Indian Man to Set Earthworm-Eating Book

India's Bathroom Putz, 23, has an interesting dieting: a breakfast of dosa and earthworms, a dinner of dal and dragonflies, and 10 or 20 lizards for a mid-day nosh.He's now preparing to set the Guinness Mankind Immortalize for nearly earthworms eaten in a hour. (To realize what this could entail, cognise that India's C. Manoharan entered the Playscript of Earth Records in 2003 by swallowing 200 earthworms in 30 seconds.)"I wishing citizenry to regard me similar they do Gestate Grylls," Dick told the Day-by-day Send. "Multitude are sick when I eat material similar earthworms and cockroaches Read more [...]
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Rubble Nutrient Rewires Your Psyche

A sketch promulgated Wednesday in the diary Frontiers in Psychology suggests that feeding rubble nutrient keeps you from stressful new foods and rewires the head to pee-pee hefty, balanced diets unlikeable. “Feeding dust nutrient seems to modify the answer to signals that are associated with nutrient payoff,” sketch co-author Margaret Morris told Newsweek.The field was conducted on two groups of rats. One grouping was fed a sizeable dieting of rat kibble, and the early aggroup was fed unhealthful thrum foods such as cookies, patty, and pie. The dust nutrient aggroup continually Read more [...]
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Wild edible plants. Part 1

From very ancient times, people used to make a variety of dishes of wild plants. In looking unsightly leaves, shoots, flowers and roots of wild plants are almost all essential substances and chemicals. They are primarily carbohydrates, mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins and other biologically active substances that can replenish spent energy, restore and regulate the body the blood supply, stimulate the brain, heart, digestive and excretory functions. Every plant, be it a tree or a blade of grass has its, its specific impact on people, sharing with them the vital juices. Before you can use Read more [...]
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Preparation Plant

Many plants sufficiently before use wash in running water, clean water, and if it does not, then boiled or even boiling water. But it is advisable to boil still edible plants, bake or broil. Different parts of edible plants are prepared in different ways. Roots, tubers and bulbs. Need to delete unnecessary parts, cleaned and, if necessary, clean peel. It is better to put out and the oven, but you can boil. Some stocks, such as cassava (native to South and Central America), are poisonous when raw and cooked to taste like potatoes. Forest lily tubers Sarankov, ubiquitous in the forest Read more [...]
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Extreme cuisine — vegetarian food

In my understanding, this is the diet for survival, something that you can pay attention only when there is or there is a ground, or go to another world. Alas, many perceive listed as. Media often tells us about the terrible drought affecting one or the other country, we are told, as the locals come for lack of other food to switch to tree bark, leaves and grass. In no way do not want to cash in on the tragedy of the people, but their bad experience are lessons for others. Let's remember what animals are most commonly used in our food. Sheep turn on our table in the chops, cattle - in burgers Read more [...]
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Trees rescued from starvation

Suitable food not only herbaceous plants, but even the trees! No, it does not mean that in the depths of the taiga growing little-known sausage tree, which, log, can be cut into circles, as an ordinary doctor's sausage. Of course not. Edible, not the trees, and their individual components, and not at any time of year. For example, cones, acorns or sapwood - thin, adjacent to the trunk of a young core. Pine has to offer to the table five edible parts: unblown flower buds, young shoots, sap, cones, c. a vitamin drink, needles. Birch than sapwood and juice, you can eat buds and young leaves, Read more [...]
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Cheeked ground squirrel — citellus erythrogenys brandt. Nutrition and how to quench thirst

Data on feeding red-squirrel Kazakhstan has only in Tolebaeva AK (1958), which during the active period of life gophers analyzed 870 stomachs, looked cheek pouches have caught animals and study them eat. As a result, they compiled a list of herbs eaten gopher, containing up to 30 titles. The most preferred were: Astragalus espartsetovy - Astragalus onobrychis, alyssum line - Alyssum lineatum, buckwheat bird - Polygonum aviculare, Grechishnikov ordinary - P. patulum, winter cress - Descurainia Sophia, klopovnik weed - Lepidium ruderale, prostrate summer cypress Read more [...]
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Monolithic Python Grub Cervid in Florida

Contractors running for the Submit of Florda plant and killed a 16-foot-long Burmese python former conclusion workweek that had lately eaten a 76-pound cervid. It is the largest fauna eaten by a python on commemorate in Florida. Burmese pythons, which are indigen to Asia, deliver effected a universe in the Everglades astern escaping or existence released into the angry. They are known to eat alligators and can get to 20 feet. The ophidian careful 44 inches in diam where it had swallowed the cervid.Take more at the Miami Sun-Sentinel Read more [...]
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