Baran of hurdzhuna

Ending. Starting at number 3, 2010Afghan urial in the wild in the mountains of Karatau Pyanzhskogo. In the middle of the day when the hopelessness exactly hung in the air, almost always silent and smiling Storm suddenly said: «Today we will find Urial» — and again clung to the eyepiece of the binoculars. I do not know what Moscow thought my friend, but I personally thought that the old man awkwardly joked, trying to give us extra energy.The morning of the fifth day the hunt began with the rise before dawn and watch the move to a new area. The first inspection Read more [...]
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How to drill holes?

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Strange, seemingly question. For any angler catching pre-elect and tactics according to drill holes as much as considers it necessary. But the fact of the matter is that everyone thinks it differently. A drill and a lure to 6-7 wells in different places in the belief that it increases the likelihood of a good catch, and then periodically bypasses them, stopping at each prikormlennyh «point» for a few minutes.I know one fisherman who every time drilling on the vast territory of almost a dozen holes, some of which are separated from each other by Read more [...]
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Extraction of fire hand drill

It's obvious that in terms of autonomous survival in wild nature, Fire – it is life itself. It happens that a person is not provided with matches, lighters, flint, etc. devices for fire. A get the fire somehow necessary. Without fire, not warm, not cook game or fish, do not drive away the wild animals and mosquitoes do not give a signal of distress. According to this, a person must to be able to make fire alternative and primitive methods, without matches and other items civilization. One of the first ways in which prehistoric man got fire – It was friction. And one of the easiest methods Read more [...]
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Get a fire bow

Today we talk about another the method of producing a fire in extreme conditions without matches or flint. We will get fire by friction. But this method is more advanced than the usual hand-drill. More complicated device – but it's easier and safer process. You will understand how at the dawn of civilization, our ancestors learned that even a small innovation can make a huge step forward. So, we need: - The basis (dry stick, a twig, from which friction we will get embers); - Drill (dry, flat stick, sharpened on one side); - Emphasis (solid stone, a piece of bone or Board); - Bow, flexible Read more [...]
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I then saw a nepil

concocted such a thing here very easy and convenient! Then he looked in the net and found that I did not like the first who invented so do not claim authorship! Earlier (chtoli was younger) in the forest without costing somehow saw seven years ago and moved into the category of armed tourists yes esche and wife with me to the mountains napovadilas - had to invent a "bicycle". Manufactured this thing is pretty simple, from ordinary hacksaw sawed balgarkoy cutting edge 2-3 cm, drilled from both ends bolt holes 5 m, and produced a pair of buckles diameter of about 25 mm they also drilled a suitable Read more [...]
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Solar flares, or as it was in 2008 …

Peace be upon you)To this article prompted me primarily concern g3n0m article "Alyarm! Geomagnetic storm. Keep calm and vigilance "and coincided with the information about the anomalies in the magnetosphere of the earth, as we know a lot of information is monitored and that's what comes out: - Solar Flare top class lasting about half a fixed space and ground-based observatories event X1 ,4-class, with a peak in the 11:00 UTC accompanied by a large ejection of solar plasma September 25 - In the ionosphere, a hole, which to date - has increased significantly. Given the increased solar activity, Read more [...]
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Handle to the blade

All health. Just vystugat cherenochek seemed too easy ... My favorite blade, which is already 25 years old!  still Soviet times, CHILDREN! (It was still rake) came vnegodnost. Be repaired. Podvaril, colored, corrected sharpening - the handle should do ...Here is this cutting off a plane or ax edge do emitatsii cylinder. Screw screwed into a turnkey 10 which is clamped in the drill. Opposite end to rotate fix - like this.Drill stifle such a vice, but primotatskotchem can securely lock the displacement than either. We are looking for a board to support the tool (chisel in this role) to the Read more [...]
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Desert: Sandstorm

Negev Desert, a small dust storm raised khamsin.Tons of sand and dust rise up into the air and carried for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. Fine particles of dry soil fly from rising gusts up to several kilometers. Depending on the strength of the storm falls visibility, density of dust can reduce visibility to a few meters. Yes, and those you can see if you have the goggles. Length storms may vary from several hours to several days.Perhaps the loss of visibility and is one of the hazards to which I would like to tell. With the loss of sight in the desert in which everything Read more [...]
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survive the cataclysms of nature

HURRICANE,STORM,TORNADO . what to do in force majeure situations.*The storm is an atmospheric vortex enormous size, with wind speeds up to 120 km/h, and in the surface layer up to 200 km/H.*Storm - long, very strong wind speeds exceeding 20 m/s, is usually observed during the passage of the cyclone and is accompanied by strong waves and destruction on the land.*Tornado - atmospheric vortices in a thunderstorm cloud and propagating down, often to the surface of the Earth in the form of a dark cloudy sleeves or trunk with diameter 10-key and hundredths metres. There is a short time, moving together Read more [...]
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Alteration in SARO parang

A long time ago, ten years ago, impulsively bought "Knife SARO expeditionary."Because this is complete crap, was abandoned in a distant box. ] Then began the difficult nomadic life-balcony-shelf garage work. Here at work, and he wandered out of the box in a box the last five years. Why? Read, understand. Even describe laziness. During the cleaning before the new year, he again caught my eye. And then I decided to take it for real. The Internet took like, and that configuration.It proved VILLAGE PARANG MACHETE from Condor Tool and Knife. Configuration fit. Demolition, bolgaring.Creating Read more [...]
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Review for 1-10 March 2012

