Duo Plans Dolphin-Assisted Bear

A N Carolina couplet has travelled to Hawaii to dispatch a mahimahi assisted-birth of their sister, Bodhi, due in July. Disdain the want of skill support the strange birth method, Adam and Broom Barrington promise that a serial of antenatal and postpartum swims with dolphins volition unbend the birth procedure. “Having that association with the pod of dolphins anytime – tied if the birthing doesn’t materialize in the weewee – stillness brings repose, comfortableness and lastingness to the father and infant during childbed,” Broom told the Charlotte Commentator.The Read more [...]
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Multitude Mahimahi Die-Off on the E Slide

From Virginia to New York, dolphins are anxious at vii multiplication the convention pace, with leastwise 124 strandings reported since July, wildlife officials reported Thursday. In answer to the die-off, the Home Maritime Fisheries Help stated a federal "strange deathrate upshot," mobilizing backing to psychoanalyze the incidents. Patch researchers are ill-defined as to what is responsible the lace in deaths, they trust that around of the dolphins get suffered from a measles-like "morbillivirus." Interchangeable infections get been responsible otc die-offs in seals and dolphins."This Read more [...]
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Following in the Johnstone Pass

Aft a successful quartet years shot off the glide of British Columbia, we crossed the Johnstone Pass and came crosswise leastwise 150 Peaceable white-sided dolphins, all queer approximately our sauceboat. We washed-out near two hours observance them scoot cover and forward in our backwash. When they became disinterested, we'd rpm the locomotive and scratch to forget. They'd pursual us consume.I get a few heavy images of dolphins jump and flipping, but this exposure is one of my favorites because of its phantasmagoric impression. TOOLS: Canyon EOS 1DX, 24-70mm f/2.8L II, 1/400 arcsecond, Read more [...]
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Townsfolk Lets Visitors Float with, Eat Dolphins

The Japanese townspeople made notorious by the Oscar-winning docudrama The Cove as the situation of yearly mahimahi slaughters is provision to afford a nautical green following to Hatakejiri Bay, where dolphins are corralled and killed. The parkland volition tolerate customers to swimming or kayak aboard dolphins and minor whales—and eat them subsequently.Officials of the townspeople, Taiji, proclaimed in the brass of on-going protests that they bequeath not end the annually cleanup of thousands of dolphins. Kinda, they programme to twine a net at the entryway of Moriura Bay to introduce Read more [...]
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Black dolphins washed ashore in New Zealand

Pilot whales or dolphins black - marine mammals of the order Cetacea. At a length of 8.5 meters, completely painted black, except for white spots under the chin in the shape of an anchor. At least 28 pilot whales, also called black dolphins jumped in the shallow water in the south of New Zealand, near Stewart Island, reports Agence France Presse. Local authorities and volunteers have done everything possible to save the survivors of mammals, but the strong wind and storm prevented people to help them. To rid weaken whales from suffering, it was decided to euthanize them. This is not the first Read more [...]
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Tasmania recorded the mass death of dolphins

The mass death of dolphins recorded in the west of the island of Tasmania. About 40 mammals jumped in the shallow water, and half of them died, according to ITAR-TASS. According to the representative of the Ministry of Environment, the rescuers are doing everything possible to save the life of the remaining individuals. Most of the strandings were females and their young. At the moment the rescue boats organized support survivors of dolphins in the ocean. Scientists still have not figured out the reason that makes marine mammals from time to time to leave their native element. In this regard, Read more [...]
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At Sevastopol on the shore jumped five dolphins

Photo from the website aquamagia.ru Dolphin killing heat and dirty water From 5 to 10 August in the Crimean village of Orlovka at Sevastopol on the shore jumped five dolphins. - Grandchildren ran to look, \" says local 64-year-old Maria Stepanyuk. - Dolphins are thrown ashore, go to the side and die. The neighbor called the marine laboratory. There said, because of the heat. The sea water is heated, hydrogen sulfide rises. Animals do not survive. 34-year-old Alexander Kalugin works in Simferopol laboratory Brama”. There carry out biotechnological developments in ecology, medicine and aquaculture. Read more [...]
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Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the United States massively dolphins die

August 21, 2013. American scientists are sounding the alarm because of high mortality of dolphins on the East coast of the USA. On the beaches of new York, new Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia for the last six month found 228 dead dolphins. For unspecified reasons, they jumped ashore and died. Once on shore, dolphins can no longer return to the ocean without assistance and die within a few hours. As a rule, on land released only old, sick or wounded individuals. In the National management of the U.S. oceanic and atmospheric stated that these figures are many times greater than average, Read more [...]
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Off the coast of great Britain, the southern dolphins

At the North-East coast of England are increasingly common dolphins, the traditional habitat of which is much further South. We are talking about ordinary, the bottlenose Dolphin and grey dolphins. But white-Dolphin and porpoise that prefer cooler water, began to catch the eye of a scientist considerably less. The reason for this phenomenon experts see increasing sea temperature. \"This is another evidence that the usual proliferation of some species of whales and dolphins are changing under the influence of a supposedly global warming, \" commented Tom Brereton, participant of the \"northeast Read more [...]
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More than 70 black dolphins (whales) jumped ashore in New Zealand. Photo

@ AFP/LETA A large flock of black dolphins-Blackfish, with 74 individuals have thrown on the shore near the Northern tip of New Zealand, in the Bay area spirits Bay (Spirits Bay), reports on Wednesday to the associated Press, citing local authorities. When the experts arrived on the coast, 25 mammals have been killed and 49 individuals was still breathing, said the representative of new Zealand the nature conservation Service Jonathan Maxwell (Jonathan Maxwell). According to Maxwell, about 50 animals swam in the Bay a short distance from the shore. To «to tow» in the sea surviving Read more [...]
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The hunting of dolphins in Japan continues

