Khokhryakov Paul Danilovich

Khokhryakov Paul Danilovich (16 (28) .06.1893, der. Khokhryakov, Vozhgalskoy par., Vyatka province. 17.8.1918, p. Krutiha ECAT. Y. Perm. Lip.), Bolshevik sailor, participation. struggle for the establishment of owls. authorities W. Rhode. family farm laborer. Since 1914, the sailor of the Baltic Fleet cruiser Emperor Alexander II. In 1917, the agitator on fr., In Murmansk. The fall of 1917 with the mandate signed by Sverdlov arrived in ECAT. to assist the local part. org-tions in the creation of armed groups and consolidate the power of the Soviets, led by C. headquarters Cr. Guard (ECAT)., pers. Read more [...]
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Porcelain and earthenware in the Urals

Porcelain and earthenware in the Urals First U. Mfr. faience was organized in Nizhny Tagil in 1810 on the orders of N.Demidova. The rapid development of porcelain and faience industry in Russia dates back to the second quart. XIX century. At this time, W. beg. private act f-ing F.Fetisova (1821) Shadrinsk, S.Afonina subsequently Shurova (1839), brothers Chekanova (1846) in ECAT., G.Ushkova (1848) in Kamensky s de, Kolpakov in Perm, T .Nechaeva (later E.Tupitsyna and S.Grigoreva) in s.Sretenskom (1850). Porcelain Manuf. W. was discontinued in the second half. XIX century. Because not compete with Read more [...]
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Utkin Vladimir Fedorovich

Utkin Vladimir Fedorovich (02 04.1920, ECAT. 20.09.1994, ECAT.), Conductor, pianist, composer, prof. (1984); Hon. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1969). Rod. in the family of the employee. Graduated Sverdl. Conservatory (1942, cl. A.A.Petrenko piano, 1950 kl. op. symphony conducting M.I.Pavermana). In 1937-42 hands. jazz orchestra. in Sverdl. cinemas. 1942-44 -kontsertmeyster op. Theatre Buryat-Mongolian ASSR (Ulan-Ude). 1944-47 soloist Sverdl. Philharmonic conductor Sverdl 1947-70. theater music. comedy. The first artist more. Prod. Russian composers, including ur. G.Beloglazova, B.Gibalina, K.Katsman, Read more [...]
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Ural fighting alliance

Ural fighting alliance emerged at the end of 1906 on the basis of autonomous combat brigades Party Socialist-Revolutionary Party (AKP), refused to carry out the decisions IV Lv. region. Congress of the SEP (August. 1906) on the termination of expropriations and terror. The aim U.B.S. was to raise the recovery. W. The means to achieve this goal were expropriation of state and private property, as well as terror to all the officials of the royal administration. The appeal U.B.S. to all parties. org-tions noted that large private expropriation necessary for replenishment, as well as for the education Read more [...]
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Turzhansky Leonard (Leonid) V.

Turzhansky Leonard (Leonid) V. (30.09 (12.10) .1874, ECAT., Perm. Lip. 03.31.1945, Moscow), painter and graphic artist. Graduated from Moscow. uch-School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1907), and in 1907-09 was engaged in the same place in the cells. Serov and Korovin. Since 1904 exhibitor, 1911-12 pers. T-mobile wa thin. exhibitions; 1904 exhibitor, 1910-23 pers. Union of Russian Artists; involved. Exhibition Association thin. roar. Russia (1926) and the Association of hud. realist (1927-28). In 1906 he performed in Fig. for ECAT. Well satirical. Dwarf and decorative panels above the Read more [...]
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TOCHISSKY (Tochisky) Paul Varfolomeyevich

