The distress signal on the island

Caught on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, you have limited space. Escape from the island is possible only by sea on a makeshift raft. To make such an escape is difficult both technically and psychologically. On this, as long as you are getting ready to sail, should be prepared to ensure that to signal distress, If you see a ship or aircraft. Since you can not get off the island, or at least until you can – it should be calculated for salvation from the outside. So it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the signal means. Firstly, the vast beach is necessary to lay out a Read more [...]
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The distress signal at sea

Having distress on the high seas, man is facing a number of serious problems. We humans, as a species, too many branches of evolution back out of the water. Now, our element - land. AND survival on the high seas for a man is much more severe test than if it occurred on land. Many of the techniques of survival at sea are specific and very different from similar practices on land. Today we'll talk about how to feed distress at sea. On land one of the most effective ways to signal a distress signal fire. However, the high seas, light a fire is only possible if you are on a ship. In 9 cases out of Read more [...]
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International distress signals

Exist system of international, conventional signals and codes disaster, which are the same for all countries, languages, the armed forces and emergency services. Knowing these signals, lifeguards never confuse: a tourist is drunk and hamming vytantsovyvaetsya, waving his arms, or do you actually need help. Signal S.O.S. – translated to English «Save our Souls» - Means «save our souls». Such a signal can be laid directly letters from stones and twigs on the beach sand, paint or draw on the deck of the ship. You can signal S.O.S. and transmit Morse code using the radio Read more [...]
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Feed light distress

In today's article we will talk about a special category distress alerting – light signals. Methods for their delivery are many and each of them is effective under certain conditions and in the presence of a gear. Let us examine the problem in more detail. To emit a light signal, Anyway, you need a source of light. At night, the light source can be fire, torch, flashlight or the spotlight. In the daytime the light source in any case the sun, because All other sources are negligible on a sunny day. To give signals light of the sun, use reflective surfaces Mirrors etc. On a cloudy day, when Read more [...]
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During autonomous survival in the wild, not always the victim is set to signal distress. If salvation is near, it is necessary to draw attention to themselves by all possible means – It is obvious. In such circumstances, the most effective way to signal distress – this dissolve signal fire. If the court of the night, or twilight, the fire is visible from afar. If the court of the day – Rescuers should draw smoke. That is why, should be a lot of smoke, and the fire most noticeable. This signal is allocated and against other types of fires. But talk of signal fires Read more. Classical Read more [...]
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At a critical case, you should be ready and assembled your kit for each family member.And it should not be expensive, and multipurpose.. Make out a rough version, applicable for different situations ( packaging varies dependent on your needs,climate, abilities, and situation) You simply will themselves be able to collect the required set , visiting a couple of everyday shops or supermarket.A few fundamental points:* Assembling kit, consider your climate conditions. If you live in a cool climate,it is appropriate to complement its increasingly warm clothes and accessories for heating.* Why exactly Read more [...]
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The vessel in distress. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Put it on all the warm clothing, including wool socks and a hat. 2. After that, pull a wet suit or overalls made of waterproof material. 3. Bring money and documents, putting them in impermeable package. 4. Grab the supply of potable water, food, medicines and equipment. 5. Wear a life jacket and submit on the radio the distress signal, indicating their position. DISTRESS SIGNALS SUPPLIED TO THE SEA There are a number of internationally recognized signals having any one of which the captain of any ship must come to the aid of a vessel in distress. Read more [...]
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survival communications

Morse code invented by Samuel Morse almost two centuries back and till now remains a common and reliable method of encoding, allowing you to transfer information many methods. Morse code is a way of encoding letters of the alphabet, digits and punctuation characters with small and longish signals of dots and dashes. Per unit length receive length point. The duration of a dash is equal to three points, pause between signals in the letter, one point; between characters in a word or three points between words is seven points.Learning the alphabet usually do not remember the sequence of dots and dashes. Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

INTERNATIONAL DISTRESS SIGNALS.If you have failed or you just need to give a signal,then you need . what would you have thought do this, in such special cases, you need to use a so-called code table ( Fig.1). The signals are from scrap materials, in the open, perfectly visible from the air. The recommended size is 10 meters in length, 3 meters wide and 3 meters between the characters.Figure 2 depicts the international table of distress signals used for transmitting signals using the native gestures, pilots of aircraft in the disaster zone.Transcript (figure 2):1. Please take on Board2. Required Read more [...]
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Audible alarm

Provide audible distress, there are special fireworks firecrackers, which are triggered by a - 10 s after actuating. Signal such firecrackers can be heard at a distance of 6 - 8 km. Sound "supplements" are provided with some flares. Usually this is whistling or howling, which runs all the time, until the indicator light signal (see missile warning combined. Sound whistle can be heard for at least twice as far as a scream. And even three times if using special signaling whistles. Attract the attention of rescuers can rhythmically sounding shots. !Audible distress is Read more [...]
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Media types and methods of presenting distress

Alert is not as easy as it might seem. Your alarm may go unnoticed. In addition, the inability to properly generate signals with certain types of time &and attendance could cost you your life. All means of signaling distress and are divided into standard-issue at hand (kind of), as well as audio, visual and radio (the principle of signal). Their main goal - to specify your exact location for subsequent evacuation and emergency assistance in the form of relief from the aircraft of food, medicine, weapons and ammunition. Scheduled means Mayday (SOS). The distress signal SOS (Save Our Souls (... Read more [...]
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Encyclopedia of survival. One on One with nature

Encyclopedia of survival. One on One with natureAuthor: Kudryashov B. Format: djvu Size: 12.6 MB Year: 1996 Almost daily press, radio and television tell us about distress aircraft and ships. Accidents, and natural disasters claimed tens of thousands of lives. Lost on the routes tourists die in the desert and taiga wilderness stray travelers. What should a person, will the fate of being one on one with a severe nature, away from populated areas, in the open sea, the mountains or the desert? What must be done to save lives? How to signal distress, get water and food when supplies ran out, Read more [...]
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