Hunter — about ballistics

Hardly anyone doubts the need for a hunter knowledge of ballistics, both external and internal. Of particular interest is the external ballistics owners rifle. Indeed, knowledge of the behavior of bullets after leaving the barrel often depends on the result of the shot.Photo Hunters are often the question arises: «How does the bullet when firing «cool down» and «steeply»When vysit when nizit?» This is especially interesting for owners and fans of rifle shooting from ambush. If you do not take into account the participation in that Read more [...]
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Priptsipy constructing bait

Part 4 Means and methods of supplying the waterPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Precise complementary feeding is one of the main factors of success collateral fishing. Without a refined technique complementary feeding count on serious success comes unless fishing in «aquarium» with fish.The most common method of baiting is tossing hand calibrated with size and weight of balls to the point of bait fishing. Personally, I think that at a distance of 9 meters is permissible inaccuracy in the 30 cm. If you spend twenty minutes and make the bait according to the manufacturer's recommendations, Read more [...]
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Shot on edge

How often have to shoot the hunter shot at long distance? An experienced hunter happens very rarely. You can always organize hunting so that shots were fired at a distance, providing a reliable defeat game.PHOTO WILD GEESE / DOLLAR PHOTO CLUB Distance 50–60 m is large, and it can not recognize the transfer distance and reliable defeat shot. But sometimes it add up the circumstances that we have to shoot it on such distance.At the time, experts the creation of ammunition «Magnum» at US decided to determine the effective range of the Read more [...]
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This hunter

A cold north wind blew across the sky gray-purple mass of rain clouds. Shumel yellow-brown foliage standing near trees. Bends to the ground brown curls field grass, creating the illusion of reverberating waves. Draughty, forcing involuntary shiver, burying its head in the raised collar.Photo Veebl / FLICKR.COM Kolka was standing on hill, not protected by the October wind, and patiently waiting for their mentors, companions hunting. AT thirteen years, he was an avid hunter! That hunter and it is impassioned as passion I woke up in the hunt it Read more [...]
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Specialization and equipment float rod

Part 4 for fishing at long range.Figure author Conditionally assumed that the long range begins with thirty meters. For fishing at distances of fifteen to thirty meters, especially if there is a flow, a so-called «Bologna» tackle. This is the same provodochnaya, English or tackle with coil, but with a modern edge. Lightweight and long rods, thin line and high-quality coils allow to catch a decent distance. Of course, this is easy to use and tackle when fishing for classical wiring, with the release of the fishing line with the flow, that is Trotting.The basis of the Read more [...]
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Spring is coming, prepare ammunition

Each year hunters eagerly await the onset of short, but extremely busy period - spring hunting. All Recently we keep in constant tension: open - do not open. Fall short section of the permitted hunting flight or a couple of years ago, miss. Spring hunting in Peru in terms of selection rounds is quite varied. On the one hand thrust valdshnepinaya shooting for small and middle distance, on the other — hunting for ducks and geese in particular — strong game on the wound and with the limit for shotgun distances. Try to understand what you need to recharge our ammunition Read more [...]
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Long-range cartridges

The path to a successful firing on the hunt depends on the combination of "gun - cartridge"author photo If we look at the «Hunting Calendar» LP Sabaneev, you know that our ancestors to increase the range of defeat game shotshell, used Ivashentsova cup, ring Elea, parachutes (hubs with parachutes) Lamers and Zhevelo, hubs, and parachutes Ivashentsova Koski.For even more complex hubs belongs shrapnel Jones. It consists of a wad, the center of which vdevaetsya wire rod; it fits “shrapnelka”Consisting of two copper hemispheres, accurately fitting with one another Read more [...]
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Large or small?

In his book "Memoirs of shooting shotguns" (St. Petersburg, 1895) Captain M. Zhurne wrote: "The weight of spherical pellets, sufficient to cause death, should change from 0.001 to 0.005 by weight of a living being, which is the object of the hunt.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova However, the practice has developed a rule to use in hunting numbers fractions, individual grains with an average weight of 0.0002 weigh game. " It was assumed that the rate shot the target should be at least 150 m / sec in contact with the carcass in Game 4 pellets.These conditions imply that the kinetic energy Read more [...]
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Complementary feeding at long range

Photo Anatoly Mailkova I think that I would have to start this topic with a postulate: the exact complementary feeding – recipe for success. And will continue in the same spirit – we are not able to lure anglers. I constantly catch in different places, and the observation of the behavior of fishers is often no less interesting than watching the fish.I would argue that most anglers use bait approximately as follows. First, buy something at the store. The main selection criterion here is the opinion of a reputable or seller, or a successful fisherman friend. Based on Read more [...]
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Straight shot

