Lunch of the 3 “pillars”

Cooking will be three of our forest "Whales". Namely, elk, wild boar and bear.I have deliberately not touched the deer, so as not to injure the psyche of our hunters, virtually deprived of this game. So, meet - the dish number one!Leg of a young pig in apples.For this dish, we need the following ingredientsBecause we take out a leg bone. It will be needed for the sauce. Leg rub with mustard and pepper, carrots shpiguem. Bake in the oven for one hour. Then, sheltering and give to stand in the oven until it cools down. Apples fried in butter with sugar. The procedure is not complicated, Read more [...]
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The strength and relish in the head

In one village Yenisei on the stump I saw the dried head of a huge pike. Approached a child of three, I picked it up, even tried to wear down. Mother jumped selected «toothy» toy. At this time, appeared on the porch of the owner noticed my interest in the trophy, he said: «This is from last year. I got a villain in the network. Faithful will pud. And then we have the capital, biologists visited. Well advised the process as a trophy».If a person says «Head!»Hence emphasize the dignity of his character and mind. Fish Head (not only, of course, Read more [...]
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Dishes from black grouse

Meat grouse never particularly bold. Breast consists of two layers: the top - dark meat, the lower - white and pink, like a grouse. The meat of young grouse juicy and tender, it is recommended to fry and bake. Meat-old roosters Kosachev more stringent, it should simmer and cook. In field conditions grouse meat cooked on a spit or baked clay. TETERIV FRIED 1 or grouse hen, 1/2 bottle of vinegar, 1/2 bottle of water and 1 bottle of wine, 5–8 slices of pork bacon, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of fat or butter, salt, herbs.Adults grouse because of hard meat must be soaked before roasting 3 days in vinegar Read more [...]
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Fish dishes in Hebrew

Illustration from the archives of the editorial board In addition, the fact there are Biblical guidelines – Christ's first apostles were fishermen from the Sea of ​​Galilee, which suggests the critical importance of fish products for local people.Aspic Clean the fish (perch, carp, pike), cut the fins, gut, wash and separate the head, remove the gills and eyes carcass cut into portions. Fish scales to collect, wash and tie tightly in gauze. At the bottom of the pan to put the scales in Marl, the head and tail of a fish, pour a couple of glasses of water, boil for 20 minutes Read more [...]
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Dishes woodcock

The bird is small in size, the weight of the carcass about 300 woodcocks recommended basically toast.Woodcock wineIn a skillet heat the oil, put the plucked, gutted and stuffed with bacon woodcocks. Fry on all sides, pouring the sauce in which they are fried. Cooked poultry pour a glass of dry red wine, then pull out a skillet and cut into two parts. Lay on the deep-fried croutons, pour over sauce and serve.GAME feathers in clayCarcasses gut, not plucking feathers, inside put a little oil or fat, salt and sew threads or blades of grass. Stuck to the clay and put on the coals. When the clay is dry Read more [...]
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Dishes capercaillie

This is a valuable and honorable prey hunter. The most popular spring hunting for grouse-cock in the current. Hunting for them is limited. Meat capercaillie sufficiently dense, dark color, but juicy and tasty. The taste of meat capercaillie improved if crude, unskinned capercaillie hung his head and let stand in a cool place 2–3 days. In the ancient books it is described that the capercaillie is ready for cooking when suspended poultry carcasses will come off under the weight of the head.Carcase capercaillie, which is stored in a frozen form, it is desirable to marinate. Meat capercaillie Read more [...]
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Dishes from rabbit

Hare, but not deer, but if skillfully cook ...In Astrakhan, the hunting of birds is very popular. In the last days of the year I remember last fall season, the feature of which was the fact that for the sake of Gosrezervfonda for one day of hunting you can get only one rabbit, but for the whole hunting season – two.Nevertheless, fans gathered a lot of hunting. Someone got his first oblique, and someone just enough breathed fresh air and had my share of fun. That the author of publications every day forward to welcoming homeland and hunting hares.Classics proper hunting birds sang this hunt Read more [...]
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Gala DINNER ))

Well since we now have such prazdnichek, let's remember how to cook a festive Dinner Survivalist of the 3 dishes + Dessert ))The survivalist, completely can get for yourself a regular source of meat and water, to dig for themselves pond or lake and let it grows slowly and begins to kakati...and If it will surely absolutely is purely one swamp you can live - not kidding So .. we have a menu now :DISH 1 : LITTLE FROGS ((photo1)Methods of manufacturing frogs huge amount and I am not For you to explain.The main thing to keep in mind - the skin of toads are poisonous. Well, frog skin usefulness For Read more [...]
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Extreme kitchen. Dogs and cats.

In most Euro-Amerikan countries (except for some immigrant communities) the dog is considered man's best friend, which explains a purely negative attitude to the fact that in many Asian and Latin American countries sobachatiny eating and active struggle of the French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot previous years and numerous animal advocates for a ban on the attitude of the dog as a source of food. Activities Ms. Bordeaux new career gained fame when she founded the organization of animal rights activists urged football fans refuse to visit the World Cup in Seoul, Korea, if not legally prohibited the Read more [...]
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Extreme kitchen

