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New Poems

*** Photographic flash and captured pretty unusual slender body of a woman. It's for you paparazzi isolated from other, magnesium flashes only for you to fly. Summer should razlatoe, dear, we are also under the trees awkward hide in the shade as we can. Than lightning shines we prikosnёmsya probably (At least not at odds with the advice) a poplar or willow to.Malena I do fancies 2-emeralds - your eyes - the expression Fein; we sit with you in two afternoon Sverdlovsk coffee on the terrace. You that have tied submitted in word and deed. Passion for you for my wings tied, Read more [...]
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Golden boys

    Taghilsky boys Love hockey, more than forty years participate in tournaments for prizes club "Gold Washer". Read more [...]
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Same dream again …

Today dreamed: If it's not right to dismiss, it remains ... I stand and look out the windows of flats, standing in front of something else which buildings and high-rise muzzle the horizon, the sun is shining and lots of people strolling in the street. Suddenly I saw a wave absorbing all, time slows down. Vperedistoyaschego wave absorbs high-rise and coming to the one in which I stand ... I realize the situation, I think run or hide? But I understand that all this is the end and I'm ready for it! That apart Huge waves from the window no more visible and it covers the glass ... But, lo and behold! Read more [...]
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Overview good multitool

Dear Comrades! I do not know how anyone, but the knives I love and respect ...))) But unfortunately I can not afford to buy expensive and branded "Knox" "Winx", "spiders" and "lazermany"! Oh, and Chinese friends do not shine and super quality though available. And then one day I go to the store I "Master - tool" (a local chain stores. Here is the link - m-instrument.ru) and then I noticed his ... multitool my dreams! Why dream??? - But because it is more or less decent knife for 300r. it's a dream!))So what? Ladies and gentlemen! multitul ZUBRs "EXPERT" 47792!Rather sharply honed blade. Read more [...]
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You’ve Got a Trouble on Your Manpower

Crampoon Paul Robinson     Exposure: Wills UntriedTHE Condition BOULDERING, with its connotations of unroped imp turn on low rocks, hardly conveys the accomplishment and strenuosity compulsory for this century-old climb correct, which has exploded in popularity terminated the yesteryear 20 age, thanks in portion to the growing of high-quality foam-and-nylon clangour mats. Top boulderers practise a bouldering itinerary—or “job”—for years, weeks, or eve months, repeatedly dropping onto the pads, scholarship the nuances of every handhold, rehearsing consistency Read more [...]
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Paul Robinson’s V16 road Crystalline Dream

Representative by Chris Philpot     Picture: Alexandra KahnTHE NUMBERSBoulderers use a dissimilar valuation dodge than the better-known Yosemite Denary Arrangement, an rise surmount that ranges from 5.0 to 5.15b and marks the trouble of roped rock-climbing routes. The V shell, statute by Can “Verm” Sherman roughly 1991, is jolly more smooth—it rates ­someone moves or sequences, a more immanent fleshly—and with ­ingeminate ascents a job’s course can waver until a consensus emerges. (The offset and ingeminate “ascensionists” hit the Read more [...]
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Prophetic dreams

Dream - a state of almost  complete relaxation of the nervous system, when a person begins to work hard subconscious. Dreams sometimes astonishingly realistic, and it is possible that people in my dreams exists somewhere in parallel dimensions. Dreams may contain warnings about minor events in his life, and vice versa, of great value to many people. However, of special interest are the dreams in which are passed in the smallest details coming events. Useful: If you frequently download from the Internet a variety of files, you will need to download mediaget, since it supports most of the Read more [...]
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Mystical dream Edward Samson

Here is an example of a unique, and has become a textbook case of sleep dalnovidcheskogo similar clairvoyance, which saw in 1883, the editor of the Boston newspaper "Globe" Edward Samson. His job was to prepare for printing messages coming from all over. That night, on duty in the wording, he fell asleep and woke up at three, sweating from the experience in a dream horrific nightmare. And then, in order not to forget the dream, the editor described the deaths of thousands of natives Pralome island located in the strait between Sumatra and Java. They fled from the lava flows, the giant Read more [...]
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Prediction and anticipation of disasters

The unusual incident happened in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK 1 June 1974. Housewife watched telecast on Sunday. Suddenly, on the screen instead of the sports program there was something else, show up in the Flixborough disaster - an explosion at a chemical plant! This city is just 20 miles from Grimsby, where the Dursleys Brennan, gazing TV, live. To it was soon visited by guests, the couple Eastham. Told them about the morning program, those sad, the news release they have not seen. Discussed the trouble spared the victims of chemical plant workers. Evening came, and Leslie again Read more [...]
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Do androids dream of Electric Space?

