“Cayga-20” – takes place!

Everywhere it decided to compare the model, similar in design and price - so it is more correct. Cost - the first "point of reference". Next - weight. Put on accurate scales, "Saiga-20" with the constant butt of polyamide, a standard barrel of 580 mm, 0.9 mm choke and the basis for optics, without bullets, belt and store. Get 3,150 kg! With dual heavy leather belt and a full magazine of ammunition 20h76 (5 pieces shot three zeros) equal to the weight of 3,550 kg! Repeat weighing with cartridge in the chamber and magazine for 2 rounds – 3,330 kg.Doubly charged store can also be found in the Read more [...]
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Picchu Helmet     Photograph: Courtesy of PetzlMounting is an intrinsically wild mutant, so it's crucial to buy a lilliputian indemnity wheresoever you can, specially where your kids are interested. Petzl's Picchu is one of the few climb helmets on the mart that's intentional for itsy-bitsy noggins. It's too the but one that meets the rubber standards for both cycling and climb, so you can double.The straps on the Picchu, which looks similar a shrivelled variant of Petzl's grown offerings, are easy adjustable for a all-encompassing scope of header sizes. Spell it's intended for children Read more [...]
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Open votingWhat do you prefer in the afternoons for a number of days? tent "house" 113 15.7% frame tent 263 36.6% real tent 45 6.3% just a tent and sleeping around the campfire 100 13.9% forest hut on chicken legs 69 9.6% 2 local "the hut-Suite" with shower, maids , bar, and all conveniences 😉 128 17.8% Get the codeVoted 718 people. 14 APR 2014 19:09| I like 29 12 37 comments Ruslan Simbai Tent "Selfish" you simply carry yourself, for 1 person) 14 APR at 19:10| 1 Alexander Shuliak Frame, simply because it's Read more [...]
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Than dangerous fumes and smoke to human health

Smog from fires contains 1. Carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) - a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. It blocks the hemoglobin in red blood cells (red blood cells) and thus prevents blood oxygen transport (particularly dangerous for people with the disease of the cardiovascular system). 2. Dust, causing pain in the eyes. 3. Smoke, which makes breathing difficult, causes swelling, nose and throat. 4. Ground-level ozone - a high concentration of ozone molecules at an altitude of 0-5 km., Toxic, causing lung problems, sore throat, watery eyes and dry eyes. What to do, what would alleviate their Read more [...]
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Convenient hatchet

Hello! I want to offer you a versatile small hatchet. I use it for 16 years. Its pretty easy to make, but you can buy ready-made. Takes place a little, you could put in a backpack or bag, you can - in the trunk of a motorcycle or car. Here it can be seen: photo.qip.ru/users/babahkabum/151154021/174152344 / # mainImageLink photo.qip.ru/users/babahkabum/151154021/174152351 / # mainImageLink photo.qip.ru/users/babahkabum/151154021/174152355 / # mainImageLink Its dimensions are: length - 330 mm width of the hammer to hammer ax RK - 120 mm Height nail puller, crowbar - 50 mm ax blade width from corner Read more [...]
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Tests in winter jacket with SAS podstezhkoy Primaloft ®

Good day to all! On the occasion is not a pleasant dismissal is not a pleasant place of work decided to make the necessary gift, namely, demi-season jacket. I opted for a very long time, since the beginning of winter. In ski jacket I was really freezing, even in the turtleneck sweater, but I finally feat forecast where almost 2e weeks ahead from evening till morning to -22 Celsius, and the day is not Tashkent fine then walk - in place to mark time  how not to oak on the playground - in fact say that drunk and froze Great cold - unable to verify it and walking with backpack in a static state. Read more [...]
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What’s a easy, large-capacity knapsack?

