author photo Knife - a wonderful thing. Skillful person and fed, and watered, and protect. You can strip the knife and scrape the skin, to tailor clothes and shoes, cut a spoon, bowl and ladle. He can kick bark on ponyazhku or tues. The knife will make a bow, an arrow, a staff or the ax.Being planted on ratovische, it can turn into Sulitsa, spear or from without. Remove from the body of an arrowhead or a bullet to open the abscess, to interrogate the prisoner, vykresat fire - for all that you may need the knife. You can shave knife, cut the sausage and people do beat the steaks Read more [...]
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Almost Greenpeace hare

Winter has gone, like a fairy tale.And in this tale would like to hunt. Weather will give less forgiving, even though the temperature was -15 degrees. Dogs on a leash, backpack, skis and let's go to the forest. Fortunately he is at hand. Dogs pounce, they serdeshny to celebrate rush forward. There will be a half kilometer and begin to look into the eyes:Maybe there is a hidden meaning? But is not it. And there is one passion. They molodchaga begin to stomp and stomp or rather swim.Find a rabbit and it seemed to settle down to work. Ghosn will not name. So, driven on, hold about a hundred meters, Read more [...]
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Eating insects

In conditions of extreme survival, when a person loses weight much, just needed protein food. But to get it is not easy. Lost in the forest or mixed forest, people are not always armed and capable of hunting large and medium game. Hunting for small game hunting and fishing may not bring the desired results, but the need for protein does not alter this fact. Then, we have to pay attention insects and their larvae. In many insect protein. This is important! Yes, we all residents of south-east Asia, and insects, worms, larvae – far from being a delicacy for us. However, there are times when Read more [...]
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Extreme kitchen. Rats and mice.

First I thought about the edibility of rodents when he heard about the existence of the London restaurant where some French couple allegedly regaled visitors appetizing braised rat meat. I was told that these people immigrated to England soon after the Second World War brought a recipe that was born in Paris full of hardship during the German occupation.It was especially hard when the meat and the couple using traps to catch rats and the lanes with any cooked them with available vegetables and herbs, having developed as a result of its special recipe certainly extravagant, but tasty dishes."Unfortunately Read more [...]
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Called ranks that add that to remove?

Goal - to survive in the woods alone for a period of 30-35 days.Note: 1) The rope will do nettle 2) Health is good, so the drug is not included, instead breathing simulator, which increases on a long distance adaptive capabilities and reduces the need for food. 3) In the backpack fits all. 4) Wear appropriate there 5) I know how to make a spear, it will go on the hunt 6) I will build a storage shed at the camp as a means of salvation, observation and bird hunting and as a warehouse.For some reason I can not post the picture ... I wonder why? s51.radikal.ru/i133/1210/26/ae586fe62b81.jpgThus, Read more [...]
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Android application for survivalist, or telephone as a means of survival

Good time of day!I certainly understand that in a nuclear war or teleportation Sahara mobile phone (especially if we have not even a knife) is of little use to put it mildly. But in the ordinary of our everyday survival - I think the thing is very important and irreplaceable, especially as modern phone is a small computer with a very interesting and useful features. Well, what you can call on it - a no brainer and should not develop the theme. That the battery is discharged per day (HTC, Samsung Galaxy and everything on Android) - also understandable, spare battery (zaryazhennyy!) should always Read more [...]
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Who needs a ready house in the woods with all the economy?

We live in the woods, in a nice warm house. There are farm (cows, goats, geese, ducks, pigs sold here recently). Other people in the village do not (except for one house, there vacationers come from St. Petersburg. Nearest village - 7 km. Nearest city Western Dvina - 60 km. Life is such that the whole family moving to the historic homeland of her husband. Where to put all our cattle? It is a pity to sell. A house we sell. With all supplies, firewood for the winter, with furniture and kitchenware. Here are some of you or your friends at the heart of such housing? I honestly do not really want the Read more [...]
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Life in a besieged city.

Good day dear vyzhivuny.Ne such articles would start writing, but as they say "those scho Maemo Maemo." At the request of survivalist Gorec try to describe the situation in a neutral pozitsii.Obstanovka in: Electric, water, gas there, telephones and mobile telephony work only TV cable or satellite, there are shortages after shelling if something povredyat.Magaziny work products are imported, queues net.Nerabotali some banks steadily worked "Sberbank of Russia." Utility companies operate all remaining production possible . Buses go around the city, as the 4th day came trolley, however hinder movement Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Sport fishing carp

Fishing ... Who can stay flegmantichnym heard that saying. Fishing is a hobby and a way of life and so many. But there is in this great army special caste of fishermen - carp anglers. And among them even more amazing people - athletic supporters carp. Many fishermen are very surprised when they behold the pond on: they look a little - especially pictures of just caught a big fish, kiss her and release back. That is a real sport fishing carp ...Read more [...]
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Man Pleads Shamefaced to Alimentation Bears

A Juneau man leave pay $4,000 and dispatch 80 hours of community servicing with the Alaska Section of Angle and Gage aft imploring shamed to eating blacken bears for age at his dwelling n of the metropolis. Authorites say Arnold W. Hanger, who was cited in July, had been eating 10 to 15 bears 50 pounds of dog nutrient apiece day, alarming neighbors, many of whom deliver belittled children. Hanger's level has invited comparisons that of Timothy Treadwell, the discipline of Werner Herzog's documental Grey-haired Man, and whose demise Away covered in 2004 astern he was mauled by a grizzly Read more [...]
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Mandy Carr — to understand the language of animals