TOCHISSKY (Tochisky) Paul Varfolomeyevich (03 (15) .05.1864, ECAT. Perm. Lip. 07.10.1918, Beloretskij zd Verhneur. Y. Orenbah. Lip.), One of the org-ing the Social-Democrats. movement in Russia, part. owls. and military leader. Of the officer's family. Until 1883 he studied at the ECAT. gymnasium. Rab. Serving. In 1885 in St. Petersburg organized Social-Democrats. org-tion Association of St. Petersburg workmen. After his arrest and deportation in 1888, continued to work in Zhitomir, Moscow, Saratov, Tambov, Vologda, Astrakhan. In 1894, he toured Europe. countries met pers. Social-Democrats. org-tion Read more [...]
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Tolmachev, Vladimir Yakovlevich

Tolmachev, Vladimir Yakovlevich (1876, in Lufia. Perm. Lip. 1943, Shanghai), one of the first eq. archaeologists, Inst. number of archaeological. memory. W., the founder of archaeological. maps Wed W. (1915), a full member of. Wole (1907) and Orenbah. Scientific Archive Commission (since 1908). Rod. in impoverished noble family. Father James A. served as a notary in Shadrinsk. In 1896, T., graduating ECAT. high school, he entered the St. Petersburg. Univ of Physics and Math. Faculty and parallel to the Acad. thin. In 1900 he also entered the archaeological. Inst, once on the second course. From Read more [...]
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TET Peter E.

TET Peter E. English mechanic. From 1836 he served in the Russian met. z-dah, including 16 years working in the U., where he served as Sec. ur mechanic. s mountain-ing. T. supervised activities ECAT. fur. f-ing, on a swarm in his drawings were made locomobiles, steam machines, and dec. mechanisms. In 1844, T. DOS. on the outskirts of ECAT. Melkovskuyu fur. f-ku, a swarm owned the rights of the tenant. MY company. steam machines, in DOS. designed for sea level. angry. ? Mines, private and state-owned met. z-ing. Since the late 1850s TV returns to England and Melkovskaya f-ka rented G.I.Gulletu. Read more [...]
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THEATRE Kazantsev

THEATRE Kazantsev homemade amateur theater. Opened in ECAT. in December. 1879 Manor of Gold Kazantsev with auditorium with 160 seats. The theater's repertoire included op. Borodin's Prince Igor, N.Rubinshteyna Demon, Gounod Faust, Verdi's Il Trovatore, the play by Alexander Ostrovsky Thunder and Vasilisa Melentyeva, Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector, A.Pushkina Mistress into Maid. Ur creativity. authors were presented dramas G.G.Kazantseva Court of conscience and N.V.Kazantseva shattered illusions, Old feelings die hard, as well as comedies Everybody its last, in its place, it is, on the Read more [...]
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Tataurov Nikolai

Tataurov Nikolai (09 (21) 11.1877, ECAT. 13.04.1959, Sverdlov.) Stonecutter. Rod.v family servant. Graduated from high school literacy classes drawing, sculpture and carvings on the stones (1897). Worked for ECAT. Lapidary f-ke, participated in the creation of the tabernacle for the temples on the item. Sampling (1893), and the Resurrection of Christ in St. Petersburg (1907), a map of France (1898-1900, the Grand Prix of the Interna-. Exhibition in Paris), stars of the Kremlin towers and the coats of arms of the Union Republic. for Intern. Exhibition in New York (1935), maps of industrialization Read more [...]
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Tarabukin (Taryn) Stepan Kuzmich

