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Russian UAV

On the web site of the government of Tatarstan has released a picture of the layout of the new Russian aircraft, which showed defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Tatarstan on 5 February. As noted in a press release on the website of the regional government, talking about a brand new UAV, developed by the design Bureau "Sokol".The photo shows the aircraft with a V-shaped tail unit and 2 turboprop engines. Earlier it was reported that "Falcon" with Transas develops two new drones. 1st reconnaissance or shock UAV weighing up to 5 tons. 2nd-weighing up to one ton. Total project funding was estimated Read more [...]
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UAV operator in Afghanistan Brandon Bryant: I gave the order and I killed the child …

UAV operator in Afghanistan Brandon Bryant - 27-year-old boy from Montana, is the operator of combat drone "Predator "in the U.S. Army. He killed on the orders, but when the order came to shoot a child and he did it, he was no longer able to carry out such orders and resigned from the army.Brandon Bryant: "In the six years of my service in the U.S. Air Force I killed men and women, and children ... I saw people die on the monitor control drone. Last drone while driving, which was over Afghanistan, I have ordered to kill the child and I have done it, and seen through the monitor, Read more [...]
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U.S. launched the third time in orbit mysterious drone on a secret mission

12/12/2012 In the United States continue to put secret experiments with an unmanned spacecraft X-37B. Spaceplane was the third time sent into orbit - as before, the U.S. Air Force did not disclose the purpose of the mission.Launch X-37B took place on Tuesday, December 11, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida, said NEWSru Israel. Capsule with minishattlom shuttle flew the rocket "Atlas-5", ITAR-TASS reported.As was the case with previous launches military drone X-37B, the purpose of this mission was not disclosed. Experts believe that the spaceplane could be developed Read more [...]
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Iranian computer people hacked stuffing U.S. drone

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has received classified information. Tehran calls hacking database robot biggest success in recent years. The device failed to open without any problems, because his body in the capture was not damaged. True, what information was compromised as a result of Iran 'e-filling "of the U.S. drone is still unknown. However, Tehran maintains that extracted information is much more informative than the ones that managed to extract from the downed aircraft a year ago US RQ-170, said TV-Press. On the eve of the interception of valuable staff Vice-Admiral of the Read more [...]
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Iran shows captured drone

Iranian television channel Press TV December 4 showed drone Boeing ScanEagle, captured, according to Tehran during the spy mission over the territory of the Islamic Republic.According to Iranian officials, they were able to take control reconnaissance drone, before landing on their territory.Earlier, the U.S. Navy Command categorically rejected loss UAVs, saying that they are on a strict allowance, so the disappearance of one of them would immediately become known.According to the Associated Press, some rules can be both ways, since the U.S. is not the only country using ScanEagle in the region. Read more [...]
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U.S. drones in Iranian pipeline

Defense Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Ahmad Vahidi said Iran starts production of unmanned aircraft, designed on the model of the American UAV RQ-170 Sentinel, also known as the "Kandahar beast." According A.Vahid, Iranian drones will be equipped with more sophisticated control systems and security than their American counterparts.Recall that in December 2011, Iranian militants seized the U.S. drone RQ-170 Sentinel production of Lockheed Martin. The peculiarity of this drone - its versatility and special protection from detection, as it is built with the use of "stealth" Read more [...]
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American and Israeli unmanned executioners interested UN

UN human rights activists decided to investigate Israeli drone airstrikes, the U.S. and the UK. The methods by which these countries destroy their enemies across the globe to raise issues in Russia, China and Pakistan.UN investigates deaths of civilians during air strikes committed by unmanned vehicles. The Commission will examine the 25 air attacks committed in Pakistan, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan and Somalia. Most of the drone attacks have caused the U.S., responsible for the rest of the United Kingdom and Israel. The investigation led by the UN special rapporteur on human rights in counter-terrorism Read more [...]
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The Iranian authorities have announced the interception of two U.S. drone

17/12/2012 On Monday, the Iranian authorities announced that they had managed to intercept two U.S. drones, AP reported citing local agency IRNA. According to the Navy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, U.S. drones have been intercepted before December 4 as Iran announced the capture of ScanEagle.Fadavi noted that copies of this unit has been used by Iranian military, but details were not reported.Earlier, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC elite forces Iran) reported the interception of an American drone ScanEagle.According to him, the interception was Read more [...]
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Iran is on the internet video from intercepted U.S. drone

Tehran has confirmed that he was able to gain access to data stored by DRON Sentinel, who was captured in December 2011. As proof of entry airborne appeared in the Iranian television broadcast. In April last year, the country's military officials said that Iranian experts have deciphered from the disk drive drone, but the evidence for this is not provided. At first aired video shows flying drone, including circle, performed around the airfield in Kandahar in Afghanistan, and monitoring of buildings. How the so-called "Beast of Kandahar" has made an emergency landing in Iran, Read more [...]
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