In the Donetsk region discovered the dead sea

on April 12. Ukraine has its Dead sea. In Donetsk oblast, near Artemovsk, have discovered an unusual lake, which is 5 times saltier Israeli reservoir. Local residents to enjoy basking here in the summer, and divers — generally all year round. But to turn the area into a resort until you get it, says Irina Isachenko.Irina Isachenko, correspondent: — There, five meters depth, anomalous zone. Hot water, up to 35 degrees, salty and dense so that it is impossible to sink. These unusual features of the lake found Dnipropetrovsk divers. Say, during a dive, suddenly stumbled on Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Mexico group of divers rescued a huge whale shark

A group of divers in Mexico rescued a pregnant whale shark doomed to certain death. Divers who have been on the usual tourist underwater walk in the marine reserve at Roca Partida, cut thick rope that wrapped around the body of the shark. The whale shark was about 10 feet long and weighed about 15 tons.
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Invasion of the red king crab to Vladivostok

During Christmas vacation divers in Vladivostok (Russia) conducted dives in the Gulf of Peter the Great, which is situated on the bank of the capital of Primorye. During the dive the divers were found large clusters of crab.Commented on this fact, scientists Pacific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (TINRO). Experts argue that talk about increasing the number of red king crab in the waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great is not necessary. The observed accumulation can be called "man-made", as in the Gulf were released crab fisheries inspectors seized from illegal miners. Read more [...]
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The water from the man-made lake in the Altai Valley falls away to an unknown destination

"RIA Novosti", referring to the representative of the Novosibirsk company "Sibmost", report the fact leakage of water from the artificial lake in the special economic zone of Gorny Altai "Altai Valley". Reservoir was filled with water to the 15 January 2013, but at a certain point the water level started to decline by 5-6 centimeters daily. Total reduction was already 1.65 meters. According to Olga Kochetova, representative of the general contractor, the area of the reservoir and its surroundings clock examined by OOO "Hydraulic Company" to discover why Read more [...]
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Interior equipment

Modern sinking complexes have quite spacious rooms. Usually for each diver has about 5 m3 of internal volume. However, in the old design, which still occur, cut very close, and divers often can not they straighten up to his full height. During the design of complex, pressure for people to leave as much interior volume: There should be also place peculiar to the wardroom, where divers could gather together, such as for meals or rest. The minimum requirements for comfort should be provided a large table and comfortable seating. In addition, the need to allocate place for a "zone of peace", Read more [...]
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URF (Sweden)

In April 1978 in Copenhagen produced launch builds for Swedish Navy rescue vehicle URF. The device is intended to rescue the crew from the submarine in distress. It will be permanently based at the Center for divers training near Stockholm in Sedel. The scheme is a rescue operation. After receiving notice of the accident to the vehicle is delivered to the device closest to the port area of the accident. In each port should be and always be ready for immediate use slips, tripping device and ship-tug towing apparatus to the point of rescue. At sea for more than 3 points apparatus towed underwater. Read more [...]
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Ear infections in divers and scuba divers

The mechanism of development of pathological changes in the ear scuba divers and has many similarities with the mechanism caisson lesions. Scuba provides automatic air supply is used for work under water, in the construction of bridges, piers, in search of fish stocks, the wiring cables, pipes, etc. Extremely wide application he found in underwater sports. When using scuba diving and you can swim at a depth of 30-40 m is known, a dip for each meter of the hydrostatic pressure increases by 0.1 ext. atm. and, therefore, at a depth of 40 m, it is up to 5 atm. Descend to such a depth a few, but Read more [...]
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Sea urchins (Echinodea)

In southern latitudes, sea urchins are the target species, and therefore they are common lesions. Symptoms of poisoning are fully described by Japanese scientist Food-zhivara who received injections of a few pedi-tsillyary sea urchin Toxopneustes pileolus, when inadvertently picked it up. Immediately develop a very strong pain, hold for about one hour. More ominous symptoms of poisoning associated with paralysis of voluntary muscles. There was a speech disorder and severe weakness, especially in the legs. Paralysis of the face was kept for 6 h also characteristic accidents to divers (catchers Read more [...]
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From the bottom of Devil's Lake

Sensational discovery scuba divers and scuba divers from the group search Toplitszee the fall of 1984 was the ... naval mine! But not only that "horny" from the arsenal of the Nazi death test station threatened expedition. Indeed, in the design and engineering Toplitszee Nazi Germany tried many other of his secret weapon. What the? Knew about it only very narrow circle of Nazi and SS "Fuhrer" ... "... - If you do not immediately stop the search operations, we sum up the wires to the lake, will be connected to mine and blow your entire expedition." Not recall whether Read more [...]
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In the Donetsk region found dead sea

April 12. Ukraine has its Dead Sea. In the Donetsk region, near Artemovska discovered unusual lake, which is 5 times saltier Israeli reservoir. Locals enjoy swimming here in the summer, and divers - all year round. But to turn an area of the resort has been received, said Irina Isachenko.Irina AGIsachenko correspondent: - There, on a five-meter depth, anomalous zone. Hot water up to 35 degrees, so salty and dense that it is impossible to sink. These unusual features of the lake found Dnipropetrovsk divers. They say that during the dive suddenly came upon a wall of water. Gennady Emelyanov, Read more [...]
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