Floods topped the list of natural disasters in 2013

July 12, 2013. This year, the floods in the lead among all natural disasters on the severity of the damage, the size of which reached several billion dollars. Especially heavy losses suffered in Central Europe after the June floods. All kinds of natural disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes and heat waves that occurred in the first half of 2013, cost the world $ 45 billion. Material damage caused by the floods in continental Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia amounted to about 47% of global losses. The most devastating floods recognized episodes in northern India and Nepal due to the early Read more [...]
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Ruthless nature

According to a study conducted by the British charity Oxfam, by 2015 the number of victims of natural disasters will increase by approximately 50% and will reach 375 million. Persons per year. This means that the current system of aid to the victims will not be able to cope with large-scale floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and drought, the BBC report quotes climatologists. According to Rob Bailey (Rob Bailey), a representative of Oxfam, the problem is not so much a shortage of funds for humanitarian assistance, as in the distribution of money between the disaster area. For example, in 2004, for each Read more [...]
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India, drought, wheat, prospects

In India, a temperature increase of 1 ° C will result in a loss of 7 million. Tons of wheat. In 2009., Which was the warmest since 1850., Climate change, leading to natural disasters, killed 55 million. Lives. This is stated in a study conducted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), writes the Hindustan Times. Global climate change is the most serious threat to agriculture in Asia. Climate change leads to more frequent natural disasters, including droughts. Increasing the temperature by one degree Celsius would mean for India wheat crop reduction by 7 million. Tons or loss of $ 1.5 Read more [...]
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Damage caused by natural disasters in 2009

Natural disasters in the past year, according to the reinsurance company Munich Re, have claimed lives and caused less damage to smaller than in 2008, according to December 29 BBC News. In its annual report, the company notes that the main reasons for this was the absence of major disasters and relatively mild hurricane season in the North Atlantic.Aggregate economic losses amounted in 2009 to $ 50 billion. Compared to $ 200 billion. In 2008. However, said Munich Re, the total number of destructive events were above long-term average: in 2009 there were registered 850. "Tendency to increase Read more [...]
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Communiqué «GEOCHANGE»

Communiqué on global changes of geological environment «GEOCHENGE» for submission to the United Nations, the European Union, international organizations and governments. This communiqué is presented on behalf of the heads of international organizations, research institutes and centers, science and technology companies and scientists from different countries. It was prepared by the Scientific Coordination Council of the World Organization for Scientific Cooperation (WOSCO) and the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes (GNFE). Source: GEOCHENGE  In recent years there has been Read more [...]
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Psychological preparation

There is no clear distinction between the mentally healthy and mentally ill people. By any of these groups consider yourself carefully. Moralist and maximalist can get crazy in itself - without major shocks from the outside. This sometimes happens on introspection and collision dreams with reality. Real intellectual (and not just a diploma holder) - can move the mind only in extreme situations, when exhausted its possibilities consciously developed mental defense mechanisms. These mechanisms are: belief in a happy ending ("happy ending"); neboyazn death ("death - a single act, after which there Read more [...]
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Status of geological catastrophes of nature in China is still heavy

Photo: epochtimes.com In the first half of this year, the number of geological disasters of nature has increased in 10 times compared to the same period last year. On related issues in an exclusive interview interviewer. Xinhua said the head of Ministry of land and natural resources, the inspector General of public lands Xu Shaoshi. Xu Shaoshi reported that in recent years, especially this year the situation with the disasters of geological nature has escalated. From January to July of this year in China occurred in total events 26009 disasters of geological nature, among them human sacrifices Read more [...]
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In China, a 10-fold increase in the number of natural disasters

In place of this wasteland a day ago there was a village. After a landslide in Yunnan province. August 2010. Photo epochtimes.com Minister of land and natural resources of China reported that only in the first half of this year there have been 10 times more natural disasters than in the same period last year. According to the publication \"Sinitsina\", within the first ten days of August the Ministry three times declared the highest level of risk associated with geologic hazards. Minister Xu Shaoshi noted that the main reasons are \"abrupt climate changes on Earth\", and that \"the Earth has Read more [...]
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About 30 million people a year become climate refugees

According to UN estimates, by 2050 the planet will be 200 million climate refugees About 30 million people a year become «climate refugees» — people are forced to change their place of residence due to the deterioration of the ecological situation, lack of resources, natural disasters. This statement with reference to the Council of Europe experts have sounded today in St. Petersburg, where in «The Palace of congresses» in Strelna passes the 12th Ministerial meeting of the States-members of the Partial agreement of the Council of Europe /Czos of the Council Read more [...]
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Hurricane Katrina didn’t teach anything

September 8, 2013. With time «attack» the U.S. hurricane Katrina had passed eight years. Each state was required to develop a set of plans for the protection of children from natural disasters. Four basic plan provides actions of the authorities aimed at the evacuation of children, the protection of schools and kindergartens. However, many States never got the required documents. Among the Laggards called 29 States. According to officials from the National Commission, which initiated the development of plans for each state, the lack of documentation can jeopardize the lives of children Read more [...]
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Famous scientists from 85 countries of the world sent out a communiqué Geochange about global warming

