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The God of Awards glowers at simple mortals, atrophy their real organism.     Picture: Joe Prophet/ShutterstockYou haven’t waited hours for a delayed trajectory until you’ve through it in a rocker.As about of you may cognise, it’s awarding flavor hither at Away. This workweek, we promulgated our esteemed Go Awards, handing out accolades where allow to the topper move destinations of the yr. All the big names were included—Southeastward Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, eventide Pakistan. The company does not layover. Goober allergists mind because it is literally buggy Read more [...]
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Demidov Hospital — 250 years

    1758 – NA Demidov commanded to create Tagil factories Hospital for treatment of workmen.     1764 – Began operating the first hospital in Nizhny Tagil, where the surgeon's working students Potap Belov, Vasily Kiselev, Mikhail Ermakov, Athanasius Onedin.     1830–1831's. – On Tagil factories operate two doctors, one pharmacist, and surgeon's five pharmaceutical students, Bones and ospoprivivatel.     1913 – In Nizhny Tagil are two hospitals with 140 beds, two pharmacies, five doctors, 11 paramedics, two Read more [...]
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A jubilee something nedetskiy

    Children's Hospital №3, that street the Kuznetsk on high, - seventy. Age Sedin, marked by wisdom and experience. Today third Children - It is a complex Medical facilities: two clinics with branches on suburbs, dairy food, hospital, where the annual recuperate up to three and a half thousand children Leninsky district.     In 1933, the grandparents today's kids have taken only two children consultations were located in uncomplicated wooden houses on the Brigadier and Vyisky (Former Kazan 'School). Those houses demolished long ago, but the names of Read more [...]
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Reflections on hard to treat — easy in paradise

Once, at the request of friends, I was trying to write a medical advice for ordinary people (paragraphs numbered X). So how is little text, the resulting diluted product aphorisms. Today stumbled on it, and decided to brush adapted for survivalist (paragraphs numbered xx).This "work" was written in a state of tortured brain studies, and therefore ask not judge strictly, and give constructive criticism in the comments. Introduction: Enrolling in medical school, I was convinced that with the training of doctors we all bad. Therefore, there are thoughts about:Peter Safar died. It's a fact. Read more [...]
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The Crimea was attacked by unknown insects

Unknown midges emerged in Western Crimea. Their bites cause tourists and locals strongest Allergy . While doctors have no cures such damage, and traditional medications do not help. As reported by Rosbalt, affected adults are covered by a painful rash with severe swelling. Have bitten children appear red blisters and toddler's body swell. Ambulances are regularly bring new patients, resulting in the intensive care unit of the city hospital Evpatoria was almost full. The specialists do not have information on how to deal with the new threat. Traditional antiseptics and anti-inflammatory Read more [...]
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Triathlete Can’t Flavor His Legs

In 2009, an SUV hit triathlete Lav Carson from backside spell he was out on a breeding rag. When Carson awoke in intensifier attention, doctors told him that he had ill discredited his cervical rachis and was a quadripeligic. “When I was a jr. guy, to me the opinion of existence paralytic, I was the kickoff someone to say I’d quite be deadened," Carson says. But inside a hebdomad, practically to the surprisal of his doctors, Carson began moving his workforce. Finally, afterward continued reclamation, he began to walkway. Carson, now 30, is what his spinal sawbones calls a “walk Read more [...]
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Carpenter > Human-centred Aid Doer

"I pass roughly one-half my sentence travel."     Photograph: Tool YangI worked on and off in building for ten geezerhood. It’s heavy ferment, and subsequently a patch you curiosity if you can jazz your unit living. I too treasured to be more socially mired and culturally influenced—to enquire places and citizenry. I got my MFA in verse in 2004 from New York University and looked for jobs at socially witting journals, but nil truly worked out. A champion got a job with Doctors Without Borders, and I intellection, If he can do this, perchance I can, too. What Read more [...]
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In southern Russia the doctors said warning

24 mana the South of Russia, the doctors declared an alert. Increasingly, hospitals are the people with mite bites and deadly diagnosis. NTV correspondent Michael Antropov with risk for life learned, where nature is better not to relax. Endless fields in the South of Russia in the spring no less dangerous than the Siberian forest. There are few who have heard about borreliosis, or Lyme disease, but a relative of the taiga tick, who lives in the grass, also represents a serious threat to life and health. The bite of this mite in the southern parts of the country can cause hemorrhagic fever. Read more [...]
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Haiti: cholera’t stop

Doctors do not hope to stop cholera in Haiti in any americasee time. The authorities declared the epidemic a threat to national security. Cholera reached the capital, Port-AU-Prince, hitting a huge slum Cité Soleil, which doctors feared the most. Conditions in this district and before the devastating January earthquake were so horrific that even drinking water in special bags are unlikely to stop the epidemic. Says the representative of the pan American health organization: \"We know that before the Port-AU-Prince was mostly large urban slums. Sewerage and water were in terrible condition. Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of the drought in West Africa

International charities have warned that the drought in the Sahel region of West Africa can cause a full-scale humanitarian crisis. Photo: "Doctors without borders"Abubakar from the village of Kadaga biri in Niger took his daughter ICU, who complained of abdominal pain, clinic organization "Doctors without borders". There he learned that his pregnant wife Mariama (see picture above) had a miscarriage and she was dying. Fortunately, now life Mariami, Aichi out of danger. According to the employees of the organization "Doctors without borders" in Niger, for many Read more [...]
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Defeated cholera returned to Cuba: Havana — dozens of patients