A:Fountainhead, healthy. When you chafe nirvana, mass testament lug binge roughly for you. Naturally, why multitude would attend eden so be assigned to gestate a big camp is a secret to me, but that's a theological head for a dissimilar assembly. I can say this lots with certainty: You testament not miscarry with a Dana Terraplane, now usable in a slenderly pruner edition called the LTW for $439. Equitable a brilliant binding, open of treatment 50- to 60-pound dozens well, heavier lots (God nix) acceptably. Just, the early packs you quotation all are hunky-dory too. Both the Osprey Lunate 110 ($459) Read more [...]
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What’s the scoop PFD for a canoe stumble?

Kokatat Bahia Circuit personal preserver     Pic: Courtesy of KokatatMTI Reflexive PFDMTI Automatic PFDA:You'll need a PFD that's sparkle, easy, and loose to deduct, since you'll likely won't neediness to vesture it on yearner portages.I'd evoke looking a PFD that’s trimly cut, ilk the MTI Automatic ($75). The Automatic is thin, intentional for paddling, and has amply adjustable berm straps, two zippered loading pockets, and a hooligan nylon case. It’s not partiality, but it's extremely efficient.Another companionship to cheque is Kokatat, which makes flawlessly intentional Read more [...]
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Passage of the jungle.

In the past year, I was about to visit a very wild place, not only in the summer heat of 40 + so still and humidity at 70-80%. A paradise for lovers of wet saunas. But our goal was to go wild canyon that begins on closed military range and passes through at least the seal nursery. Describe the beauty, I will not, but tell that it was a surprise for us and how we deal with it. Starting our route, from a small dry gully turned into a narrow gorge but not very deep, and we could get out of him. But the spirit of adventure told us to go forward, we first encountered with simple bamboo thickets, bamboo Read more [...]
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Tillage tool.

Background papers on processing vegetable garden, the question was not disclosed instruments. I think this review will be interesting ... Ploskorez. Manufacturing option. Wonder shovel. Especially for ArisAbout ... hoes, and against ploskorez ... Chopper that we choose "In the garden hoe - that rag in the kitchen!" Remove All "weed" is held by it. Chopper is designed specifically to get rid of the grass. Moreover, over the centuries it has been selected as the best weapon in the struggle against weeds. In this well-hoe cuts only weak growth of weeds, whose age is not more than Read more [...]
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Which pedal wrack is rightfulness for my SUV?

A:No, you don't deprivation to post it on the cap. I've owned two Monteros, and those roofs are a Yearn way off the earth. Makes acquiring bikes on and off the cap wrack an jeopardize.Various options for you. Two bikes, you say, or trey? If two, so you can put a excruciate on the Montero's rear-mounted scanty wear. Yakima's Spareroc ($189) is a near one. That's really a real practicable answer. A party called Allen Bicycle Racks (www.allenracks), with which I'm not sapiently intimate, makes a three-bike variation for $99. It's a jolly Ascetical gimmick, but looks whole useable.Differently, by far Read more [...]
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Review of reviews knives

Hello again, my dear readers and writers stab site "reviews"! On what does the word "review" I was placed in quotation marks and how to survey the knife? Answer under the cut! My observations will be illustrated notes about the knife Hultafors - Craftsman's Knife RFR, I use one and a half years in campaigns, the service and the kitchen. Says Pedivikiya ubiquitous, "review", a multivalued term for a number of compressed message common theme events. Overview - this synthesis observations for the properties of an object or phenomenon. Note colleagues' observations generalization "is not Read more [...]
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A little bit of personal experience

A little bit of personal experience about how to avoid some trouble in the field, in the woods, in general, in the field. Did I write banal things, but after all the safety rules are elementary and commonplace. Perhaps that is why many of them neglected. My personal experience obtained in the "hard way" and the experience of colleagues in the hobby. - Be careful around the campfire. - When you are wearing the camouflage cloak or similar flammable clothing, then a halt when a campfire is better to remove it. His experience there, but experience navidalsya comrades. Price: spoiled camouflage cloak. - Read more [...]
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My alarm suitcase.

