Annoyance hounds

Brown eyes gonchuhi look from the bottom up, in two and a half hunters. Ask why half formed, so is my son. Guns are not allowed on the early childhood, but the backpack first half of the day is fine. And Ghosn is not an obstacle for the extra pair of eyes, but ears have.So, are these gentlemen under the gaze of skilled workers and can not say in his defense or anything. And what can I say, the hare escaped our work in the bosom of unknown Mister X. With the speed that he did not show during all three hours with little rut. And it happened so.Saturday, we had frost -6. Mushrooms were porcelain. Read more [...]
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On the Volga for FIREBIRD

While reading a story about a child Humpbacked Horse and Firebird, I had no idea that this bird is living in our country, and her name - pheasant. Rooster shines like a rainbow, a long tail winds in flight, the flash of color, and - the vision disappeared ...Well posed dog and find pheasants will give all recovered, including the wounded game. Tomorrow we go on bank of the Volga, hopeful hunt pheasants Pointing dog. AT Once I thoroughly enough clambered lower reaches of the river, the so-called «rumble». We hunted ducks and geese. Read more [...]
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A look at the system from the inside

German kurtshaar ability to adapt to different requirements only emphasizes the plasticity of the breed and its indispensability in all situationsPhoto: Timur Farukshin The next morning, after the exhibition prior to international competitions kurtshaar (IKP), we had to pass the test in the field and on the water.The weather was shocking: the strong gusts of wind and rain. Strong winds on North Sea — The usual thing. As experience with this wind dogs, I does not I represented. However, experts have announced that the weather is typical for this time of Read more [...]
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Rainy summer day

LUCKYAfter unprecedented for Moscow Heat series has stood cool rainy days. Just like many years ago when I read a lot of books, he coached his first setter.July that year turned out to be wet even suburbs. Persistently, with a few interruptions, sowing rains. However, the days were quite warm, and in few places mowing because of bad weather up the rich meadows of grass. And an unprecedented thing for our places: on every meadow in the rain, and a bucket frantically beat quail. Just the time came for my dog ​​to pass a good school in the meadows. Cop the second year, it gives hope, and we must Read more [...]
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Amin has worked at the plant collectors. It was in their profession, they say, not on the last row. And the family is not worse than the other: the husband, the children. Is that relationship it developed some particularly delicate. And with them he was living dog Shepherd tremendous news. It was she, of course, a place in the hall - a rug, something some dishes ...Photo Jakub Halun / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Once Amina felt seriously ill. But we know our women.— TO the doctor? Well yes! Suddenly put — they are here without me?But one did not day to doctor Read more [...]
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Almost Greenpeace hare

Winter has gone, like a fairy tale.And in this tale would like to hunt. Weather will give less forgiving, even though the temperature was -15 degrees. Dogs on a leash, backpack, skis and let's go to the forest. Fortunately he is at hand. Dogs pounce, they serdeshny to celebrate rush forward. There will be a half kilometer and begin to look into the eyes:Maybe there is a hidden meaning? But is not it. And there is one passion. They molodchaga begin to stomp and stomp or rather swim.Find a rabbit and it seemed to settle down to work. Ghosn will not name. So, driven on, hold about a hundred meters, Read more [...]
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Disease — «labradorizm» cure is not necessary!

The word "Labrador" I LOVED since childhood. This happened at a time when we, the boys, to the holes are offset BOOKS Fenimore Cooper. MYSTERIOUS Labrador Peninsula on the Canadian coast of North America captivates children's imagination. YES AND combination of letters "A", "B", "R", "D"In one word, is not typical for RUSSIAN LANGUAGE, was a romantic Gibraltar, Gulfstream, A-B-A-R-A-R-O-P !!! From these words, breathed smell of the sea, adventure, kindness and courage.The second time the word came into my life at all in other circumstances. Hard to leave this life our beloved family dog, desperate Read more [...]
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Hunger is not an aunt

A funny thing happened this cold November night in the territory of one of the enterprises of our city. Protected plant except the regular guards, had a watchdog with a sonorous crocodile nickname - Kosha.A funny thing happened this cold November night two years ago on the territory of one of the enterprises of our city. Protected plant except the regular guards, had a watchdog with a sonorous crocodile nickname — Kosha.As a true descendant of a proud tribe of the Caucasus, Kosh had become relevant: a torso, powerful legs, no less powerful jaws and a round «bear» head. What thoughts Read more [...]
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Newly-fallen snow

Newly-fallen snow ... This word evokes in those days I have a lot of emotions! I waited for it so eagerly that he was ready to clap cloud "on their forest." In the evening sitting by the window and watching the weather forecast on the first channel, I waited and when will the long-awaited snow, sweep all the old zhirovochnye and Cattle marks oblique. Courtesy of the author That's one of those days Father in the evening and told me - «Well, ohotnichek, go tomorrow and see how you have a dog running, you dragged it. So I'll see you all day in the woods doing».Uh, I remember Read more [...]
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Boar season

The story of the hunterPhoto: Ilya Lipin It is in 1987.With a friend, I went to Sergey on the hunt to the familiar forester Peter Stepanovich drive foxes in the reeds, search marten, hare. I have had a license for the fox and marten, and Sergei hare. With us were my two huskies and Seregin nine foksik smooth.We arrived to the forester showed documents and went. The forest did not go, and he walked along the road and came to a wide marshy field. Here and there were visible clumps of reeds, where more where less. Three hundred meters from the forest stood on the mound of the old Read more [...]
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How to wean chasing deer?