The Cuban Ministry of Health once again at the center of public attention. At this time in connection with the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, who because of ill health is still on Liberty Island, which recently underwent cancer surgery. Local doctors are sounding the alarm, because in some areas of the Cuban capital registered more than fifty cases of cholera. Data released by the Ministry of Health of Cuba, without specifying whether the victim of the disease. Now, through these measures, say the Office, transmission being phased out. However, doctors urged citizens carefully hygiene, ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Kazakhstani student sued the doctors admitted his pregnant

Aktobe Court sought 50,000 tenge ($ 330) with the doctors who diagnosed pregnancies in ninth one local school Bayzhana Aldasheva. The plaintiff demanded from the hospital, where he was misdiagnosed, 10 million tenge (66.4 thousand U.S. dollars) in compensation for moral damages. The teenager has also insisted on the dismissal medic who gave him the proper discharge.Aldasheva not satisfied with the decision. His spokesman Yuri Filchukov already said he would appeal to the higher courts. "50,000 is ridiculous. We understand that the doctors are all-round defense, and it will be difficult Read more [...]
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American doctors are known for their negligence

Neglect of the work - a common occurrence among American surgeons. This is confirmed by statistical data, according to which every year on average, there are some four thousand such incidents. Investigation into the matter was conducted by experts from the medical department of Johns Hopkins University. And the results have become known through the publication of the American edition of Surgery. For his work, researchers used information in the last twenty years, from the national data bank. In this bank stores information about all the cash compensation to patients for negligence surgeons Read more [...]
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In the east of South Africa has fallen military plane with doctors

Military plane crashes in the Drakensberg Mountains in the east of South Africa. According to local media, on board were doctors of former President Nelson Mandela, who flew on scheduled weekly scan to 94-year-old policy. "I was informed that the wreckage was found, but the exact number of casualties is not yet known," - said the representative of the South African National Defence Force. An anonymous source says that on board were 11 people.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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British doctors asked patients to rely on the will of Allah

Hospital of Romford in the UK was in the center of a scandal after medical staff, referring to employment, refused to timely assist year-old girl, who had trouble breathing. Physician advised her parents-Muslims to "be faithful and righteous to rely on God." The girl's father, 39, Murad Ali said the nurse, who is also a Muslim, simply ignored all requests from parents, while the girl has almost turned blue, and out of her mouth started frothing. Child with a high fever brought by ambulance to the previous day. Both her parents are doctors, but lack the skills to treat these ailments. Read more [...]
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What Are You Whining Astir?

Exterior cartridge, June 1995What Are You Whining Roughly?Adequate with the war stories approximately your scrapes and tweaks. Satisfy the multitude who real commit it all to their sport--again and again and again.By Paul KvintaSo, you've interpreted a bad talk on your new in-line skates, and you've got a longsighted, ill-humoured medallion of route heady to leaven it. Or you've equitable returned from a ten-day 1000 Canon tramp with an oozy suit of impinge Read more [...]
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Leafy vegetables sometimes lead to heart failure, doctors warn

Brussels sprouts may not be as useful if you exceed the norm, writes The Daily Mail. The paper talks about the Scotsman, who was hospitalized due to an overdose of vitamin K. And cabbage, just, it is rich.This vitamin acts on blood thinning medication. In this case, the victim took such drugs. Overdose trigger the development of heart failure, which had to be treated in the Hospital doctors Golden Jubilee. For a long time, experts could not determine the cause of failure. But then they noticed the patient's diet. It appeared shortly before hospitalization man eating Brussels sprouts. Read more [...]
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Contraceptives. Slaughter Business

The benefits of hormone pills and patches are now many doctors say. These drugs reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, help easier to carry age-related changes, improve the condition of hair and even promote weight loss ... But the most important - they allow you to plan a pregnancy. When doctors recommend hormone pills, they really believe in it. But there is another point of view. Hormonal contraceptives mutilating women. They can even kill. And such cases thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, because there is no accurate statistics. This was not reported in the media, because Read more [...]
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Since infections can be fought genetically

Scientists from the UK have discovered a genetic relationship between the cases of staph in different patients. This greatly facilitates the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus and other infectious diseases. First time scientists have used DNA sequencing procedure to identify, analyze and control the epidemic of resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the hospital. At the heart of this experience is the technology of rapid human genome. The technology can be used to treat many diseases. Nick Brown, who works in Addenbrukskoy Hospital (UK), together with his colleagues conducted a study on the subject. Read more [...]
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U.S. troops in Afghanistan threatened macaques

12/20/2012 American doctors are on duty in Afghanistan, had a special study on rhesus increased attacks on soldiers. According to doctors, the military command should take immediate steps to protect the military from monkeys. A report prepared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, found that over the last month the Afghan rhesus monkeys ten times attacked people.Interestingly, in 9 out of 10 primates are an original biological weapons: monkeys sent employees Afghan National Army or locals. Rare animals owned by an American.It is worth noting, as a result of these attacks, no soldier Read more [...]
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