High disease

Story successive authoritarian regimes in Russia reveals a pattern - they are dying not from external blows of fate and not from the onslaught of his opponents. They tend to die suddenly from a strange internal disease - from irresistible existential disgust at themselves, from their own exhaustion and nausea of Sartre-tion (la nausee) existence. The tsarist autocracy has stood in its history very much - the peasant revolts, conspiracies officer, rampant terrorism, alienation of the educated class. Survived and, apparently, to stand. His most implacable enemy, who worked tirelessly in a cozy Read more [...]
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That's when the second bomb exploded, Captain rank Migirenko compiled a list of those who participated in the tests, and sent him to the headquarters of. Were on the list and we are the factory workers. More Migirenko promised reward for the work done. So anything we do not have! But taken with each of us two of the receipt of non-disclosure of information for 30 years. I was silent, others also spoke. They were afraid. When sick, silence, and when he died, also spoke. First through year Sr. died after a trip of us - Anatoly Poryadin burner. We were so surprised! Soon after him - Alexander Read more [...]
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Until further clarification

Signs of discomfort or illness of his subordinates I not observed. I myself only in 1962, suddenly started having dizziness and even blackouts. About command on the bridge of the ship, and I at age 29 became the commander of patrol, "Grief", you can forget it. Twice I was treated in the hospital of the Northern Fleet at the "head disease" - as simply spoken. In 1964 the military-medical commission has forgiven me of seafarers due to illness. Ashore I left the post of commander of the TFR "Grief." Further I served in the headquarters of the Northern Fleet, and Read more [...]
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Big problems

After the service, I was in Severodvinsk, Sevmash entered. In three or four began to notice - no appetite, lose weight quickly, condition worsened - sometimes darkens the eyes, pains in the back. I was admitted to the hospital, and here for the first time set diagnosis - "Radiation disease". I spent a few months to cure, but I still lost about 30 pounds, and from that time I still can not type your former weight. Doctors have asked me to leave the city, gave a third group of disability. I was afraid of that same disability at a young age because he did not want to move to low-wage Read more [...]
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Dengue epidemic threatens 24 cities in Brazil

The risk of dengue fever exists in 24 cities in Brazil, the most complex epidemiological situation has developed in the north-east, where on the verge of an epidemic deadly disease are 17 cities, according to the Ministry of Health of Brazil.The Office notes the general seasonal increase in the number of cases Dengue in connection with the onset of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, which brings a large part Brazil hot and humid weather. More than 150 cities, where the situation is not critical, noted an increase in morbidity, including Rio de Janeiro, as well as the capital of 13 of the 26 states Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the cholera epidemic in Haiti has risen to 724 people

The cholera epidemic in Haiti, according to the latest data, claimed the lives of 724 people, 11 000 were hospitalized with symptoms of the disease, said on Thursday AFP, citing the Ministry of Health.Previously reported 643 dead and 10 hospitalized thousands.Now cholera outbreak which was recorded on October 20, is rampant in five of the ten departments, mainly in the north of the country.According to Ministry of Health Haiti, four deaths reported in the capital, Port-au-Prince. On Wednesday, the ministry reported that in the capital of one patient died of cholera, and had to be hospitalized Read more [...]
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A new species of tropical fever appeared in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 10 - RIA Novosti, Alexander Krasnov. Ministry of Health Brazil announced the emergence of the country not previously encountered form of dengue fever.From August to October of this year in Brazil was confirmed three cases of the Asian chikungunya, two of them - in the most populous state of Sao Paulo, and one - in Rio de Janeiro. Two patients contracted HIV in Indonesia, and one - in India, said agency.Ministry of Health has announced the immediate conduct of complex sanitary and preventive measures to timely diagnosis of the disease and vector control - common in Brazil mosquito Read more [...]
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Nigeria due to heavy rains threatened cholera epidemic

Nigeria is at risk for epidemic cholera in the last three months of the disease died 352. This was reported by the Associated Press, citing the Ministry of Health of the West African state.According to the report office, from June to 12 of 36 states in the country have been registered for more than 6.4 thousands of cases of human infection with cholera. "Epidemiological data indicate that the entire country at risk," - said the Ministry of Health.Cholera - an acute intestinal infection caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Spread, usually in the form of epidemics, causing a rapid Read more [...]
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In Zambia, an epidemic of cholera due to flooding

Since early March cholera Zambia sick for 5,000 people.In the African country of Zambia for two months raging cholera epidemic. Since the beginning of March in the country infected more than 5,000 people, 130 were killed.According to local authorities, the outbreak was the strongest in the last ten years.The main cause of the disease has led to numerous floods in Lusaka - the state's largest city and its capital. In shallow waters, which are the main source of drinking water for local residents, were cholera bacteria. In warm and humid climates Zambia disease spreads very quickly.The country Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic dying pine forests

Pine forests in Czech Republic in some places are beginning to resemble the desert mountains Ore end of the last century.Affected by the fungus, dry trees are most often found in Miller and in the Elbe valley in Nymburk.Pine in Czech Republic destroys fungal disease. Pine forest killed by Cenangium ferruginozum, and black pines of Sphaeropsis sapinea.In addition, the black pines still suffer from a disease, as a result of which they turn to dust.In order to stop the spread of the disease, infected trees must be cut down and burned.A similar epidemic was in 2004, when it was stopped. New epidemic Read more [...]
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In Udmurtia developing bee epidemic

