Scenarios for the end

In this article we will discuss those scenarios and scenarios in the future, as a result of which, you need the knowledge section «Stalking», our website. It is a very unpleasant scenario of radical change, which will be disturbed modern way of life on the planet or in any particular region. Changing the political regime, legal framework, social connections and relationships, the climate, finally. Global catastrophe. Attack from the outside. Under the influence of a certain factor from space, the earth is a disaster. The factor can be anything: a collision with another space body, some Read more [...]
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What will you do once in a hopeless position? Be prepared for any situation is the best chance to stay alive. A very important series of videos telling about what to do and how to survive in different alterations.• Series 1: the Hijacking• Series 2: Fire• Series 3: Hurricane• Series 4: home Invasion• Series 5: Avalanche• Episode 6: lost at sea• Series 7: Shooting in a shopping Mall• Series 8: Nuclear blast• Series 9: The Epidemic• Series 10: EarthquakeTo survive the catastrophe. Series 1: the Hijacking 40:35To survive the catastrophe. Series 2: Fire 40:50To survive Read more [...]
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Argentina is likely to lose the crop due to flooding

After severe flooding caused by prolonged heavy rains, Argentina is likely to lose the lion's share of the wheat harvest. Province of Entre Rios - the only one where the acreage of grain crop this year has increased compared to the previous one, has been hit hard by the disaster. According to experts, showers and impact on quality and quantity of grain.Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina noted that this year wheat was planted 2.8 million acres - and it is 40 percent less than last year, and in general a record low. Grain harvesting is completed in the country in January, and then we will Read more [...]
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Flooded part of Italy

Leadership of some regions of Italy has asked the government to officially declare the affected areas from the weather emergency. Over the last few days of torrential rains most affected central Tuscany and Liguria. In the area of ​​Pisa (Tuscany) military arrived - they will help local residents to eliminate the consequences of the floods caused by rains and river floods. Authorities of Lucca (on the border of Tuscany and Liguria) state that the total damage from the disaster in the disaster area is 20 million euros. While 1.1 million are needed immediately for emergency rescue operations. Head Read more [...]
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Colombia fires enveloped

On Saturday, Interior Minister Fabio Valencia Cossio Colombia declared disaster area 12 of the 32 departments of the country due to the raging fires. Over the past few days the flames were killed over three thousand hectares of forests in several departments in the central, western and northern parts of Colombia. According to recent data registered in the country six major forest fires affecting the territory of 98 municipalities. Affected by the fires is not. As the minister said, the move allows the government of Colombia to seek international assistance for the purchase of fire equipment. Read more [...]
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In Indonesia experienced severe floods, there are victims

July 19, 2013. Two residents of the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi were killed and nearly 30,000 were left homeless as a result of severe floods, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Post. «Two of the victims were residents of the colony and subareas Laeyya», — said the head of the district administration South Konave Imran (Imran). Almost continuous rain for the past few days has led to the fact that in this area the water was almost 80% of its territory, he added. Just South Konave flood inundated 227 villages completely destroyed 447 homes, damaged four bridges Read more [...]
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So what is all the same in the 20 days of December?

Hello comrades! Many of you have long puzzled over this mystical date - 21.12.2012. What did not come up with western mediapropaganda, and the planet Nibiru, and aliens, and global warming and generally nothing less - end of the world. But in actual fact it's much easier and more boring than you might expect. Fantasy and imagination fade off to the side ... So, during the deepest analysis (or rather stupidly stumbled on this topic), I found that the American media propaganda system worked well their grub - for pretty not bad minds of viewers zazombirovanny various catastrophes and disasters. Read more [...]
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Australia — powerful fires and floods

As a result of severe forest fires in Australia have already burned more than 30 thousand hectares of forest. Flame height in some places reaches 18 meters. In fire involving dozens of firefighters and aviation calculations. It is reported that at this point the spread of fire was stopped. East green continent suffers from flooding. He was summoned to unusually heavy rains. According to meteorologists, three days in some areas had the annual rainfall. Two city declared disaster zones. They canceled classes in schools, no shops, a closed road. Many farms have been completely cut off from the outside Read more [...]
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Castle with duck egg in China

Hail that hit in the evening on March 5 at the ancient village with a thousand-year history Heping, in eastern China, caused direct economic losses in the amount of 110.38 million yuan (about 16.2 million dollars), according to news agency "Xinhua" on Tuesday. The history of the historical and cultural village government level Heping, located in the city of Shaowu in northwestern Fujian Province, is rooted in the era of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 years). There still remained a large number of houses built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911 year). "This degree is for settlement Read more [...]
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Labeled atom

    Witnesses and victims disaster want to tell you how it was     Less and less is those who have entered into a dangerous fight with an invisible killer of the Chernobyl Rescuing others Liquidators were a deadly risk. Many return home from a trip disabled prematurely withdraw from life. Our the duty of those who are still alive, to bring to the next generations of what we know about the crash and about those who abolished its consequences.     Two days after the accident military commissariat countries announced mobilization of troops and reserve officers. Read more [...]
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Can Mississippi Haiti become an American?

