Do not shoot — it’s so painful to die!

Four people with large and heavy a backpack not quick, but steadily went on spring Taimyr tundra on wide hunting skis.Waders on the traveler were to roll out over the entire height of the cotton trousers, because the cold snow and watery mixture, sometimes reached above the knee, it was a very insidious. Bathing in this icy same font was a little enjoyable adventure and did not bode well. Way hunters was coming hard, dangerous and not a short, so they had to be extremely careful and cautious.In addition to backpacks, each hung on the shoulder well made hunting rifle. On top of quilted cotton padded Read more [...]
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Films from Tribeca: No Limits

    Exposure: Courtesy of the Tribeca Pic FeteNo Limits revisits the 2002 last of freediver Audrey Mestre during a world-record endeavor in the Dominican Commonwealth. Spreading on ESPN this July, the documental embraces a hypothesis that it was Mestre’s economise, freediving ace Pipin Ferreras, who pushed her to issue risks, and whose foolhardiness may let finally been responsible her dying.According to friends, Pipin trained Mestre as a protégé formerly he became too old to essay the thrills that formerly outlined him. She went on to breakout man records, but Read more [...]
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Corrie Performer Waterfall to Her Dying

Calamity stricken a Cwm du Soleil appearance in Las Vegas Saturday when a performer plummeted 50 feet to her dying. Sarah Guyard-Guillot, 31, was marked drained Saturday nighttime, fashioning her the kickoff reported dying in Cwm du Soleil’s 30-year account.The French-born beget of two was reportedly existence hoisted up the incline of a perpendicular point during a execution of the Cwm shew, KA,  when she slipped and hide into an surface pit downstairs. “Initially, lots of mass in the consultation opinion it was function of the demonstrate,” aforesaid hearing appendage Dan Read more [...]
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In the regions of Russia because of the heat declared a state of emergency

More than ten parts of the country are suffering from the heat and drought. In many areas, dry river water ends, dying crops. Today introduced a state of emergency. State of emergency was introduced in Mordovia, Tatarstan, the Saratov region. Drought in the Volga-Ural region, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Kalmykia, Orenburg and Kurgan regions. Losses are counted in the Chelyabinsk region. There, too, no rain, dying crops, many farms - on the verge of closing. For the three months no rain. Under the scorching sun dying crops. What is happening now in the fields south of the Chelyabinsk Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in the Rhine dying fish

Because of the lack of oxygen in the Rhine dying fish In the upper Rhine was a mass death of fish. According to Swiss biologists, the reason was the drop of the oxygen content in the river water. This is due to the high temperature of the water that has been heated almost to 24 degrees. In 2003, the water temperature in the upper Rhine reached 26 degrees, but abnormal heat, steady in Europe this summer, can't beat this record. Due to the lack of oxygen in the upper Rhine massively dying fish. These data were provided by the Department of environmental protection the Swiss city of Basel. Biologists Read more [...]
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In St. Petersburg ponds dying fish

In St. Petersburg ponds dying fish. The reason is lack of oxygen. Under a thick layer of ice just to breathe, fish floats to the surface and swallows air through the mouth. But the last Islands of oxygen, the hole, tighten crust of ice. Earlier in ice specially cut holes to underwater inhabitants lakes could breathe, but in recent years this tradition has disappeared. Specialists recognize that this year the number of dead from hypoxia fish considerably exceeds the norm. Source: 100TV Read more [...]
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Are Pre-Race Heebie-jeebies Catching?

