At Domodedovo stopped the export of falcon eggs worth about 25 million rubles

Customs officers of the Moscow Domodedovo airport detained a citizen of Bulgaria, in a bag that were found during the inspection of 25 eggs «Red» the birds, the Federal Customs Service (FCS).«When carrying out customs controls at the «green» hallway international departure hall of Domodedovo airport July 8 at night was stopped by 54-year-old Bulgarian citizen, who flew from Moscow to Malta», - Said the press service of the Federal Customs Service.«During the customs inspection in his bag were found cardboard containers in which eggs are brown spotted in Read more [...]
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Woe Gnilusha

It winds through the village Exemplary creek with screaming the name Gnilusha. The guilty vodonositsa outside Moscow in front of people calling her name so negligent, is not known. In Soviet times, the heroic glory thundered breeding farm "Red Road", feeding the capital of quality beef and sin, according to local residents, the fact that cleaning out the stalls sewage directly into the river. The collapse of the farm together with the Union, the stench settled to the bottom, and it seemed, was the clarified water that so connected to the killing of the river Domodedovo airport. Read more [...]
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Freezing rain in Moscow

In Moscow came the Ice ageIn Moscow with electricity all right, but there is another problem. The capital has become slippery. That whole night and half a day was pouring from the sky, turned the car in an icy cocoon. On the roads and sidewalks rink, a dusting of snow grains. In Moscow, it seems, came the Ice age. Sidewalks, roads covered with thick sticky layer of ice. To get inside, drivers will first have to dig their cars out of snowdrifts, then to crush the thick crust. When hands and brushes are not enough - in the swing head.They were asked to stay home, but by evening, motorists Read more [...]
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Airliner with a failed autopilot back in Domodedovo

Passenger Boeing-737-500 airline UTair, departing from "Domodedovo" in Surgut, had to return to the airport due to a problem with the electrics, "Interfax" a source in the Moscow aviation hub of air traffic control services."After take-off at 23:06 MSK medium, when the plane had to overcome the 130-kilometer mark from the airport" Domodedovo ", the machine refused to autopilot. Then flight crew smelled smoke in the cockpit. And aircraft commander decided to return to the departure airport "- said istochnik.Nesmotrya on the problem, the pilots managed to safely Read more [...]
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The plane was flying from Antalya tourists back to Moscow

Passenger charter flight airline "UTair", bound from Moscow to Antalya, Turkey, 10 hours spent in "Domodedovo" after the forced return of the aircraft to the airport due to a suspected depressurization of one of the doors, "Interfax" a source in the Moscow aviation hub of air traffic control services."After take-off after about 20 minutes the crew was suspected at not tight shut one of the doors, and it was decided to return to" Domodedovo ". After careful inspection of the aircraft no problems were found," - said istochnik.Mezhdu so as technical Read more [...]
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The plane returned to the Domodedovo due to engine problems

Passenger "Boeing", departing from "Domodedovo" in Vienna, had to return to the departure airport, "Interfax" a source in the traffic services Moscow airports. "Airplane" Boeing 737-800 "departed from" Domodedovo "in Vienna in the morning, but after taking off his alarm went off about the problems in the right engine and the aircraft commander decided to return to the airport of departure," - he said. According to the source, the plane landed safely in "Domodedovo" 20 minutes after takeoff. All on board were 140 passengers, Read more [...]
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Exhumation at Domodedovo cemetery

It has long been out of some old book I wrote the following sentence: "Where is multiplied evil begins pereizbytochestvovat grace." That is, if, apparently, evil triumphs over all of impunity, unseen forces of light and doubling them oppose. So counterbalance deaf and most likely doomed to failure to disclose another case was the arrival of the other two professionals and devotees investigation. Even before the revelations of Novikov and Titova they were getting on the connection between the two facts - the disappearance of Svetlana Stupino and discovery of charred corpses in the Domodedovo Read more [...]
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