In the published report The International Committee Geochange the changes in statistical and energy characteristics of natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires), as well as some important geophysical parameters. In his Appendix provides forecasts on the basis of which there will be a maximum of two of these disasters is the first in 2011 and more significant in 2013. Forecasts based on analysis of patterns of manifestations for previous years. Scientists believe that global climate changes occur according to the same Read more [...]
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More than 100 million people were injured in August from natural disasters in China

September 11, 2013. In August of natural disasters in China suffered a total of more than 100 million people. This is evidenced by the official data published by the Chinese Ministry of civil administration and the Committee to minimize damage from natural disasters. According to reports, last month, the damage almost 140 million people, 367 were killed, 115 missing. More than 3 million people had to evacuate. As a result of natural disasters fell more than 130 thousand dwellings, 1 million 107 thousand have been certain destruction. The area of affected crops is estimated at 15 million 357 Read more [...]
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WWF: the Number of natural disasters in the world will double in 15 years

13.10.10 @ Jay Fine Climate change will lead to a doubling of the frequency and increase the power of severe weather events around the world in the next 10-15 years, the number of victims of the disaster will also increase. About this informed the head of the climate program WWF Russia Alexey Kokorin the international day for the elimination of the risk of natural disasters, which is celebrated annually on the second Wednesday of October. «There is a fear that it (the number of dangerous meteorological phenomena — amended) will even double that would lead to a large number of Read more [...]
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Natural disasters have led to a decline in GDP of Vietnam

September 23, 2013. In accordance with these Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MARD), the country is lost every year, 1.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) due to damage to equipment resulting from various natural disasters. Minister Cao Duc Phat has made a statement at the seminar on cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, dedicated to the prevention of natural disasters and management, held on Friday. In the message with reference to the Minister reported that according to statistics, in recent years, the frequency of natural disasters has increased and continues to increase. Read more [...]
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By the end of the century the annual economic damage from natural disasters nearly triple

By the end of this century, the annual economic damage resulting from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other disasters will almost tripled and will reach 185 billion. This is stated in a new report from the world Bank. The authors believe that it is already 2050 the number of people in the big cities, which to some extent will be affected by natural disasters will reach 1.5 billion people. From July 2009 to June 2010 were registered 394 disaster, which killed 238 thousand people. In General, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters during this period, affecting more than 200 million Read more [...]
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Humanity is struggling with natural disasters

From July 2009 to June 2010 were registered 394 natural disasters, in killing 238 thousand people. In General, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other disasters in this period have affected more than 200 million people. Economic losses amounted to 77.9 billion US dollars. All these numbers are worrisome and member States of the UN are taking drastic measures to reduce the risk of more frequent natural disasters. This is stated in the UN report \"Implementation of the International strategy for disaster reduction\". He was presented to the General Assembly by the assistant Secretary-General Read more [...]
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In 2010 human losses due to disasters has risen sharply

Reinsurance company Swiss Reinsurance (Swiss Re), one of the largest in the world, estimated the losses to the world economy, which she suffered in 2010 due to natural disasters, $222 billion Is more than three times the damages from natural disasters suffered by the global economy in 2009, which was then $63 billion Natural disasters in 2010 claimed the lives of approximately 260 thousand people. This is the highest level since 1976, when a strong earthquake in China killed 255 thousand people, and he is 17 times greater than that in 2009, when the victims were 15 thousand people.The deadliest Read more [...]
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Nature attacks

Statistics show that in the world every year an increasing number of natural disasters. What factors affect this process, and how mankind can to protect themselves from the raging of the elements? The earthquake in China, which claimed more than 2,000 lives... the Largest in the last decade, the floods in Pakistan, which affected millions of people... the Strongest summer showers in Europe, turned the streets of most cities of the Old world into rivers and mud bogs... the Eruption of the Icelandic volcano with the poetic name «Island mountain glaciers» that has forced several countries Read more [...]
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Interview of the Vice President of the International Academy of Sciences, President of GNFE, Professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences Elchin Khalilov

09 June 2010. Since the beginning of 2010 on our planet intensified many natural disasters: severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, huge failures, and so on, This fact cannot be indifferent to how ordinary people and governments of different countries. Kazakhstan Today asked to comment on the situation known scientist in the field of seismology and geodynamics, Chairman The international Committee on problems of global changes of the geological environment GEOCHANGE (London), Vice President of the International Academy of Sciences, President of GNFE, Professor, doctor of Read more [...]
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\»Catastrophic point in calendar 2010

2010 will go down in history as one of the most \"rich\" on natural disasters. What happened in the new year Moscow (snow, freezing rain and his revenge . Avia black-out blogs exaggeratedly called a rehearsal for the end of the world. What natural disasters and anomalies were noted passing 2010? The ranking of the most notable phenomena was Natalia Litovka. Source: Lead Comment: Perhaps a list of these \"points\" is far from complete. Regular readers of All not just because it will be able to celebrate.2010 HITS RECORD SCALE NATURAL DISASTERS 28.12.10. 2010 has established a sad record Read more [...]
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