In today's reality, hounds chasing deer, wild boar, elk, many hunters do not come to courtPhoto: Sergei Kudinov Leave out the fact that you have done (or not done) to make keen his dog to chase prey, but one day you suddenly realize that «such joy» you do not need, and wondered: «How to wean hound chasing deer (wild boar, elk)?»I share their own experiences, as I taught the dog to the correct and predictable behavior on the hunt.Last summer, I went to vyzhlets Russian piebald hound as young as two years old, grew up in a cage. All mastered them counted in Read more [...]
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Essays on the history of hunting with dogs in Russia (X-XX centuries)

            Listening to music rut ... Ended hunting with hounds, hounds but not stopped. They passed into the hands Ruzheinikov. Even during the hunts complete in the first half of the XIX century, if necessary to take too big island, which beat the packs of greyhounds are not strong enough, or who were not available for greyhounds stiles, to business networks involved tenetchiki-snare or hiking Rifleman. As the latter is usually used the servants, peasants, however, happened that someone from the lords did not disdain to take the opportunity to shoot the red beast manhole. But along Read more [...]
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We are struggling with Vampirchiki

Bloch, there are about 2,000 species. These tiny creatures are developing speed of 9.8 meters per second, and one day are able to drink the blood of others 20 times its own weight. Bloch drinks blood to 100 milligrams per day and after 24 hours 100 lays eggs that after 8 days, new specimens.These wingless insects feed on a variety of mammals and birds. The most dangerous — rat flea (2 mm) — peddler plague. Its largest human flea (3 mm), lives in humans, pigs, dogs and cats.Bloch dog (3.5 mm) can be easily transferred from dogs and cats to humans. Its larvae develop in places where large Read more [...]
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Stray they?

Today, as never before, it has become an urgent problem of stray and ownerless dogs. It was noted that in countries where a tax on domestic animals through the streets of their cities, much less run. Photo: Mikhail Semin Today, as never before, it has become an urgent problem of stray and ownerless dogs. First place in Europe (excluding the CIS countries) in the number of stray dogs takes Portugal at a density of one dog for eight residents in the country is on the streets every year more than 500,000 animals.In France, which occupies first place in the European Community on the Read more [...]
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To drink or not to drink water?

Al-two-oh, that is water. Excellent solvent, the environment, transport, and other substances.Photo: Mikhail Semin Water — the main component of any living creature. Its biological importance is that it is an essential metabolite, i.e. party metabolic reactions in metabolism. Blood at 80% of water. Loss of body water — 10% of body weight — It can lead to death.It is believed that the puppy you need to drink a day 100 ml of water per 1 kg of weight. And an adult dog quite 50 milliliters of water per 1 kg of body weight. However, all is not so simple.Veterinarians Read more [...]
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Who are the hunters who do not have a dog, do not grieve for lost or wounded game even purely bat game? And it is not just a poor guy, after unsuccessful attempts to find, got to get the spent fowl unwittingly uttered: "But if I had a dog ..." Yes, hunting with trained dogs, loss of trophies will be eliminated or reduced to a minimum.My relationship with hunting dogs developed immediately. I found the blessed time when many hunting grounds dominated coursing. Among them there were such skilled workers, which in a short autumn day could get two or three belyachkov, enough to enjoy the beautiful Read more [...]
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With karelkoy for capercaillie

This was the third trip to the north of the wood grouse Ivdel. My Karelian Bear Dog went to the fourth year, and it has worked very well for the bird. But the capercaillie in the surrounding woods of Yekaterinburg, where sometimes we travel around the dog, became very fearful and poorly sits under husky. It affects apparently the pressure of civilization. So you have to climb further to the north, where the bird was not so scared, lets work on it and gain experience husky dog ​​and its owner - City Hunter.The weather was not too good. It was an overcast September with short, but frequent rain, Read more [...]
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Small miracle

When in the early 70-ies of the last century, I started my first dog for hunting on a feather - Russian spaniel, I was surprised to find that, apart from the ducks on the rivers and bogs can be found in the fields of corncrake and, most importantly, the quail. In those years the agriculture of our country to heal the wounds after the brutal application of chemicals.Photo GREAVES RUSSELL Heaps of fertilizers the edge of the field were the usual picture of the 60's. Bane destroyed hares, grouse, corncrake and quail. Animals licked «chemistry», Taking the salt, Read more [...]
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My meetings with the professor Kamernitskim

I was lucky to meet several times with Professor Alexei Vladimirovich Kamernitskim. Although these meetings was little, I remember them as if they were yesterday.Photos from the archives of the editorial board Alexey in an expert was invited to ring setter. The assistants have been appointed and Hope Mills an expert from St. Petersburg to Unfortunately, not I remember his name, as well as the name of the St. Petersburg girl trainee. Being a trainee confidence and to me. Early morning station in Peter met us Semivolos Oleg, an active Read more [...]
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The last meeting

Last night I faced a wave of memories of bygone days. And the biggest of their formation is associated for me with outstanding hound dog named Lada.Photo by Ilya Lipin How do I see myself in reality, young, trained and strong moving along winding between the hills of the forest road. Left flows yet Eruslan completely frozen river, from open gullies which rises light steam, small clubs fog clouds coastal bushes Krasnotal.Yesterday had the first newly-fallen snow, and Snow is pretty empty. Hares in this weather remain prone, adapting to new weather Read more [...]
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