Back in 1968 American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick wondered, Do Androids dream of Electric, and wrote about this whole affair. Exactly 45 years later, the same question could attend Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, however, it is unlikely that he will have time to write a novel.In the summer of 2013, engineers at Tokyo University, in collaboration with a Japanese advertising companies want to send to the International Space Station (ISS) with Wakata robot android KIBO («Hope"). The robot will help the astronaut to communicate with Earth.Scientists plan to make two copies Read more [...]
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Scientists are very close to the old dream of man to extend his youth

2012 around the world and in Russia dedicated to the Arctic and its global role in the life of mankind. Siberian and Tyumen scientists for many years paying close attention to the permafrost, and the unique biological resources that it holds. In particular, the minds of the researchers are relict bacteria, discovered a few years ago in Yakutia on Mammoth Mountain, near the river Aldan. Told academician, director of the Earth Cryosphere Institute, Tyumen Vladimir Melnikov, of the 300 strains isolated bacteria, 70 have described. Four strains completely deciphered genome. Moreover, one of these Read more [...]
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Islam about dreams

Dream - an event that is directly connected to the soul. This is the same mystery, uncertainty, mystery. In the Qur'an, Allah commands the Great: "They will ask thee concerning the spirit (soul or Jibril). Say: "The Spirit - from the command of my Lord, and you are allowed to know very little about it" ("Isra ', 85).Therefore, the full meaning of dreams, the mechanism of their formation, the events, which have an influence on him, not fully disclosed. Sleep is fundamentally different from waking, so many laws and regulations do not apply to him. For example, the Read more [...]
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Dreams and Dreaming: the brain is engaged in the night?

Scientists are beginning to understand how the brain creates dreams and why they are such a horrible mixture of the real and the fantastic.Mary Shelley dreamed pale student, kneeling next to the corpse, which suddenly came back to life. Paul McCartney dreamed the melody Yesterday. Nightmares James Cameron inspired him to "Terminator."In dreams mixed with the familiar strange, and unraveling this tangle of people do from time immemorial. The final decision is still very far away. The discoveries made by Sigmund Freud, considered among the ultimate truth, and the other mercilessly Read more [...]
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Earth — Awakening

Hello Today I want to share with you some of their dogmas of life. Perhaps each of you is building its outlook based on what is happening around and appreciating the event has an immense number of these - "dogma."I'll get you my vision of what is dreams. From now on I will try to open for you, my friends, is the most interesting and exciting topics to change your type of thinking!Dreams are usually all individual. But for individual dreams always have something in common! I think this may be common - the cause and meaning of dreams! Many of you are not looking for the meaning Read more [...]
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Scientists spoke about the strangeness going on with sleeping people

More and more people are engaged in a dream very strange things. According to the British Mental Health Foundation, more than 30% of the UK population suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders, which can have serious mental and physical consequences. Celebrated rather strange syndrome "exploding head". - People suddenly wake up because of the loud noise, as from an explosion or lightning. With nothing on the outside, which may cause the sensation occurs. Sometimes this is accompanied by bright flashes of light in a dream.Doctors report that some strange effects caused Read more [...]
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Sensory deprivation

Psychology needs, noted Leontiev, comes from distinguishing the needs of both internal conditions, as one of the essential prerequisites for the activities and needs as a factor that directs and regulates specific activity of the subject in the subject environment. "It is in the guide of its function - he wrote - the need and is the subject of psychological knowledge" 173. As in normal man is extremely rare encounters with the termination of irritants to the receptors, it is not aware of these effects and do not realize how important the conditions for the normal functioning of Read more [...]
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Dreaming taken for reality

Dream serves as a temporary loss of human feelings of his own existence in the world. In sleep man not aware of entering into his inner world content. Asleep, he seems to be moving away from the world and brush aside his irritation. During sleep, a person has a dream. Waking up, he relates what he saw in a dream a reality. Prolonged isolation in the isolation chamber in some cases leads to the fact that dreams merge with reality and can not be carved out of it. During one of the tests the doctor on duty mistakenly turned on the light in the isolation chamber 20 minutes after the last post. Read more [...]
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Dreams are taken for reality

Dream serves as a temporary loss of human feelings of his own existence in the world. In a state of sleep a person is not aware of a member of his inner world of content. Asleep, he seems to be moving away from the world and brush aside his irritation. During sleep, a person has a dream. Waking up, he relates what he saw in a dream a reality. Prolonged isolation in the isolation chamber in some cases leads to the fact that dreams merge with reality and can not be carved out of it. During one of the tests the doctor on duty mistakenly turned on the light in the isolation chamber 20 minutes Read more [...]
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