Hunting in Kizlyar gardens

Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Deep autumn. It has long been passed it is time of rains, winds and constant low, heavy clouds, sprawled on gray horizon. The sky receded and brightened; Lightweight white clouds, like swans, swim in sky. The air is imbued with especially strong light.It is also clear attributive distant objects are drawn, are now prominent in spyglass. Mountains moved up so close that it seems to It is only a quarter of an hour's walk and you, on the exit from the garden, but now we have to climb them. Read more [...]
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«Hunt» to decoy

In that memorable year, we, the staff of the Laboratory for forest game management VNIILM, conducted field studies in the forests of the Bryansk region. Detailed blogs have allowed hunting to recall in detail a picture of the past.Photo Shutter button Spring hunting opened separately: drakes on 9 April for ten days, and then snipe at the same time. Every morning and evening dawns, we met in huts with a stool. I got a duck taken «for hire» in the economy. She has one feature: it is almost always silent, and only when it was taken out of the basket, landed on the water, Read more [...]
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Hunting Forest captivity

Beginning of September. This is not a real fall. Shishkin swamp, near d. Shirokov, birch, alder and willow in a green summer attire. Occasionally their thick curls no-no peep leaf gold leaf. Not for long. Nabezhit breeze shake the branches and leaves on the sly steal it. Play, wander a little in the air, as if assessing that how much, and thrown to the ground or hide away in the bushes. In these last days of grace my friend B. Chrome and full of strength and energy Russian spaniel Ares established to hunt ducks on this very Shishkin swamp. During the years of joint hunts we tasted Read more [...]
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The rainfall for Mallard

"Show me a man who loved to hunt in the rain ..." (Anatoly Gulyaev, "horn" number 47 (2014), "The rain on hares") The third day of August medium-power «drummer» He imposed on us its mournful, awkward rhythm, beating its large drops on the leaves, paved garden path, porch, roof… The third day, as the hunt for vodoplavuyuschuyu opened, and we all remember so pat guns last year solntsenosnye…— Widespread rain, as if the whole week is not loaded, — Andrew sighed, looking gloomily out the window, — the slightest gleam.— Maybe for mallards Read more [...]
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The very first

Hunting for ducks ... It seems that I am not a novice in zagashnichke there are wild boar and geese and grouse, and hares in sufficient quantities. But no, I never can say that hunting ducks to me childish and fun, I can not ever abandon it. Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Duck hunting for me, though available and seemingly simple and easy, does not lose its meaning, and never get bored. Is there something special, something familiar and elusive, due to my birth as a hunter. And always on the eve of the holiday in my memory that gets my first duck hunting.I was about fourteen. I looked Read more [...]
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Monument, which is not

With the increase of production and the amount of water acting on the wheels Tagil plant at the beginning of the XIX century manifested acute water shortage. Although the factory was a big pond level of it was held to nine yards (6 m) and was fed from a 25-km Chernoistochinsk pond water for industrial purposes is not enough. Chauzh rivers, Big and Small Beryozovka Egorova Kamenka saturate the pond could not. And the most full-flowing river flowed in the Black side. The idea to turn it into a pond Chernoistochinsk long occurred in Nizhny Tagil plant management. But realize this, no one could, Read more [...]
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Michael Fonotov. Gold Inyshki

And it happened, but since that Inyshka joined the squad Pugacheva.Za will fight and justice served. Grandson left his forester. Nadeyalsyaskoro back. But it took many years, when black NIGHT MODE in the forester's house postuchalsyastarik. He did not have the 1st eyes, but not a scar on his face. Woodman eleuznal Inyshku. Inyshke was necessary to hide, and he took with him a grown grandson, went into the forest. Summer they lived in a thicket, in the dugout. In the autumn of the same old zanemog.Chuvstvuya that illness from it will not abandon, Inyshka started with grandson sereznyyrazgovor. Son, Read more [...]
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Ermakova Fortified Settlement

Ermakova Fortified Settlement defensive point of Ermak et al. Rus. warriors on the way to Siberia (the end of the XVI in.). Sverdl. region., Suburban district, 12 km north of the Nizhny Tagil, lion. bank of the river. Tagil. Opposite the fort on the opposite bank rises Bear Mountain Stone. Settlement is located in a bend of the river., Making three consecutive steep turn. It takes a remnant terraces up to 5 m, to-ing quite steeply to the north and west and descends gently to the east and south the length of the ancient city from north to south approx. 40 m, from west to east approx. 30 m. Pl. Read more [...]
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Thunderball reversal house

Thunderball. Photo: The other day a fireball flew into the house in the village Volnovaha. "Electrical guest" has burnt attic and miraculously kept alive people. This event occurred in the evening and, according to the owner, who at that time was in the house and rest, suddenly the whole room filled with sparks. When the owner went outside and saw that the front of the building gathered neighbors, who said they called the MOE, because the roof was smoke. Female eyewitness said: — About 20 hours, I kept goats home, then I heard a whistle. Turning my head, I saw Read more [...]
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Evacuation from the combat zone

At the very least, leave the cottage or relatives in the village. Then you will not have to die, starve, shaking with fear for the lives and health of their loved ones and for their daily humiliation and suffering of people with guns, whoever they may be. Go away! Better a little earlier than later. Refugee status, of course, no sugar, but still comfortable than living in a city caught in a social catastrophe. Even if there is shooting, are inevitable in such cases, restrictions on freedom, cards, queues, lack of water, heat, lack of work and, therefore, means of livelihood, is the uncertainty Read more [...]
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Hunters often have to cook their own food, rest and even sleep at any time of the year away from populated areas, so the ability to quickly dissolve a particular stake in the hunting life has great value. Nodya - a fire, which is used by experienced hunters for overnight stays in the forest, especially in winter. For nodi best taken dead spruce: other woods less suitable - birch quickly burns, pine and aspen badly inflamed and often go out fir throws away around the spark. Two spruce logs length of 2.5-3 m along each put one on the other and fixed in this position, driven into the ends Read more [...]
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