Do you think people are able to understand the language of animals only in fairy tales? 39-year-old Briton Mandy Carr, whose specialty - Grooming cats and dogs, says that it is able to read the thoughts of its four-legged customers. And it shows the makings of a medium - even communicates with the dead animals. Owners pay her for diagnosing pets and seances.For the first time it happened with Mandy at 20 years of age. She will cut off one of the dogs, and I heard a "voice" to beg for a treat. Realizing that it "speaks" to her client, she thought that she had clouded his Read more [...]
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Woman saves on products, feeding your cat fur

If someone decides to make a list of the most bizarre eating habits, 43-year-old Lisa from Detroit, Michigan, be sure it gets. It has long been addicted to cat hair, about 15 years ago. Lisa eats every day for at least three clumps of cat hair. Total woman ate more than 3200 balls of wool. "I'm addicted to eating cat hair" - recognized the woman in the new season show "My strange addiction". This video was one of many strange new subjects presented in the four season of the popular show, which will premiere on February 13. Lisa prepares her favorite snack, picking Read more [...]
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Tunisians died after eating a bet three dozen raw eggs

Tunisians died after eating 28 raw eggs. It is reported by Agence France-Presse, with reference to the Tunisian media. As noted, the incident occurred in Kairuan in the central part of the country. 20-year-old Dow Fatnassi bet with his friends that he can at once eat 28 eggs. Fatnassi won the argument, consuming the food all required eggs, but by its end felt a pain in his stomach. Wrangler was urgently sent to the hospital, but on arrival there the doctors could only say his death. The amount of money which Fatnassi bet with his friends, not specified.Category: This is a crazy world Read more [...]
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Live or survive?

Yes, you can live, eating meat alone, staying for the time being apparently healthy and strong, as illustrated by some of the northern peoples. But one thing - to survive, and the other - live long. It is generally recognized that an excess of animal food in negative impacts on health. Prematurely wear out the internal organs, accumulate genetic errors, the body is full slag (which in the citizen, of course, can not burn as efficiently and output, as the Nenets, or Eskimo, hard-working), and the body is aging rapidly, burdened with numerous diseases. However, the nation, feeding mainly on meat, Read more [...]
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What threatens the stall?

"Natural, organic meat inherent negative features are exacerbated by the fact that animals are forced to unnatural conditions of life - continues GS Shatalov. - Thus, a prolonged stay in the stable and feed, pursuing purely quantitative targets, reduce the quality of milk and meat. Add in nitrates, herbicides and insecticides, which fall into feed organism animals, and then to you and me. Remember, finally, those nasty mixture that fatten chickens and pigs. Can we at least expect all of this to any decent quality meat? Anyone who had the opportunity to compare, such as wild boar and meat Read more [...]
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Soup dope

One youth, high school students, recently passing my classes to eye, admitted that he just does not find the place itself, if at least once a week will not visit "McDonalds" or other fastfudovskoe institution. Only there, he says, he eats for real. I let him see the recorded movie to disc "Beware of food!", Which told of an experiment conducted for the Russian television channel. We briefly recall the gist of it. Experts have concluded with very healthy and athletic young man a contract, under which he was for two weeks eating only food and let fastfudovskoy survey state Read more [...]
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Trichinosis (trichinellosis) - bot.Encapsulated Trichinella larvae in muscle.The causative agent of trichinosis - round worms trichina (trichina) - Trichinella spiralis. Length of male - 1.5 mm, females - 4.3 mm. In the stage of puberty Trichinella parasites in the lining of the small intestine. The females produce larvae that penetrate the lymph and blood vessels and deposited in striated muscle, where encapsulated (Figure). In the intestine of Trichinella in 10-84 days die, the larvae in the muscles can live up to two years or more. Epidemiology. Trichinosis-nidal diseases humans, domestic Read more [...]
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The refusal of food are always specific reasons-1

Very often, parents are concerned appetite child's refusal to eat, vomiting after meals. Sometimes the children begin to eat only when they read stories, sing songs, promising gifts and even dance in front of them. Proper nutrition is of great value health and normal development of the body. Must be very careful to make sure that it was a full, in each case by reviewing the complaint. The most nutritious food in the first months of life is breast milk, as it contains everything you need for growth and development. Responsible is the period when they start receiving complementary foods. Read more [...]
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Berry yew (Taxus baccata L.)

Tree (often a stocky "shrub" form a flat and wide evergreen needles with curled edges down (length 3.5 cm, width 2 mm), the upper side of needles - dark green, glossy, lower - matte, bright, shishkoyagody - red, juicy, fleshy (August - September). Toxic bodies  - Aerial parts and seeds (pulp "berry" is harmless). The main active ingredient yew - Thaksin - a mixture of different alkaloids also contain alkaloids - milosein, ephedrine, glycosyl taksikantin. Thaksin is a sharp irritation of digestive tract, followed by vomiting and diarrhea, significantly affect heart function, Read more [...]
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Moss-aranets (Aranets ordinary) (Lycopodium selago L.)

Evergreen herbaceous perennial 10-20 cm tall, with poorly developed roots and small, pointed, stubborn leaves. Dichotomous branching; sporangia in the axils of the apical or middle leaves, globose, yellowish, with short legs, a "live-" forms in the leaf axils brood buds. Spore-bearing: April - June. Toxic bodies  - Aboveground part ("grass"). Contains toxic alkaloids: selagin, klavatin, keyboard-toxin, Lycopodium, nicotine. Has neurotropic action. Selagin (1-2% solution) constricts the pupil, in toxic doses causes vomiting, reduces muscle tone, respiratory depression. Read more [...]
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