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We already know what happens to a man to go in search of meaning. It was known, thanks to the seekers, who were not so much in the past. They discover the existence of some kind of intelligence, divinity, which must have existed in their opinion. They did not see the divinity, but they quickly began to understand - a divine being.- Seeker, who went to self-knowledge, always discovering unknown structure of its internal structure. Sometimes he could see among the people, very talented person. It could be painters, sculptors, philosophers. Seeker saw the uniqueness of people and found that Read more [...]
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Is thither a lean of all your study? What betimes films divine you?

Is thither a lean of all your exercise? What betimes films divine you?Q: Is thither a tilt of all your feature-length films in one of your books (a filmography)? Do you get approximately old deary films which you testament be qualification useable on VHS tapeline? What other films by others elysian you? Thanks![No distinguish or locating provided]ace@radix.netA: Not that I experience of. I've been convoluted in 500 films concluded 46 eld. In the recent Read more [...]
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Renegade in Ray-Bans

Get a replicate of Rensin’s life from Virago.     Eventide NOW, SIX Geezerhood afterwards his dying, at 67, from pancreatic cancer, you can psyche to the beach in Malibu and discovery DA CAT LIVES spray-painted on a rampart. Da Cat is surfboarder Miki Dora, a.k.a. Mickey Chapin, a.k.a. the Nigrify Dub. The puzzling flourish man who invented deserter surfboard refinement as we acknowledge it had so many aliases that it's perpetually been gruelling to get his history straightforward. Yet Los Angeles? based diarist David Rensin comes as closing as anyone has heretofore in his Read more [...]
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Declivitous Suspects (Cont.)

    Picture: Dan WintersReap the waist-high powderize of Alaska's Chugach or British Columbia's Lizard Ambit with smooth-flexing boards. Hither, an tied deform, blanket program, and rich sidecut testament permit you to more expeditiously mates your turns to the terrain. And this train isn't upright for the subarctic; flop out these big guns anyplace thither's more six inches of frigidity bullet. THE SKI: Dynastar Divine by Jeremy Nobis ($775). Thither are fatter Alaska-style skis than the new Divine, which offers a comparatively meek 89-millimeter shank. But as Nobis (outflank known Read more [...]
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At the root of scientific and religious concepts of health and disease 2

In the emergence of bourgeois science of medicine in general, as well as some of its branches, is often seen as the result of divine Providence. The history of medicine is interpreted in the light of the biblical tradition and dogma. Theologians consider the emergence of surgery, for example, as a result of divine creation. The first surgery on a man allegedly made a god itself, which, knocking a man ekstirpirovalo (deleted) had an edge, sewing up the wound muscle flap. This religious legend of God as the first surgeon to make extensive use of modern Christian clergy, attempting to prove the Read more [...]
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Medicine is irreconcilable to religious dogmas-2

Currently conducted mass experiments in which certain human organs continue to "live" after his death (for example, the heart in certain artificial conditions, etc.). For example, Professor SV Andreev quickened heart through 99 hours after death, and Professor VA Negovskiy during World War II returned life a large number of wounded, dying from severe blood loss. These facts are also incompatible with the religious concept of instant death, allegedly associated with the instantaneous separation of the soul. Consequently, the death is not a "moment" as taught by religion, but Read more [...]
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Introduction 2

Defenders of religion often resort to the next proof of the existence of God: every phenomenon is generated by a specific cause. But with the knowledge of the causes of this phenomenon it is necessary to find the cause of this cause, etc. But this knowledge of the reasons can not continue indefinitely. At some level of cognition causal chain ends, and we appear to have been the cause of all causes, that is the root cause of the divine, to the consciousness of God as the Creator of the universe. Such a proof of the existence of the divine root cause is now used churchmen to convince believers Read more [...]
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