In recent days, in the newspapers and television screens do not go reported the strongest earthquakes in the Western Hemisphere. In January kick underground elements hit Haiti, six weeks later even stronger jolted Chile. And here and there were killed or found themselves under the rubble of destroyed homes, thousands of people, countless homeless, the two countries have not been able to do without foreign aid. These disasters, so little time division involuntarily raise the question - who's next, and when? And it is clear that most cares close neighbors affected, including residents of the Read more [...]
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Warning system in Germany (already in operation)

Good day! Perhaps it is necessary to write in this blog, though I doubt ...Wanted to share my suspicions. In Germany, I think, really afraid of something.This month personally seen me 3 Events, being made at the state level:1) From this month offered to everyone free SMS-mailing about possible disasters - you give out your phone number and you are interested in the area, and in which case the German rescue service, which first receives such information, immediately notify you of the danger.2) We're going on vacation in Greece, and together with the documents on vacation, we were sent by Read more [...]
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Earthquake in China. Photo

People walk among the ruins in the province. In the north-west province of Qinghai rescuers managed to lead a successful operation. There from the rubble were removed about 900 survivors. (Ren Xiaogang / AP) Earthquake in China killed at least 400 lives, more than 10 thousand victims were in the hospital. However, only in one of the counties under the rubble were buried more than 100 children. China authorities have allocated $ 29 million to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.Rescuers carry an injured woman. An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale was recorded on Wednesday Read more [...]
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Snowstorm hit the disaster area after the earthquake in China

The strongest storm with gale-force winds hit the disaster area in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (Qinghai Province, Northwest China), where further search and rescue operation after the earthquake, the agency Xinhua.

Snow covered the ruins of the city Tszegu which destroyed about 15 thousand. Buildings, access roads icy. Rescuers saved and forced to take shelter from the biting wind in tents. According to forecasts, snowfall will continue until Saturday.


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Southern Tajikistan paralyzed severe flooding

In the list of fatalities due to floods in Tajikistan for 16 people, with dozens unaccounted for. Heavy rains led to river flooding. From the mountains to the same go and sat down. Jump Street is now worth a large labor flows turbid water knocked down. In the worst-affected town of Kulob to help local residents came to the Russian troops stationed there base. But in such filth sinking even armored vehicles. According to preliminary estimates, to restore the destroyed bridges, washed out roads, damaged power lines - require more than one month. Meanwhile, weather forecasters predict showers Read more [...]
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Floods and storms in India: dozens dead

Floods and hurricanes that occurred in the Indian states of Utter Pradesh and Bihar in the north, claimed the lives of 43 people, more than 70 wounded, RBC reports referring to the Associated Press. Element caused by torrential rains the day before. Destroyed many houses, some trees uprooted. Furthermore, the power line is damaged. Flooding led to the death of the crop.According to Indian meteorologists, storms and downpours occur regularly in the country on the eve of the annual monsoon season, which begins June. Recall that in mid-April, a strong tropical cyclone that hit the Indian state Read more [...]
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Photos of the consequences of a hurricane in China

Gusts, which lasted in the disaster area almost daily, reaching 11-12 points. The wind speed exceeds 32 meters per second. Over the south-west China was the strongest hurricane, which brought in the Chinese city of Chongqing area large hail and heavy rain. Damage from the elements revelry that lasted night, more than 61 million dollars.Torn hurricane wind roof of the building. Strong wind, accompanied by hail and rain, hit the 12 districts in the suburbs of Chongqing in southwest China on Thursday night. According to recent reports, a hurricane destroyed in the region of more than 6 million Read more [...]
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In the south of Brazil, heavy rains have created a disaster

More than 257,000 people were affected by torrential rains in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, said Thursday the local office of the Civil Defense. According to the ministry, in ten cities declared a disaster mode, material damage is done 35 settlements. The floods and exit the riverbanks their homes were forced to leave more than 4 thousand people, said GO service. With the passage of a powerful cyclone 26 people were injured, one has been missing. No information about the victims. To help the victims, whose number is specified, directed sets of essential commodities. Source: Read more [...]
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Labeled atom

    Witnesses and victims disaster want to tell you how it was     Less and less is those who have entered into a dangerous fight with an invisible killer of the Chernobyl Rescuing others Liquidators were a deadly risk. Many return home from a trip disabled prematurely withdraw from life. Our the duty of those who are still alive, to bring to the next generations of what we know about the crash and about those who abolished its consequences.     Two days after the accident military commissariat countries announced mobilization of troops Read more [...]
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France turned to Venice

In the south-east of France declared a state of emergency. More than a thousand people have fled their homes. Tens of thousands of buildings are de-energized, the train stopped with serious disruptions operate airports. Reason — severe floods, the likes of which has not been here for two centuries. And forecasters warn it's not over yet. Typhoon started out as a normal rain, and within hours turned the lovely towns and streets of the Var department in the south-east of the country in mudslides, washing off everything in its path: cars, telephone poles, trees and people. Only in Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).