Scientists have discovered underwater oases methane

July 17, 2013. During the shooting of the seabed in the autumn of last year, the scientists on board the survey vessel noticed bubbles rising from the depths. Phenomenon has aroused interest marine biologists, and they sent to their place of interest expedition. Here, they found out that the seabed in the form of methane gas bubbles coming out and the vicinity of this space filled with a variety of life forms. A study by researchers revealed that on the ocean floor at depths of up to 1.6 kilometers inhabited by whole colonies of bacteria that are used for life energy of destruction of methane. Read more [...]
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KRASNOKAMSK city ​​region. subordination in Perm. region. Located on Ave. Shore of the Kama river, 37 km to the northwest from Perm. First we have. item originated from the beginning. page. Kama Pulp and Paper comb one Zakamsk CHP number 5 and paper f-ing Goznaka. In June 1934 at the ter. comb that oil was discovered. Soon St. W. from K. was discovered Severokamskoe oil field. As a result, K. turned into c. oil district, where oil has been extracted from beneath the bed Kama way directional drilling wells, carried out for the first time in the world krasnokamtsami in collaboration with the Read more [...]
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Kapova Cave (Shulgan-Tash)

Kapova Cave (Shulgan-Tash) grandiose karst cavity imaging Upper Paleolithic period, Beloretsk rep. Bash. Memory. located in a mountainous h. South. D ave. Bank. White. The cave entrance is facing the southeast and is in a ravine, 150 m from the river. Cave length of over 2 km has three DOS. hypsometric tier, the bottom runs a small river Shulgan. On the third tier can only be reached breaking 14th vertical section of rock wall. In the literature of the KP referred to the XVIII century. since the first Acad. P.Rychkova expeditions. In 1959 A.V.Ryuminym in the cave were discovered ancient images. Read more [...]
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Residents Slovenian village discovered the disappearance of the river. Video. Photos

Photo: Where, even in the evening flowed their favorite river Iska - only puddles and fish. Soon discovered the reason - the big break, through which, apparently, has left water. To answer the question, why he came, should geologists. However, old-timers recall that during the Second world war, this river has happened something similar. But after a few years the water miraculously returned. Source: The first channel, Siol.netRead more [...]
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Village Muhovitsy quarantined

Morta 2011, 15:55 .IN the Leningrad region discovered a new outbreak of African swine fever. In one of the private farms of the village Muhovitsy Lomonosov district recorded the deaths of more than a dozen animals. According to NTV, with reference to the news Agency, the owner of the farmstead itself came in the veterinary laboratory with a request to check the pig carcasses for the presence of virus. According to preliminary data, the analysis revealed a strain of African swine fever in four animals. The Governor of the Leningrad region has already signed a decree on the introduction of quarantine. Recall: Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a giant reservoir of magma beneath the East African Horn

on 2 October. Giant underground reservoir of molten rock was discovered in the desert of Ethiopia English geologists. They investigated the horn of Africa after the recent surge in volcanic activity and earthquakes, plus the emergence of a giant crack on the rocky surface. Tectonic plates are spreading apart, gradually creating a new ocean.\"We estimate that there is 3000 cubic kilometers of molten rock - enough to cover the whole of London... a layer of about a kilometer,\" said Kathy Whaler, Professor of Geophysics, University of Edinburgh. The tank is under pressure so that it emits languages Read more [...]
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Fuji, like a ticking bomb

on may 12. Scientists have discovered a 30-mile fault, which runs directly under mount Fuji, this team of researchers reported in a recent report. This year already we already wrote about the activities of mount Fuji in Japan. This fault was discovered through simulation of earthquakes, conducted at a distance of 34 kms in Fujiyoshida Yamanashi Prefecture in Susono, said Hiroshi Sato, Professor, research Institute of Earthquakes, the University of Tokyo. According to the Professor further research is needed to determine the exact depth and other information about the fault. Although some data Read more [...]
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During the drilling of wells to Lake Vostok discovered unusual crystals

Russian polar explorers in drilling wells to the Antarctic Lake Vostok discovered unusual giant ice crystals, which are interested in physics, told journalists Hydromet Alexander Frolov."Very interesting, unexpected application - this ice interested Kurchatov Institute. They say there crystals - no lake ice, and mainland - a giant crystals of 5-6 meters. And they have only the right form," - said Frolov. Lake Vostok in Antarctica is a unique aquatic ecosystem that has been isolated from the surface of Earth's atmosphere and biosphere for millions of years. His study plays an important Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered tropical shellfish off the coast of Scotland

This is a newly discovered wonder of nature, a living natural reef, which has 100 million outstanding clam-like carpet. But at the time, as a fascinating colony of fire shellfish can look quite commonly in tropical waters, this has been found off the coast of Scotland, near the Isle of Skye. Scientists believe that this could be the largest population of clams in the world. Scallops length of about 4 cm have multiple neon orange tentacles, which are located between the two shells. Colonies create "nests", tying stones together by thin threads. Discovered colony covers an area of Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a previously unknown brain cells

Specialists from Europe discovered a previously unknown type of nerve cells in the brain that regulate cardiovascular functions such as heart rate and blood pressure. It was originally discovered in mice. As the researchers found, these neurons in the brain are formed with the participation of thyroid hormone. According to them, in patients with impaired thyroid function is a high risk of problems with these cells, which in turn can lead to heart disease - wrote Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Recall that the brain cells include neurons that generate and transmit nerve impulses and glial cells, with important Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a gene that could guarantee immortality