Veterinarians are concerned Udmurtia: bees this year are more likely to hurt.The diagnosis of "European foulbrood" - recorded in seven of the republic Votkinsk Karakulino, Sharkanskogo areas. And in seven apiaries found other quarantine disease - akarapidoz.Here the list Debessky, Igra, Zavyalovsky, Kambarka, Sarapulsky areas. Quarantine, conducted anti-epidemic measures. Bee disease is not dangerous to humans, but dramatically affects the quality and quantity of honey.Experts call the main causes of the virus - a cold spring last year, and businessmen Illegal patients were brought Read more [...]
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The emergence of a new disease in nature

ToRheine is unlikely that there will be one disease, able to immediately destroy all people. (On the other hand, this conclusion can also be subject to distortion by observational selection, and at least some species have become extinct in nature, entirely due to natural diseases, such as one of the types of marine life and one of the types of bananas.) Even in the case of mutation avian flu or bubonic plague survivors are not sick. However, because the number of people increases, the growing number of "natural reactor", which can be cultivated new virus. Therefore we can not exclude Read more [...]
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The emergence of a new disease

It is highly unlikely that there will be those that can be abolished at all. Even in the case of mutation of avian flu or bubonic plague survivors are not sick. However, as the number of people increases, the growing number of "natural reactor", which can be cultivated new virus. Therefore we can not exclude the chance of a major pandemic, flu-like "Spanish flu" in 1918. Although the pandemic will not be able to kill all the people, it can seriously affect the level of social development, lowering it to one of the post-apocalyptic stage. However, such an event can only Read more [...]
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The prospect of extinction from disease

At a scientific conference long argued biologists and ecologists. Environmentalists suggested various means of saving mankind from AIDS. Biologists shrugs - Why? Sooner or later there will be organisms that are immune to AIDS ... It's true - no disease and never mows the entire population without exception. Even pandemic plague XIV., When the "black death" came and went and came again, took "only" a third of Europe's population. We learned how to fight the plague of our time on it during epidemics die first 2-3 victims - until they realize that the illness came to Read more [...]
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ASF outbreak in Nizhny Novgorod

Rosselkhoznadzor experts confirmed the information about the source outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) near the town of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, said on Friday Rosselkhoznadzor.Earlier Friday, the chief veterinarian of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Vlasov, speaking at a news conference in Moscow, said the likely emergence of a new outbreak of the disease, but the information at the time was not confirmed.Focus disease, the report said Rosselkhoznadzor, was found in the Nizhny Novgorod region, which is outside the fixed-disadvantaged areas (SFR and North Caucasian Federal District). Read more [...]
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In Kremenchug in pigs found tropical disease

In Kremenchug veterinarians found in pork tropical disease pathogen. This happened during the testing of products on the market. The owner of the animal, which is found in the meat of the pathogen population in the private sector. This was stated by the chief veterinarian of Kremenchug Yuri cream.As he said to man exciter not a threat, if meat thermally processed. But if the man try the meat raw, there is a high probability of death. Also, taste the infected meat man is a distributor of infection. Symptoms of the disease - tumors under the skin, which can appear in different places. Contaminated Read more [...]
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In Transcarpathia case of rabies in a cow

The villager Vydrichka Rakhiv district said in his cow intense salivation, there was photophobia. Vets, do your best, the animal could not be saved. January 17 cows died. Studies conducted in the regional veterinary laboratory showed that the cause of death is rabies. As Deputy Chief of Veterinary Medicine in the Transcarpathian region Yuri Sadvari, animal died from the usual, and not mad cow disease (which has done so much noise in the world in the early 2000s). Until October last year, a cow grazed on the meadows, probably there she became infected through contact with foxes, which Read more [...]
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Outbreak of anthrax in Kalmykia

Veterinary Laboratory Ketchenerovsky region of Kalmykia on Monday identified the anthrax from the fallen horse slaughter Ketchenery village shop, told RIA Novosti the EMERCOM of Russia for the country. According to him, the case of three horses came in on Monday night. "The district laboratory identified in patmateriale dead animals anthrax, put on high alert," - said the source. According to him, the results sent to the Republican veterinary laboratory for confirmation. "All the employees of the shop - 17 people - are under observation," - said the representative Read more [...]
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Bulgaria has identified FMD

According to Darik radio, National Veterinary - Medical Service (NVMS) imposed a ban on the movement of animals and animal products in the areas of Varna, Burgas, Shumen, Yambol and Sliven, in connection with the identification of cases of infection with foot and mouth disease in the Burgas region. Ban is in effect from 7 January. In addition, introduced mandatory disinfection of vehicles at border GKPP "Kapitan Andreevo", "forests" and "Malko Tarnovo." In areas Varna, Shumen, Yambol and Sliven permitted in exceptional transport animals mandatory veterinary Read more [...]
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Victims of cholera in Haiti began 3500

Epidemic cholera Haiti, began in mid-October last year, claimed the lives of 3.481 people, almost 160 thousand were zarazheny.Ob this in the Ministry of Health. It is noted that disease spread throughout the state. Most of all it has suffered from the Artibonite department - there killed 837 man, According to ITAR-TASS. In the capital, Port-au-Prince, where the devastating earthquake in January 2010, more than 1.3 million man live in unsanitary conditions, the number of victims has reached 475. Source of the disease is still not officially defined, but, according to the French epidemiologist Read more [...]
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