Films from Tribeca: The Need

The Motive gets up finish and personal with 8 of the humanity’s top skateboarders as they vie for $200,000 at the 2012 Street Conference Backing, the inspiration of onetime pro skater Rob Dyrdek. The case offers the biggest handbag in pro skateboarding, and manager Adam Bhala Lough sets bent key what drives apiece skater to vie. Their incentives are as wide-ranging as their ages, which compass from 17 to 30 geezerhood old: Nyjah Huston, who’s won more money than any early skater, made skating his aliveness when a controlling founder pushed him into it at an betimes age. Ex-serviceman Read more [...]
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Eliminating the String with Belt-Driven Bikes

    Photograph: Courtesy of GatesIf you bought a cycle 'tween say 1893 and 2007, chances are you recognize what a cycle strand tattoo (alias "greenhorn grade") is—the sebaceous impression of your wheel range on your leg or puff whomp. Cycle irons, sebaceous and nettlesome as they can be, are a decisive parting of two-wheel procession. Though your concatenation volition sporadically drop, rust-brown afterward a shower, and mostly shuffle a pain of itself, if you're passing to wheel, you motive a strand.Or you did. In 2007, to battle the sometimes hoary, prehension, Read more [...]
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International Cartridge, Nov 2008

Out-of-door Clip, November 2008     THE Pathfinder EAT THIS WAY In which we burning the dieting books and birth a smarting and elementary pathfinder to innovative aliment. It's lots easier than you mightiness cogitate. By Walter F. DeNino THE TEXAS CHAINSAW Stopple   With sentence run out for the Virago, Stephanie Pearson susses American exile Toilet Cain Carter's request to economise Brazil from itself. Cautiousness: Pedal FREAKS AT Employment Glance within the intellect of a cycling steamroller as Specialised takes the 2009 Epos from drawing-board dreaming Read more [...]
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Flooding in Thailand and the economy

Flooding in Thailand will not cause a shortage of rice in Russia, analysts say on October 19. Thailand, which is the largest supplier of rice to the world market, will not lead to a shortage of this product in the Russian market, said the Agency «Prime» head of analytical Department of the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR) Irina Glazunov. «Us (Russian market) it doesn't affect», — she said. Currently, the share of imported rice in the structure of domestic consumption in Russia is 30%and 70% domestic rice production. In addition, Thailand's major Read more [...]
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Toyota Tacoma Two-baser Cab 4×4

Toyota Tacoma Look-alike Cab 4x4     Picture: Exposure courtesy of ToyotaTHE Trade: Toyota's grinder 4WD pick-up added a life-size backside rider ar and now seating pentad adults.THE Trial: This Toyota may feeling pocket-sized on the external, but it drives wish a big motortruck. Or more specifically, it drives wish a longsighted and specify 2x4 firearm of log: three-point turns on my suburban street were a dispute. Direction round crocked doubletrack in the Colorado mountains was a no-go. Courteous: the roomy ass workbench seating are as well-off as the forepart seating, and the Read more [...]
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Freudism, or psychoanalysis - is reactionary idealistic doctrine created by Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and is widespread in the capitalist countries, especially the United States. According to this doctrine, the basis of human behavior is a conflict between a reasonable estimate of the environment, on the one hand, and unconscious drives - on the other. At the heart of the unconscious is a so-called libido, ie, sexual inclination, which, as a shadow accompanies man from the cradle to deathbed, identifying all of his thoughts, desires, etc. All social phenomena, ranging from Read more [...]
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Attraction in the structure need-motivational sphere-3

Consequently, the process of a person, and especially the dynamics of drives is unthinkable without the control of the mind. Therefore, in general, human desire can not be ruled out of context awareness and treat them as something which has no connection with the cognitive activity. At the same time, in terms of research needs to be involved to a greater or lesser degree of participation in the formation of consciousness drives. This provision is clearly not least because the level of ability to understand their experiences in healthy people (not to mention the mentally ill) is different. Phenomenology Read more [...]
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Attraction in the structure need-motivational sphere-2

The implementation of human instincts associated with motivation, knowledge and goals of the other parties need-motivational sphere. In this connection, the drive can be inhibited, suppressed, to switch from one modality to another, to change its time and other characteristics which are in conflict with each other. However, it happens mostly when each of the two drives is realized and transformed into motives opposite direction. Such conflicts in the complex of instincts developed in cases where along with having a desire in the mind of man comes experience and understanding of inadmissibility Read more [...]
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Attraction in the structure need-motivational sphere-1

Desire of the individual - is a form of subjective experience needs. Most of the regulatory role of instincts in human behavior related to the fact that the desire - not just a passive, albeit emotive, experiences, they provide a sufficiently high degree of active mental stress due to dissatisfaction with specific needs. It is the mental stress combines the integral whole   need and   inclination, rather, turns need of attraction, potentiating its strength and focus on a particular activity. Regulatory potential attraction is realized through the inclusion in the stress experience almost Read more [...]
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Attraction in the structure need-motivational sphere

In Soviet psychology literature drives as a subject for scientific research considered extremely rare. Therefore, so far in the treatment of this mental phenomenon dominated speculative and formal presentation. In this connection it is necessary to bring the views of authors major works on this subject. What drives are one of the ways to show or to reflect the needs (Lomov, 1984), seems to be no doubt. However, the complexity of the problem drives is that it includes himself as fundamental issues related to the study of the unconscious and the conscious enough in human mental activity. Studies Read more [...]
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Desire in health and disease 1

Characterized by the occurrence frequency of drive and persistence displays. In times of their updating related needs become dominant, and the others are inhibited. Satisfaction drives accompanied by a discharge of mental stress and creates conditions for the actualization of other needs, thus providing opportunities for them to meet. Instincts are generally associated with a wide range of incentives and interests of the individual, that determine the shape and direction of their implementation. They can brake or suppressed, is transferred from one object to another. Various drive may conflict, Read more [...]
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