Scientists have not abandoned hope that they can give to mankind immortality, experts from the Zoological Institute at Kiel University have discovered a gene FoxO, which may not guarantee immortality.FoxO gene found in the freshwater polyp Hydra, which is immortal because of the regeneration of reproduction: the hydra dies if predators eat her or she gets sick deadly disease.   The scientists decided to study the genetic make-hydra that, if they do not make a man immortal, or at least support the immune system in old age.   The researchers looked at several versions with different levels Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered under the ice of Antarctica valley the size of the Grand Canyon

on July 26. British scientists have discovered a giant rift valley under glaciers in West Antarctica. Their findings were published Wednesday in the scientific journal «Natur» /Nature/. Experts believe that the break 1.6 km depth and the size of the U.S. Grand Canyon may be related to high rates of ice melt in the region.A depression in the earth's crust located under the Ferrigno glacier, which runs for 28 miles to the Gulf Eltanin in the Bellingshausen sea in West Antarctica. The discovery was made by scientists using radar is able to penetrate through the ice at a distance Read more [...]
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Biological diversity is melting, but in some places, scientists are finding new species

Each year, scientists ascertain extinction of hundreds of species of plants, animals, fish, insects and birds. Against this background, it becomes a sensation of discovery of new species. On one of these discoveries recently announced by Australian scientists. They have discovered a new species of lizard, not in remote areas of the island, and on the outskirts of a major city of Perth in Western Australia. Lizard discovered by accident in the study of biodiversity southwest of the country. "The discovery of new species is a significant event in the world of science. Detection of a new Read more [...]
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Astronomers have discovered a hole in the sky, studying the nebula NGC 1999 in the constellation of Orion

Object NGC 1999 (LBN 979) is the emission nebula and reflection nebula in the constellation Orion. He is one of these in the original version of the new general catalog. This nebula was first discovered by October 5, 1785 the famous English astronomer William Herschel, German-born.Nebula NGC 1999 is a bright nebula, despite the fact that it is filled with dust.May 11, 2010 with the telescope "Herschel" next to the nebula was discovered empty space, almost a hole in space. This discovery will help researchers to obtain new information about processes of star birth. Previously Read more [...]
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Large spiral galaxy discovered by accident

A team of astronomers discovered the largest known spiral galaxies in the universe. In length, it is five times higher than the Milky Way. NGC 6872 is located in the constellation of the Peacock at a distance of 212 million light years from Earth. Its length is 522 000 light-years. The fact that it is the largest known galaxy in the universe, it was clear by accident at a time when scientists analyzed data space telescope GALEX. Astronomers have long known about the existence of NGC 6872. But to assess its true dimensions have only now, when there are new pictures of the cluster of young stars Read more [...]
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Earthlings will see a comet Eason

Vitaly Nevsky Russian astronomers and Artem Novichonok discovered a comet that can be seen from the Earth in the next year, according to Independent. Comet, which was named Eason, now you can see only in the most powerful telescopes, but she soon eclipsed by the brightness of the moon in the sky. September 20, Russian astronomers have routine work in Kislovodsk Observatory, capturing kinds sky with a telescope on a special digital camera. Upload photos to a special computer program that determines the motion of asteroids and comets, they found a bright celestial object. By the end of next summer, Read more [...]
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Meteorite record size discovered by accident

According to some data, the researchers were able to fix in California fall a huge meteorite. Celestial body that could remain unknown deserves to make it to the Guinness World Records.Fallen Sutter's sawmill near the home of California "gold rush" was not recorded meteorite usual astronomical methods. However, it was discovered three Doppler radars, and then a group of enthusiastic researchers led by Peter Dzhenniskensom went to the site of the likely incidence and found there 77 small fragments of the meteorite.As subsequent calculations, the debris were the remains of a 40-ton Read more [...]
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Tau Ceti e: a new target for the interstellar expedition?

Tau Ceti has recently received popularity due to the fact that the orbit of this star was discovered system of five planets. Although these have not been confirmed exoplanets, but the value of the new discovery is, first of all, is that one of the planets - designated as Tau Ceti e - can be inside the so-called "habitable zone" of the star.Habitable zone is the region around a star within which the planets lie in it possible to have liquid water, a substance necessary for the evolution of life in the forms in which we know it.If the existence of this planet will be confirmed - must first Read more [...]
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In space, discovered a potentially habitable planet

In recent years, due to global warming, which could lead to flooding in many regions of the earth, the inhabitants of the planet are increasingly asking about the colonization of other celestial bodies. Perhaps Professor Hugh Jones of the University of Hertfordshire, and his colleagues have found a potentially habitable planet near Earth closest to the single sun-like star Tau Ceti. Star surrounded by five planets, one of which might be inhabited, since it may be in the water, according to "Bi-BBC News."The mass of these planets in the two to six times the mass of Earth. The time Read more [...]
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2013th may be a year of two comets

In March of this comet C/2011 L4, and in November and the comet C/2012 S1 may well achieve visibility at which they can be addressed to the naked eye. In June 2011, the telescope with Pan-STARRS, located near the summit of Haleakala on Maui (Hawaii, USA), was discovered comet C/2011 L4. By March 5, 2013 the distance between it and the Earth and reaches 1.09. is, from this point until the perihelion (March 10), its brightness is very significant: most likely in the near-1m (average between Canopus and Sirius). For the second comet discovered on September 21 last year, amateur astronomers Read more [...]
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