Accuracy of weapons (especially rifled) associated with taking into account a variety of factors: bullet ballistics, wind direction and speed, behavior at different rifles the ready hand, the use of certain munitions, the quality of manufacture of the barrel. In this article we would like to talk about the concept of direct shot.1. Consumer understanding of the term «straight shot»Bullet flies parallel to the line of sight. The distance of the He shot 70–80 meters.2. «Hunting straight shot»: Target size is small (small killing zone, not the whole body), so its distance Read more [...]
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The grid for the game

On the Internet, I repeatedly ran into diametrically opposing views on optics Nikon. To be precise, the debate usually went to Nikon's optical sight, the effectiveness of their use in firearms and airguns.For modern high-precision rifles, even the air, you need a high-quality optical sight with magnification of at least x10. Yes, the Japanese in this area progress rapidly and using very aggressive and massive advertising policy. But in addition to praise there opposing views. In the specialized media are very few descriptions of the experience of practical Read more [...]
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Newcomers shotshell

What do you know about the shotgun cartridges? Usually the answer to this question goes something like this: shotshell are various calibers - the 20th, 16th or 12th; fraction selected depending on the object of hunting. If hunting is a small game: snipe, snipe woodcock need a shot № 7-9, if a duck, grouse - № 4-6, geese, rabbit № 2-00.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Shoot shot at distance to 50 meters. Still there are cartridge «Magnum» from increased linkage of gunpowder and fractions. Here, perhaps, all! A because shotshell — Read more [...]
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Here are the bullet flew and …

The trajectory of a bullet fired from a rifle, is that its decline relative to the aiming point increases with increasing distance. For example, at distances of 300-400 meters for the well-known cartridge .30-06 Sprg it ranges from -45 to -100 cm depending on the type of bullet. As a result, one of the most important factors for precision shooting is a precise definition of the distance to the target.More recently, on market came appliances that combine in does not Only sight and rangefinder, but and an integrated ballistic calculator. In Russia, has long Read more [...]
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The distress signal on the island

Caught on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, you have limited space. Escape from the island is possible only by sea on a makeshift raft. To make such an escape is difficult both technically and psychologically. On this, as long as you are getting ready to sail, should be prepared to ensure that to signal distress, If you see a ship or aircraft. Since you can not get off the island, or at least until you can – it should be calculated for salvation from the outside. So it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the signal means. Firstly, the vast beach is necessary to lay out a Read more [...]
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Night fight is crucial is not so much the success of strategic planning that or other operations as an independent combat activity trained fighters, soldered small units on certain tactical directions.Night combat effectiveness of small units can be increased only by the specific training of the personnel, identify strong physiological properties of certain fighters. These men, which by nature is developed animal instinct, the following is used in more critical areas.A huge advantage of the night is the one who is able to create better, to hear, to focus and to feel in the darkness. These opportunities Read more [...]
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Cup Final in Moscow in the AKP

Dear fans of extreme sports!We are pleased to inform you on the long-awaited II Cup in Moscow on sports tourism on combined distances (competition in search and rescue operations).This is a wonderful start, which annually brings together top teams from most regions of Central Russia, held in Moscow region in the period from 18 to 21 November 2011. "It will be cold" - you say? "It will be hot!" - Meet the organizers, who during the summer season working on the production of this distance. Distance, which absorbed all the best ideas, the distance at which the planned daunting challenges, the Read more [...]
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Filter for your flashlight Fenix ​​rukakmi

Hi survivalist! Last fall, he won the lantern Fenix ​​LD20, I liked - a small, normally shines, most running batteries: there is practically everywhere. Wanted to buy a red filter, but by the time the sale is on this model filters was not. And one day, indulging with a flashlight, put the flashlight on the bottle of lemonade (can not remember the name, but a bottle of bright green color, the volume on my 0.33 l., Mt Dew or something), the whole room burst into green - the child was delighted! Flashlight got into the bottle almost tightness, tried on another bottle - climbed just barely. Saw Read more [...]
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Worldwide wave of strong earthquakes

A powerful earthquake in Chile force 8.8 on the Richter scale was not the only one this weekend. Strong tremors were recorded around the world. For example, in Japan, in the area of ​​the Ryukyu Islands, an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was at a distance of 70 km from the town of Nago (Okinawa Prefecture), and the earthquake was located at a depth of 35 km. Casualties or damage as a result of the disaster is not. In Afghanistan, the focus of an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale was at a distance of 140 km from the town of Faizabad in the north. And Read more [...]
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Here, it is necessary to hunt today. Meat really ended a week ago, the animals on dry food and canned food. By virtue of certain circumstances at small distances is not the hope, because .22 - poboku time for serious trunks. Decided to walk your "Svetku." Here it is, the beauty:Her in 1994 gave me a birthday present late wife. I manage (until I manage) without optics at medium ranges. Creeping plyuschegolovym á (speed out of the barrel - only 700 m / s). Works flawlessly. Tonight necessarily need to take deer (ideally - two). Wish us luck with the dogs!And this - the main consumers, Read more [...]
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