«Pe-pe-men, we demand change!»

Valentin Sokolov, October 3, 2013 at 00:48: "Continuing the theme of Valentine wanted Bodunkova after the comment" ... And I, dear Valentin, you wanted to respond and continue the theme, as Your comments, unlike many others, looks very friendly. "Peacocks" ambitious "to dissolve the beautiful tail," and thus praising itself is enough, but when it comes to serious conversation, so the "tail blown off" and remain naked ambition. His reflections I consider it expedient to present the following scheme: quoted your words, and then the text of my reply. Valentin Bodunkov his first Russian Borzoi named Read more [...]
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Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

REPORT OF EL Cavour at the 3rd All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Modern Problems of hunting dog breeding" GNU them. PROF.B.M. Zhitkova, Kirov, 21-23.05.2014What's going on in the hunting dog breeding, can be compared only with the Zaporizhzhya Cossack outlaws wisely liquidated by Empress Catherine the Great. Photo: Mikhail Semin First of all, I thank the conference organizers for the very fact of it. Especially since the event is organized by the country's only specialized public as an authoritative research institutes. Up to date and time of the conference on such a Read more [...]
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About Keuring in Russian again

Continuing the theme of Valentine wanted to comment after Bodunkova.To go to the article "Keuring" in Russian"Click on the linkValentin Bodunkov: "...Today, it is necessary to proceed from the realities of our lives, and yet you do not say anything, it should be organized dog breeding in accordance with applicable law. I think you will not deny that all the issues in the dog must be addressed under the current legislation. Yes, the database and individual practitioners, experts - certainly an interesting question, but you will not say who, and based on what documents to provide Read more [...]
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Mina under the hunting dog breeding

The "horn" number 15 for the year was placed a small article titled "Department" congratulated "Kennel on the Day of the fool, which says that on 1 April this year, the Ministry of Natural Resources issued an order number 581" On Amendments to the "Rules of the hunt" from 16.11.2010 № 512.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev The essence of the order number 581 is that under the new rules of hunting dog training, ie, nataska nagonka and therefore field trials and competitions, is now only allowed directly in terms of hunting. One would think that this is only April Fool's joke or hoax hunter-breeders.Unfortunately, Read more [...]
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Hunting dog breeding Russia

"In whose hands the fate of the hunting dog? - Asks Halperin pages "horn» (№ 14, 2013). Weird question! Of course, in the hands of the Association "RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz" having an army of specially trained dog handlers, who evaluate the work of hunting dogs in tests on various types of animals, exterior - on tribal fairs and broods and bred dogs within zootechnical rules-based breeding.Photo Nikolai Sorokin Tribal hunting dog breeding within the RALO being in a long-proven traditional channels, while maintaining the specific traditions of hunting in Russia. Even in the Read more [...]
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Those new — old problems

Talk to an expert Albert Bragin, an honorary member of POPC The photo A.M.Bragin – You are one of the few veterans who actively work to date in the system of RKF, and in the POPC. Please tell us how it was produced, RCF and the reasons for splitting the concept of hunting dog in the new Russia.– In 1990 it was established All-Union Canine Federation (CCF), whose president is EB Bonad, head of the Belarusian Society of Hunters. The CCF included representatives of all 15 Soviet republics. Soon there was a collapse of the USSR, and the CCF was eliminated. The process of Read more [...]
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In whose hands the fate of the hunting dog?

Since the beginning of RKF, ie for nearly 20 years, RWC is one of four federations of the founders, the members of RKF. The status of RWC designed to carry a hunting dog breeding in the framework of the leading international system of FCI, which is a full member of RKF. Photo Nikolai Sorokin It is clear that the accumulated fundamental differences between RWC and the Association RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz (POPC), traditionally the leading hunting dog breeding, should have when something splashed in the explicit form. What happened to the second report-election conference of RWC, held Read more [...]
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