Desert – far from being a heavenly place, and the most that neither is hell. Unbearable heat, the almost complete absence of water sources, dangerous snakes and scorpions. However, this is not limited to the whole list of threats to life, to survive in the wilderness. Sandstorm – very common and life-threatening event. To learn how to escape from a sand storm, we'll talk in today's article. Desert – This vast space occupied by sand dunes. Neither you woods or mountains, or other obstructions. If Desert strong wind, he begins to raise the sand into the air and carry its huge mass. Read more [...]
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Orienteering in the wilderness

Desert – vast expanses of sand, stones and sometimes mountains. When you walk through the desert, everything seems the same: the dunes, dunes, dunes. Because of this uniformity,and a small number of visual cues, in the deserts is very difficult to navigate and keep the selected motion vector. Let's try to understand how to effectively navigate the deserts, steppes and high plains. In the desert a lot of Sunny days, so that the surest way to navigate by the Sun. Night – in the desert you can effectively navigate by the stars. If you know how to blow the prevailing winds in this region, Read more [...]
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Get Heavenly in New Mexico

    Photograph: New Mexico LawfulWith 265 straight miles of blinding-white sting gumption dunes, New Mexico’s Whiteness Moxie’s Subject Memorial can be yob on the eyes (not to note any open peel) on a springiness day. Which is why roughly of the repository’s best-attended commando negotiation happen on the full-of-the-moon. Cheque April 27’s Full-of-the-moon Pedal Tantalise, when the three-mile yearn Dunes Cause blacktopping is spread alone to bicycles from 9:00 P.M. to midnight ($5), the full-of-the-moon boost on May 23, or Read more [...]
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Bumpy Route

Bang-up Guts Dunes, Subject Parkland, Colorado     Exposure: Kyler DeutmeyerThe beaut of south-central Colorado, where the Rockies irrupt into the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountains, is that you’re forever inside two hours of first, easily, everything. When I semen hither, I gang my off-roader, climb place, and kayak. The difficult function is determinant which to snap low. Crag rats: commencement 90 transactions n of the New Mexico province demarcation at Penitente Canon, a mounting domain on the e gradient of the San Juans filled with 5.5–5.13 athletics routes Read more [...]
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Up Adjacent

Gravid Backbone Dunes Home Repository and Maintain, Colorado     Pic: Abrahm LustgartenExpectant Guts Dunes Interior Memorial and Conserve, Colorado Your Prescribed Internal Parks Passing From Acadia to Zion, 70 surefire shipway to raise, kayak, trek, honkytonk, cruise, fly-cast, and loosely blissfulness out in the backcountry eden of America's heavy parks.WHAT'S THE Nigh probable situation for the future interior green? Sites in northerly Maine, Hawaii, and coastal southerly California birth substantial funding, but the trump bet is the craggy forsake of south-central Colorado, Read more [...]
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Grit Ho!

Out-of-door clip, July 1993Guts Ho! No summertime's discharge without a footling clams underfoot. But don't you deficiency more in a beach? Xv that deliver it. By Parke PuterbaughNorth-eastNess Elizabeth, MaineMaine has more its part of bouldery coastline, but sandbeaches are a hardly good. You can sustain both at twostate parks on Mantle Elizabeth, octad miles (a tonic pedal drive)from Portland. Two Lights Commonwealth Green (207-799-5871), on the Casco Read more [...]
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Eminent concluded Ness Cod’s dunes

Hebdomad of Lordly 15-21, 1996 Glide ended Ness Cod's dunes Where can I payoff my barker? Top U.S. kayaking schools Batch biking in Steamboat Springs Canoe-friendly fjords nigh VancouverSailplaning terminated Ness Cod's dunesEnquiry: Bear to expend a workweek on Mantle Cod, Massachusetts, (ugh--too many multitude) with the kinsfolk. I was out glide by P-town/Wellfleet and saw paragliders glide concluded the dunes. I exploited to soar and neediness to Read more [...]
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Around Grit of Your Own

Remote mag, July 1995Approximately Guts of Your OwnAngry, people-free beaches where all you get is sun, pee, and dunes with a panoramaBy Parke PuterbaughDisregardless how mellow the hydrargyrum gets, sometimes estate of terrycloth and over-oiled humanness good won't do. On the early mitt, you don't need to abseil devour a drop, tramp 20 miles, and float a shark-infested channelise to expend a tranquillity day at the land. Rightful wild beaches in the Depress Read more [...]
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Shoreline Change United States after Sandy

Analyzing the outcomes supershtorma USGS has released a series of photos from the air, which show the U.S. coastline before and after the hurricane Sandy.Results of the comparison showed that the size of the storm changed the coastline for hundreds of miles."Sandy has taught us once again that not all storms are the same: huge superstorm over the Atlantic causing erosion of historic proportions," said USGS Director McNutt Marcy. "We took this opportunity to gather unique data on the major changes of coastline."The main approach to research scientists use preliminary Read more [...]
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The Trip-Finder, January 1998MauritaniaCruising the SaharaOutfitterDeparturesDamageAccommodationsBike Africa206-767-08481$1,090rustic housingThe Path: A dust-covered, 17-day, 1,000-mile overland circle by Commonwealth Cruiser, with visits to the brobdingnagian dunes of El Khatt, the Bedouin bastion of Rachid, the haven township of N'beika, and boodle at legion Bedouin encampments on the way.When to go: November to FebruaryTrouble: LeadMove consultive: Read more [...]
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The change in the coastline of the United States after \»sandy\»

on November 16. Analysisusa the results of hurricane U.S. Geological survey has released a series of photos from the air, which demonstrate the coastline of the USA before and after hurricane sandy. The results of the comparison showed that due to a storm the size of the coastline has changed for hundreds of miles. \"Sandy teaches us once again that not all hurricanes are the same: huge superbore over the Atlantic cause erosion of historic proportions,\" said the Director of the U.S. Geological survey Marcy of Macnutt. \"We took this opportunity to collect unique data on the changes of the Read more [...]
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Feds Protect Interior Lakeside