Good day. In the morning, during breakfast, sometimes sticky in zomboyaschik. On the subject of news, mostly, but sometimes just some brain cud tuplyu. So. There are not obscure channel Ren-TV. And there it broadcast "The Dinner Party". In the description of the show will not go, can find themselves. And once, when I was flipping through the channels depend on the channel after this ridiculous phrase "Extreme Cuisine". Became interesting. One of the participants of the cooking show decided to treat other dishes, which he believes can be prepared in the event of disasters of various kinds and large Read more [...]
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Military field kitchen or gruel - many do not eat. Kulesh appeared in Zaporizhzhya Sich as the main camp dish. The word "gruel" - Hungarian origin. Kelesh Hungarian - millet, millet. All camp meals made on the basis of, as a minimum long-term stored, energy-intensive goods to feed, more soldiers, better rapidly and without any "first, second, third". Salted pork fat, onions and affordable millet of the genus sorghum (broom) are managed with this task perfectly. The supply of such goods placed on one milky truck, you can feed a battalion of three weeks. A simple design was doomed gruel Read more [...]
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Cast-iron pattern

    Decorative dish - wall decoration made of porcelain, silver, iron, bronze - an ancient product.     The first samples of dishes, cast Old Ural factories, came here from Europe. They depict chariots, swans, Neptune Naiad     As the years passed, the Ural masters sought to reflect in their works historical events, important dates, your life. Initially, it was the little plates. Here dish of a regional museum Votkinsk. By the edges of the inscription: "DAZHD NAM DNES HLEB NASH DAILY". In the center of the peasant dishes guns Labour: Spit, Read more [...]
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Whence dish?

    It dish is not lost even when surrounded by dozens of other silverware arranged in a display case with him in the Gold Room of the Oriental Department of the Hermitage. Big, massive, it attracts the attention of subtlety and thoroughness of work and at the same time strikes some primeval mystery figure.     His fate is complicated even in its "historical" parts; "Prehistoric" is lost somewhere in the depths of centuries. So-called "Dish with the falconer" acquired in the second half of the XIX century in the Tomsk province. More precisely, Read more [...]
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Sublimates Leovit

Sublimates value for survivalist overemphasized. Not do without them, if you want to collect a complete diet, which, moreover, would be minimal load backpack. Today in the market, dozens of companies and hundreds of names and each is guided in the selection of their own experience and intuition. For those who seek to use Russian (I do this not out of some patriotism there, for it is ridiculous to feel patriotic feelings to food and to the capitalists producing them, but only because the menu contains the usual course) for a long time did not have much choice. Making sublimate complex process in Read more [...]
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Prescription gamma this dish is extremely bright and colorful.Here are 5 main rules of making soup in the Dnieper Cossack.1. The more species of fish "involved" in the production of food, the thick ear. Best fat from lean rock (ruffs, perch).2. At first, cook the bones, head, fins small fish. Later, the broth is filtered or defend, selecting unadulterated layer.3. The broth finely shred the onion and cook with the addition of a handful of millet and potatoes.4. For 5-10 minutes until cooked soup in it is put on the cut pieces of larger fish. Along with it add eggs, milk, liver.5. Before removing Read more [...]
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Overview rations number 6

Yesterday we decided to taste one Abkhazian pleasant drink. Sat down after the service, as usual, in the office, spilled. The question arose snacks dinner. Well, decided to open upakovochku recently hit us in picking soldering number 6. Quite accidentally turned the camera on hand, so I decided to shoot something until everything is eaten. Trim visible on the photo. Here is the list: A little more detail: The main differences from most often fall rations № 1,2,3: -applesauce, canned (in addition to jam); -canned bacon; - Three dry beverage concentrate; - Cream; - Dried fish (probably with Read more [...]
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For tourist: Sliced, and hayak kercheh

Hayak and kercheh can experience only at Oymyakon. According to local residents, those who eat them, never been ill. Horses in the shaggy skins give hayak, flavor and color reminiscent of Vologda butter is not bad. A kercheh make whipped pair of cow's milk, sometimes mixed with berries or jam. Later frozen whipped mass, lozenges are obtained. With mind - something like meringue tastes - ice cream, only very fat, because the cold pole most fat milk. But the truly famous Yakut dish - it stroganina. In our days are carried out even whole festivals devoted to this classic northern delicacy. Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Applications for iPhone-Foodspotting

Many of us love to eat and relish their new open space and unusual dishes. App Foodspotting - is a kind of social network, offering users to share their feelings on whether or another dish, photos, and owners of restaurants to conduct promotions and offer discounts. After starting the application will prompt you to places near and reviews have been there people also describe the dishes they ordered there. For the development of the project and do not forget to leave your comments and photos on the site you visit. Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Pike with sorrel

Recipes for fish:Wash the carrots, clean onion, finely chop the vegetables, cook beam herbs. Put all this fragrant filling on the bottom of the deepest dishes. Put in a dish gutted and purified from the scales pike. Pour on top of crisp white wine and water, sprinkle with pieces of butter, salt and pepper. Bake in the oven at 180 ° C (thermostat 6), about 30-40 minutes. Watering times pike juice released during manufacture. Wash the sorrel and cook it for 5-10 minutes in a small amount of butter and a few spoonfuls of water, then remove it and let the water drain out. Leave it in a warm Read more [...]
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Author: Andrew Kozlowski aka Teke Created: October 2010   Ingredients for 8 to 10 people and a 15-20 liter cauldron Meat (lamb and beef can be) 1.5-2.0 kg 200-lamb rump 300g Potatoes 1.5-2.0 kg Carrots 1.0-1.5 kg Onions 1.5 -2.0 kg 1 medium head cabbage Bell peppers 1.0 -1.5 kg Tomatoes 1.0 -1.5 kg Hot peppers 2 - 3 pieces Cilantro medium beam Apples, quinces 2 -3 pieces (optional) 2 to 3 large garlic head (optional)   Spices - cumin, coriander, salt Tool We prepare everything in a cauldron. First, we will cut the fat tail is thin and tuck it into the cauldron, was closed Read more [...]
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