Hello dear survivalist. In this post I will describe his set, which in cases of BP grab first and sloping toward the exit. My set consists of several segments: - Weapons - Tools - Fire - Equity alarm - First aid kit - Other. I'll start with weapons. To date, my most powerful weapon is the machete. It looks big and uncomfortable thing. But with the help of easy to wade through the thicket, sharpened stakes, chopping wood, etc. Tools - a set of replacement blades on the knife. It - Saw (lop saws quickly and easily), Axe (I will not say that it is very convenient, but it is currently nothing), Read more [...]
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My Opinel Outdoor № 8 – test in the woods.

Hello! In school, my friends and I have someone at home, often partying with dancing, which naturally invited girls. Once in front of one such party with one of my friends we decorated large room, do a bit of light music of the LEDs and the headlights of cars. When it was time to clean up the wires from the insulating material, I asked a friend to give me some knife and he brought me a great, sharp, Solid knife with wooden handle and unusual interesting castle. Becoming much older, I learned that it was made of carbon steel knife company Opinel. Apparently then, in my childhood, I praised these Read more [...]
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Ceramic triptych

Alloy and went into the counter on the cutter saw him. Generally indifferent to folding. But then I immediately wanted to have it. 800 p. pocket was not, but the desire not to waste and after 2 days I bought it. This knife I'll never sharpen pencils and cut branches. Not sanded wire. Never will cut frozen meat and chicken cartilage. And at times never hang, despite the fact that the clip is holding fine. I told them I cut bacon, onions, sausage, tomatoes and barbecue. Bought it two weeks ago. During this time, always used as a table knife for food and cooking. Naturally not crawl Read more [...]
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Do not go off the fire.

Try to give a brief overview of what is best to use as firewood (if there is a choice). BIRCH. Best firewood birch considered. They give more heat and burn even raw, even high flame. Unlike many other types of wood raw birch even when not burning smokes. Birch give 15% more heat than pine and 25% than the wood from aspen, and calorific value second only to oak. One cubic meter of birch wood equivalent to 0.75 m3 oak, 1.1 m3 - alder, 1.2 m3 - pine, 1.3 m3 - 1.5 m3 and spruce - aspen. They are easy to inject and burn well. Felled trees are all rotten, so take only dead wood (which happens too Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Ice screws Mora Ice Easy

Ledobur Mora Ice Easy - the most common design for all of "Moore". Recalls our Russian two-hand shifted from the center of rotation of the upper handle. Knives with flat arcuate cutting edge having a very sharp angle of attack. Excellent bore crude ice. When working on a dry, hard ice spetsy recommend insert shims under the front part of the knife, so to increment the angle of attack and speed, the speed of drilling. Three options are available with diameters of 125, 150, 175. Weight, respectively: 2.4, 2.6, 2.9 kg. Screw length 53 cm thick ice available - 87 cm color blue. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Willows

Willow, willow, willow, wicker, Lozina, willow (Latin Sálix) - Woody plant; genus Willow family (Salicaceae). In everyday speech often use the word "willow". So that's some willows, mostly bush, their zarosli.Ochen common and very famous in the middle part of the Russian Federation plants ("willow", "Rakitova kustochek"). Most of the species of willows love humidity and settle in damp places, as in dry places (on the slopes, sand, etc.) and bogs grow a few species are comparable. Found in forests and willow, as a substitute to other trees. There are more Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Wobbler COMBEK S

Unique model wobbler COMBEK S created, in the main, to perch gorbocha. Meandering stripes body lure COMBEK S remembers little fish, convulsing after the attack Okuneva pack. Okun has long seen in the case of cannibalism and bait can be traced in outline form Okuneva trivia. Especially effective this lure COMBEK S when fishing in large parking areas, hardened humpbacks. First season fishing lures, that usually coincides with the late spring - early summer, most of the predators switch to hunt only recently hatched from eggs fry. It's not very satisfying, but it is very easy prey. Wobbler Read more [...]
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