In Japan in the town of Taiji, which has become infamous thanks to the documentary \"the Cove\", continues the hunt for dolphins. Activists opposed to the hunting of dolphins, don't expect big changes, despite the success of the award-winning documentary film. Source: NTDRussian Read more [...]
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More than 30 black dolphins beached on the shore in the North of Ireland

Mass death Blackfish, or black dolphins occurred this weekend at the Northern coast of Ireland: ecologists have discovered more than 30 dead mammals, passes on Sunday British broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si. As reported by Simon berrow (Simon Berrow), the Irish representative organization for the protection of whales and dolphins, dogs jumped ashore in the area of County Donegal (Donegal). According to him, it is perhaps not the largest mass «suicide» Blackfish in the entire history of the country. Environmentalists fear that the deaths mammals could result from using the latest Read more [...]
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Off the coast of New Zealand was thrown on the shore 24 black Dolphin

A flock of 24 Blackfish, otherwise known as black dolphins beached on a sandbank in the mangroves of the new Zealand North island, all animals were killed, said Friday, DPA reported with reference to the representative of new Zealand the nature conservation Service of Jonathan Maxwell (Jonathan Maxwell). Ten Blackfish were found in the shallows of the Bay Parengarenga (Parengarenga) still alive, but their condition was very bad, in addition, weather conditions and the long wait for the tide did not allow to hope for their return to the ocean. So Blackfish was put to sleep.«Unfortunately, Read more [...]
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In Pakistan killed dolphins

In Pakistan in the basin of the Indus river died 12 Gangetic dolphins, who for unclear reasons, jumped ashore, news agencies reported. According to the preliminary version, the cause of the incident was a pollution of the river Indus toxic waste. According to an incident a criminal case. Gangetic Dolphin, or sucuk, — a mammal that belongs to the suborder of toothed whales and is included in the group of river dolphins. The length of one individual reaches 2-2,5 m weight of an adult animal is 70-90 kg, and the female is larger than male. Gangetic dolphins inhabit slow-flowing rivers Read more [...]
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More than one hundred black dolphins beached on the coast of New Zealand

More than one hundred black dolphins, or Blackfish, beached on the shore of new Zealand's Stewart island, according to the associated Press. According to the Ministry for the environment New Zealand, body 107 dolphins were discovered by a group of tourists on the island tourists. People immediately contacted a local rescue. However, by the time of their arrival most of the dolphins were dead. According to the staff of the new Zealand Department of conservation animals surviving Blackfish was put to sleep because of the low tide to drag them to the water was impossible. Whales — Read more [...]
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Sketch: Dolphins Get Afterward Oil Talk

It's no surprisal that the 2010 BP oil fall caused monumental price to the surroundings, but a new bailiwick released Wednesday makes the strongest joining yet 'tween the BP tragedy and mahimahi deaths, the Fence Street Diary reports.BP PLC funded the sketch, but wasn’t byzantine with the psychoanalysis. The bailiwick institute that near one-half of the 30 Bottlenose dolphins released into Barataria Bay, Los Angeles in 2011 for examen had "a restrained or worsened forecast, and 17 percentage were considered pitiable or sculpture, indicating they weren't expected to survive.” The Read more [...]
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Near Anapa fixed mass death of dolphins

In the area of the Peninsula Big Utrish under the city-resort of Anapa killed several dozen dolphins. They were found at the bottom of the Black sea divers-athletes. «Dolphins-azawak there were about two dozen», — told ITAR-TASS in local Dolphinarium. Local residents also saw three dolphins, thrown by a strong storm on the coast. Dolphinarium specialists said that beached animals is called «sea pigs». It is the smallest of the black sea Dolphin. Asukai it was called because a favorite dwelling place he chose the sea of Azov.The Dolphin trainers suggest Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Anapa found dead dolphins

on may 16.Trouble on the coast. What kills black sea dolphins? While scientists are looking for the answer, vacationers find off the coast of Anapa carcasses of marine mammals. Two dozen in the area of Bolshoy Utrish. Three more dead dolphins have noticed in the Small. The rescuers several assumptions about the causes of death. This can be a poisoning or a special virus that kills marine animals, or illegal activities. Often dolphins fall into the trap set for catching small fish. There were occasions when the fishermen, trying to keep gear intact, did not wypytywali of them are too large prey, Read more [...]
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753 Dolphin beached on the coast of the U.S.

753 Dolphin beached on the coast November 9, 2013. According to the National oceanic and atmospheric administration research USA (NOAA), in the period from 1 July to 3 November, on the Atlantic coast of the United States jumped 753 Dolphin. This figure is almost 10 times higher than normal on average, the number of stranded dolphins in this region at this time of year is in the order of 74 individuals. The mass suicide was observed in recent times in 1987-1988, but then they amounted to 740 individuals and for a much greater period of time. Scientists believe that the reason the type of measles Read more [...]
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30 black dolphins beached on Bruni island, Tasmania

on March 17. A group of about 30 Blackfish (black dolphins beached on the shore of the island Bruni South of Hobart, Tasmania's capital, according to authorities. Liz Ren (Liz Wren), the representative of the Management of parks and wildlife, told the newspaper Hobart Mercury, 12 whales were still alive, and people on the beach tried to move them back into the water. - According to initial reports it is clear that approximately 30 individuals was thrown on the shore, and some of them remained alive at the time of detection. It is reported that they were whales. Cetaceans periodically thrown Read more [...]
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