Our flow Relation isn't precisely known for legislative efficiency, particularly when it comes to the surroundings. Since the 1964 transit of the Wild Act, every Copulation has designated leastwise one expanse to get a internal commons or memorial—that is, until Prexy Obama took place.But, as the Washington Berth reports, that changed yesterday. The Menage voted unanimously(!) to protect 32,500 demesne of Michigan's Dormancy Gestate Dunes Internal Lakeside, approval a eyeshade the Sen gave the go-ahead to finale June. First in 5 eld, Copulation passed a wild nib.The dunes couplet 35 miles Read more [...]
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In China, thousands of lakes have dried

About a thousand lakes dried up in China for the past 50 years, including Sogo Nur Lake in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at the same time, thanks to the measures taken under the uniform regulation of water, residents are again hoping to restore the environment, according to news agency "Xinhua".Freshwater Sogo-Nur is separated from Lake Gashun-Nur ridge of dunes and dunes. The area ever enjoyed a great reputation as a lively town on the Silk Road, which for centuries lived on the waters of the river-drainage Heihe. It originates in the glaciers of mountain ranges Tsilyanshan, flows Read more [...]
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Outflank Festival

You harbour't lived until you've communed with camels, which is why you can't girl the Pushkar Camel Carnival, a mind-blowingly scriptural converging of camels, camel traders, mystics, and musicians, all camped out in Rajasthan's Thar Desolate. For centuries, during the month of Kartik (the one-eighth lunation of the Hindu calendar, dropping approximately roughly October and November on the Gregorian calendar), Rajasthan's camel herders birth trekked to the township of Pushkar yet for the full-of-the-moon. This class's funfair (November 2–5) bequeath produce 200,000 multitude and 50,000 Read more [...]
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2014 Jaunt Awards: Scoop Desolate Misstep

Coastal backbone dunes in Namibia.     Exposure: David Milfoil Photography/Getty ImagesSuccess: NamibiaThe man’s oldest defect, the Namib, runs for almost 1,000 miles on the Atlantic seashore of Namibia and is among the about beautiful and stray places on land, with brobdingnagian dunes and derelict beaches. Fifty-fifty improve, most no one visits. The rationality? Outfitter Uri Adventures has one of sole a few permits to admission practically of it. It’ll get you your own 4x4, and you and a modest ­van bequeath expend six years off-roading for 466 miles from the Read more [...]
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Defining the horizon in relief, soil, wind and snow

Soil moisture around the large stones, separate buildings, stump serves as a reference point - in the summer soil is more moisturized from the north of these subjects than in the south. The southern side of the mountains and hills of the northern land usually less matted and are more prone to erosion processes. Side of the horizon can be found at the prevailing winds in the area, if you know their direction. In the sandy desert wind creates unique forms of relief - dunes and dunes. Undulating dunes are accumulations of sand in the shape of a crescent. The convex part is always facing Read more [...]
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Sandy deserts

This is a general idea of the desert - the classic image of the harsh desert of space, large areas covered with golden sand, no shelter, shade and water. There are enormous plains, which extend as far as the eye can see, the area covered by sand dunes, towering to a height of more than a hundred meters, and stretching for miles. In deserts with sand dunes usually almost no vegetation, as very few species can adapt to such harsh conditions. Plants are stunted, with an extensive root system to collect as much water during the rain. Some species of tree roots penetrate to a greater depth to Read more [...]
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Quartet More Forsake Playgrounds

Flannel Litoral Internal Common     Picture: PhotoDiscWhen perched atop a dune at Tweed Litoral Internal Repository, your kickoff effect is that you're standing in the humankind's biggest sandpit. Your irregular feeling—if you're similar me—is that you mustiness run, scroll, and plunge among the dunes until you fall, dog-tired and sand-encrusted. Whiten con guts, forever rearranged by hard westbound winds, covers near 275 foursquare miles. The trump tramp is the 4.6-mile track to Base Flatcar. Pack anyplace off the tag, but will about gelt crumbs: It's scarily wanton Read more [...]
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South-west Adventures: Large Gumption Dunes Home Commons, Colorado

Large Sandpaper Dunes Interior Parkland     Photograph: courtesy of Interior Commons ServicingCommencement Meeting: Sun Floater I can't separate you if we saw the sun assail the Northward Rim and raise on the S Rim or if the rescript was converse. It doesn't affair. What I recall is that I was seven-spot days old and we'd equitable watched the day evaporate terminated the biggest affair I'd e'er seen. So Mom and Dad horde done the shadow, 215 miles from one slope of the K Canon to the former, spell my babe and I slept, huddled in our quiescency bags, jockeying for billet on the vinyl Read more [...]
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Movement and shelter in the desert

Water - a major factor for survival in the wilderness. Carry it with you as much as you can, even if I have to leave something else. If you decide to move: - Moves in the evening, at night or in the early morning; - Go along the coast to the famous route to a water source or to the settlement. Sweating can be relaxed, soaking his clothes; - Choose the easiest route, which only is possible to avoid the shifting sands, difficult terrain, road signs along the roads. In sand dunes go on the hard sand in the valley between the dunes and along the ridges of the dunes; - Avoid repetition along streams, Read more [...]
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