Take care of each other's friends)Spring - a time when it is out of the closet and take out inflatables boots when skiing convenient rush to the usual place on the balcony, spring - is beriberi and drugoytakoz not wrong ... spring - it's thirst for pleasure first meetings and greenery, this new wave of floods and flood .... Not like this ... not ... spring - is ringing overflowing streams and the play of light on the icicles, spring is our towns and dirt .... This is the first and last skirts patience is at everyone)Wants in this March day, read this review you start with a smile, it will Read more [...]
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survival fire survival

Method of OBTAINING FIRE by FRICTION.There are at least the last 3 method: drilling, sawing and "plow". More effective drilling by bow [puc.1]. To obtain a fire drill, you need to have a knife and a piece of strong rope 1.5-2 m in length. A knife to cut out 2 sticks: 1 - width of 1.5-2 cm, 20-30 cm long, smooth, dry wood. Great top from dry tree height of about 2 m; 2 - 3-4 cm wide from the dry wood. The first wand should be sharpened with the thick end at an angle of approximately 45°, with a narrow 30°. This wand is a drill. Second, you need to sostrogat, having on one side a flat surface. Read more [...]
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Bow, Arrows, Machine for making arrows.

Good day all, I will describe below their masturbation So, last year produced from necha do I bow out of scrap materials in particular their elastic elements of the first found an old sofa and a pair of sticks he screws on the photo. bow turned out not bad tension force was 15-16 kg me this was not enough and I decided to strengthen its capacity by the shoulders, in the end I got 24kg tension in the forehead and shoulder tension with repeated broken handle pictured in the process of remakingI did boom of 10mm square bead first 10 arrows I made using a drill nazhdachki and mats flagpole Read more [...]
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A brief overview for 21-30 April 2012

Peace be with you) how are you?I was not very long ago, in my little merit) and the review and crumpled negligent as it failed to properly maintain it, but behind the curtain April cleared up a bit and let God on the weather to improve and be able to recover fully and regularity and quality. So do not judge strictly dear brothersAnd so ... Spring came, many floods have visited the area and edge, but attributed to the fact that floods swept away the dirt from the banks and thus ruined all the fish - very difficult, - pollution man-leisure (homo kretinos) has to be the fact, but please pay Read more [...]
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Protection against magnetic storms.

Continuing the theme of "MAGNETIC STORM!" from TORIN_SAN considering additions sova.According to forecasts by British scientists, in the next 18 months, the Earth will overtake the strongest over the past half century, a magnetic storm caused by large-scale solar flares. The last three or four years and have very deep minimum of solar activity, solar activity is now increased. It was in connection with this frequent magnetic storms. It's just a characteristic of the Sun - it is at the peak of activity, then - at the minimum. Now 11-year-old began lifting cycle, Read more [...]
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In Schmalkalden failed again soil. Photo

The German town of Schmalkalden again looked into the underworldNext to an old funnel, which is now 10 days trying to fall asleep builders, took a new collapse. Destroyed the garage and part of a house. Again without being affected. Geologists began to drill the well at a depth of 120 meters, to understand the scope of karst caves, which falls city. In the German town of Schmalkalden, where 1 November because of the failure of the soil in the middle of the street formed a crater with a diameter of 40 and 20 meters deep, November 11, took a new collapse. This writes the newspaper Die Read more [...]
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Geomagnetic disturbances large force on the Sun. Magnetic storm!

Continuing the theme of solar flares. We have enough serious geomagnetic disturbances:Magnetometer data:All this gives rise to the sum very likely a strong magnetic storm.In conjunction with the heightened fire situation (as in the capital in general "nuclear winter 2033"), All this can be very detrimental to the health of the citizens of both our country and the health of all people in the world.Be careful! Read more [...]
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-martial charges. Day 2

Hi surviving! Because I'm on my last publication of comments found type «Grien, accept poison" or "Take away this golimate" I decided to write about the second day of military training in Kalmykia. This day also began with the construction and joggingAnd after a pretty charge, so that the forces on the commercials all day enoughmy favorite "push-ups lying"and ...After this program was charging drillafter the drill was more in-depth study of AKand finally, it was throwing grenades ... and after-homeThank you for your attention :-) Read more [...]
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Laser drill will open access to the U.S. geothermal energy

In the United States, researchers are testing a new development - the laser drill, which will provide access to an inexhaustible source of geothermal energy of the Earth.The scientific community has long been obvious need for the utilization of geothermal energy of the planet, because the resources of fossil fuels eventually run out. But finding a way to the development of this power was the work of an expensive and slow. After test drilling for the source of costs a fortune and is associated with serious risks. Mechanical drills easily pass only soft rocks such as sandstone, usually Read more [...]
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Curiosity will drill Mars

Rover Curiosity, engaged in search of organic life on the Red Planet, set a new task. In the next few days, the machine will drill 2.5-cm surface drill Mars in Gale crater and take rock samples for chemical analysis. The aim of the experiment is to try to find water in the crater of a flat plate, writes The exact date of the start of drilling will be announced later.The rover will drill the plate, John Klein. It got its name in honor of the former deputy head of the project, who died in 2011. According to experts, the board will provide unique interest from a geological point of Read more [...]
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