Can you arrest performance-crippling heebie-jeebies?     Pic: Juriah MosinA:It’s all potential that the pre-race heebie-jeebies are transmittable, assumptive those heebie-jeebies are a farrago of emotions including reverence and anxiousness.Scientists birth late shown that the feel of reverence is existent. Humankind breathe pheromones, or chemic signals, that over-the-counter humankind can find, and when it comes to veneration, smell soul else’s “alert pheromone” can trigger the parts of your mentality associated with it, potentially qualification you dying Read more [...]
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The death of the animal world news round-up for 9 months

Photo: RIA Novosti 2011 statistics show broke all records on the number of death of the animal world, the causes of this phenomenon often remain unclear, of course, there are many official versions that believe as you do not really want, ranging from the banal to the fireworks on the new year with the fear of dying on the fly and poultry to human negligence, meaning the emission of chemical pollutants, but it's only version, and what actually happens remains a mystery. Together, we gathered survey article the death of the animal world for the period from January to September 2011, the statistics Read more [...]
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The robot will comfort the dying

Very sad, but the Japanese have invented ucheny another robot, which will be the man in the last moments of life, to facilitate his departure. Not physically, but psychologically. With touching and audio.In Japan, a robot to communicate with the dying in the last moments of their lives, the author writes CNet News Leslie Katz. The robot is called: Last Minute Robot (which can be roughly translated as the robot the last minute). The robot is a certain similarity hands, equipped with audio playback device.Reportedly, the robot comforts the dying, reproducing record with these words: "I Robot Read more [...]
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The scientists filmed the dolphins rescued his brother

The first case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult specimens Korean scientists have recorded during the observation of cetaceans in the south-east coast of South Korea. During monitoring of cetaceans near the south-eastern coast South Korea Scientists have made a surprising discovery - the first documented case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult individuals, according to RIA Novosti. Scientists are cases where one or two adult dolphin tried to save her baby. However, collective concern for the adult in these mammals is celebrated for the first time. Biologists have Read more [...]
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Why are dying empire?

Empire live long while conquered have something to learn from the invaders. In I. Gauls, Iberians and Germans had a lot to learn from Rome. In the III. it became clear that the lesson has been learned. All, save the empire does not make sense. Death of Empires - a very optimistic thing. Empire on the rise while it has the power and seduction. Its take-off - off center, which everyone needs, in which all take part. But for a dying empire, of course, everything seems different. Tempted to leave, but the power-remain. Empire loses the moral right to lead, but to go into oblivion does not want Read more [...]
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Sabbatarians (Judaizers)

At the turn of the XVII-XVIIIvv. appeared in Russia during the religious "Subbotnik" ("Judaizing") . Sabbatarians reject the Orthodox Church and to practice Judaism. They lived in religious communities that fenced off from the surrounding population. Participants in these communities to small industries and trade. Sources characterize the history of the sect, is still not identified. This sect was divided into two streams: subbotniks and Talmudists, with gravity the first part of Christianity, and the second - to Judaism. Currently, there are two groups Subbotniks: actually Read more [...]
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Path of development on recovery-2

At present there are already many basic laws that allow to understand the processes of extinction and recovery of vital functions. However, the problem is deep and complex, and we are almost only at its source. It is clear that the first and fundamental condition for the further development of this problem - a comprehensive experimental and clinical study it. The deeper we study the process of dying and the restoration of vital functions, the more successful will be the fight against premature and "unfounded" dying. Above we have highlighted the issue of artificial hypothermia, the Read more [...]
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Patterns of extinction and recovery of vital functions-1

During the dying begins to dominate the process of glycolysis and reduced the number of phosphorus compounds, which are of great importance in the complex reactions of the breakdown of carbohydrates. Glycolysis is the primary energy production not only in the process of dying, but in the initial period of recovery, during the recovery of cardiac activity and respiration. Starting with the restoration of eye reflexes, tissue oxygen consumption begins to increase. Glycolysis gradually subsides, and within an hour or two tissues receive energy that is due to the normal tissue respiration. Full Read more [...]
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Testosterone Outside

Remote            "Brothers, are you? All foursome?"We nod, and Steve Woodford's hawklike brain pivots, looking apiece of us. "Swell, couple," he says, in a chipper S African emphasise, "this is a mere fun. Jazz veracious, you be. Eff amiss, you don't."He holds backbone a smile."Equipment failures hap," Woodford continues, "but they're not the master case Read more [...]
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