a result of persistent loss disability is not less than 33% to less serious - physical Read more [...]
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Earning capacity

Earning capacity - A combination of physical and mental abilities that allow a person to actively participate in community service work. Earning capacity depends not only on functional status, Noah on the conditions of social production, which involves people, creating a material and spiritual values, that is, on social conditions. The level of disability is influenced by the nature of industrial relations, education, training, work organization and technical equipment, the mode of work and leisure, social and personal interest in the result of labor, etc. The most important condition for maintaining Read more [...]
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Forensic medical examination to determine the extent of their injuries-7

The Criminal Code and the "Regulations" mean the total earning capacity, that is, the ability for self-care and unskilled labor, and their loss. Sizing of a disability through an official state insurance table. Resistant loss disability can result from damage to not only the workforce, but also in children, the disabled and the elderly. I disabled a disability due to damage to determine how and in healthy people, the presence of disability shall not be considered. For example, I disabled the group with blind accident was caused by the injury, which resulted in the amputated foot. Read more [...]
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Forensic medical examination to determine the extent of their injuries-6

If a person of injuries that are not life-threatening, the degree of severity is determined by the outcome (ie, the consequences for the health and disability of the victim). Art. 108 of the RSFSR Criminal Code refers to serious bodily injury, ended one of the following outcomes: 1) loss of vision. Under sighted understand such damage caused to health, in which a person becomes blind or can not distinguish the outlines of objects at close range - visual acuity 0.04 and below. This refers to an incurable blindness, not temporary loss view. Considering this feature, it should be noted that serious Read more [...]
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Forensic medical examination to determine the extent of their injuries-1

Minor personal injury or assault (Article 112 of the Criminal Code). The legislation provides for two types of damage: resulting in the short-term health or minor permanent disability (Part I, Art. 112 of the Criminal Code) and which led to the short-term health or minor permanent disability (Part II, Art. 112 of the Criminal Code ). Under the short-term health effects of these injuries understand how the disease or dysfunction of a body length of 7 to 21 days, directly related to the injury. Duration of disease or dysfunction of a body should be established by objective data, not only for the Read more [...]
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The structure of the incidence of athletes-2

Life shows that athletes suffer, suffer in different ways, from different causes, and nothing unusual and surprising in this. This does not mean that the sport carries a disease. However, the physical overload, causing fatigue, as well as other potential negative effects are often seen in sports, can create unique prepathological state and contribute to pathological changes in the body of an athlete. It is also obvious that athletes are subject to all the possible harmful effects of the environment. Percentage of athletes with various diseases in recent years, according to different authors, Read more [...]
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Social insurance

Social insurance USSR - Wide system of financial security for workers of disability in old age, and in other cases provided by law. The social security system in the Soviet Union also includes the cost of the spa, service, recreation, and other recreational activities. Social insurance USSR is an integral part of the national social security system (see). Social Security in the USSR extended to all workers and produced by the state without any deductions from wages, Social Security Administration is carried out on a broad democratic basis, a matter of social insurance unaware unions - the largest Read more [...]
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Determining the degree of permanent disability

Forensic experts to establish the degree of permanent loss total disability when qualifying the severity of injury when severity is determined not to endanger life, and for the outcome of damage, since the size of a disability is a measure of its severity. In addition, the need to define a common and permanent loss of employability arises when the question of financial compensation for harm caused by damage due to domestic or traffic injuries, as well as in civil cases to the parents for the children, the children of sick or disabled parents in divorce cases, etc. Ability to work under generally Read more [...]
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The study of mental illness-1

In the social and professional adaptation of the patient plays a major part family. Wrong patient relationships with family members, especially parents, can cause failure of remission. Doctor with advice to help family members develop the right attitude to the patient and help him establish a relationship that would be devoid of excessive caution or care. In foreign psychiatry also pays great attention to measures for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill. However, the main focus is on the psychological motives of rehabilitation actions. This is not only the domination of purely psychological Read more [...]
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Military disability

Disability troops - a persistent, long-term or permanent, impaired ability to work due to disease, contusions, injuries or injuries sustained by servicemen during his military service (in peace or war, at the front or rear). Servicemen who lost their health during the period of military service, pass examination in military medical commissions (IHC), who decide on the possibility of continuing service in the Russian army and the causation of disease, concussion, injury, or injury to military service. In the case of unfitness for military service for health reasons after leaving the armed forces Read more [...]
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Disability - Persistent, long-term or permanent, impaired ability to work due to long term illness or medical condition (congenital defects of the cardiovascular system, bone and articular apparatus, hearing, sight, and the central nervous system of the blood, etc.). The term "disability" includes both legal and social concepts. For the determination of disability should stop working or changes in working conditions and the appointment of various state social security (pension, employment, prof. Learning, prosthetics, etc.), which is guaranteed by Soviet law. Examination of long-term Read more [...]
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Accounting for certain types of disease

In the account of certain types of disease is of particular importance accounting infectious diseases and diseases with temporary disability. For each case acute infectious disease to be operational records and alarms doctor filled no later than 12 hours from the time of detection of the disease map emergency notification. Paramedic or midwife rural medical district must be mapped in two copies, one of which is sent to the local doctor, the other - to the district station level. Emergency notification cards are filled in the following diseases: typhoid fever, paratyphoid, dysentery, toxic dyspepsia, Read more [...]
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Examination of temporary disability

Examination of temporary disability - Determination of temporary disability due to illness, accident, or other causes (see Disability). Sick leave (see) issued clinicians clinics, dispensaries, clinics, hospitals and health centers. In areas where there are no doctors, as well as on floating vessels, the right can be granted assistant, head of health services. Examination time disability hospitals are medical-advisory committee (CWC). Its chairman is the deputy chief medical officer for the examination, conducted by the quality control of the latter. The structure of the WCC are also attending Read more [...]
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Medical examination

Medical examination in the Soviet Union - and examination of persons study various objects doctors with special training and experience in a particular field of medicine. Distinguish expertise of temporary disability, medical labor examination, military, medical, forensic, forensic and other Examination (French expertise, from Lat. Expertus - experienced) - consideration of the study of something, the resolution of any matter Sweda people with expertise. Expertise is medical, technical, legal, accounting, etc. Medical examination (medical) - certification of persons study various objects and Read more [...]
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Medical labor examination

Examination prolonged or permanent disability and health study was performed with MLEC, which are organized on a territorial principle-based health care facilities are the responsibility of social welfare, and they are subject. MLEC taken for examination of patients who were unable to work continuously for 4 months. or a total of 5 months. over the last year. The main tasks of MLEC: establishing the degree of disability, causes and timing of the disability and its group (see Disability), the definition of disabled conditions and types of labor (labor practice), as well as activities that contribute Read more [...]
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Retraining and rehabilitation in pre-retirement and retirement age

In some occupations associated with a high tempo and rhythm of work, great strength, responsibility and other extreme conditions, people already in pre-retirement age can not cope with their usual work. Need to take preventive rehabilitative measures aimed at maintaining the health and disability extension. The main objectives of the rehabilitation of aging workers are prevention of disability and increase the period of active work by health care, organizational, technical, and social events. In general, the process of rehabilitation is difficult and often time-consuming, especially for older Read more [...]
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