Tarabukin (Taryn) Stepan Kuzmich (1878, Zhidilovskaya par. Kozlowski at. Tambov. Lip.?) Participation. roar. movement, pers. Socialist-Revolutionary Party from 1903 Conducted roar. work in the Tambov Province., Smolensk and Voronezh years. roar. 1905-07, and in 1909 to W., in ECAT. 1912 arrest and deportation to Orenbah. Province. again in 1913-15 led roar. work in ECAT. In 1915 he was exiled to Tobolsk Province., Where conscripted. Feb. roar. met in Tyumen, where he worked in consumer's on-ve bee (pers., and secretary. reign). He took an active part in org-tion of the Executive Committee and Read more [...]
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SYSERT ,, R th C. in Sveral. region, located 50 km to the South from ECAT. in R. Sysert. The first settlement was founded in 1732 by decree of the Emperor. Anna Ioannovna page when the breech bottom-Sysert iron and steel C-Yes. In 1757 Sysert the plant was transferred to private ownership Affordances. In the XIX C. C. C. Sysert mountain ROC., and Sysert C-d one of the largest enterprises U., product-cerned with the mark in the form of herons for excellent quality have won awards at various spare parts. the exhibitions. C. was famous for forging and copper plumbing trades. There were match-f-ka, Read more [...]
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COURTS in 1723 the establishment of ECAT. court and county affairs office was laid early. the formation of the judicial system in the U., which bore the class character. Cases considered citizens of the mountains. Town Hall, and since 1775 the mountains. magistrates are elected by the merchants and philistinism to 3 years and who reported lips. Master. In 1866, abolished and their functions transferred to the ambient. ships and mountains. Duma. To consider cases of state. and ascribed to the s-ladies cross. there were lower violence (1775-96), consisting of a judge and 8 judges. From 1796, all Read more [...]
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STROEV (Fondaminsky) Matthew T.

STROEV (Fondaminsky) Matthew T. (? 1930 Serpukhov), actor and director., Entrepreneur, reformer of the theater business in the province. Trainee A.P.Lenskogo, from 1893 worked as assistant. dir. Maly Theater. In ECAT. C. lived from 1902 to 1908 worked as director 1902-03. entreprise V.P.Almazovoy, 1904-05, 1907-08 kept independent entreprise. The repertoire consisted of plays by Ostrovsky, Chekhov, Gorky. Paid great attention to the creation of the ensemble cast. S. introduced mandatory knowledge of the role of the heart, suflerstvo canceled, and the number of rehearsals increased from 3 to 10-12; Read more [...]
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SPASSKY Alexander

SPASSKY Alexander (1872, in Okhansk., Perm. Lip.?) Societies. figure. Rod. the family priest. He graduated from the spiritual uch-School and honey. faculty of Kazan University (1899). He worked as a country doctor in Serebryanskoye s de, then Sanitarian in ECAT. y. zemstvo. In 1904-05, as part of health neg. participated in the Russo-Japanese War. Upon returning participated in societies. movement. Joined the ECAT. org-tion cadets elected before. ECAT. region. com-ta. In addition, S. headed Received gas. Ural Region (later the voice of the Urals and Trans-Ural region). For publishing watered. Read more [...]
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SOSNOVSKIY Lev Semenovich

SOSNOVSKIY Lev Semenovich (1886, Orenbah., 1937, Moscow), Sov. desks. and state. activist and journalist. He studied at the school. In 1904 he joined the RSDLP. Active participation. roar. movement in ECAT., Zlatoust, Samara, Odessa, St. Petersburg. Worked in the trade unions and the Social-Democrats. editions, including a gas. True. In the autumn of 1913 was arrested and sent into exile in Chelyaba. Feb. roar. S. caught in Satka s de. In April. 1917 elected member. Uralobkoma RSDLP (b), in August. -pred. Lv. region. Council office. and Soldiers. dep., Ur. region. Council of Trade Unions, in October. Read more [...]
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FALCONS Peter A. (? Approx. 1865), entrepreneur, dir., Actor first prof. troupe W. 1814-1828 worked in troupes IF Stein and O.I.Kalinovskogo. From 1829 self-entreprise in Voronezh, Tambov, Saratov, Simbirsk, Kazan, Ufa, in the summer of 1843 in the ECAT., Perm, Irbite. In S. troupe on tour attracted capital actors. The repertoire of C. catered for vaudeville, comic opera and comedy. With the best roles .: GOVERNOR (Inspector, Nikolai Gogol), FAMUSOV (Woe from Wit, A.Griboedov) Pustoslavtsev (Leo Gurych Sinichkina D.Lensky). In 1857 S. went bankrupt and left the ECAT. Last year of his life in Tobolsk. Lit Read more [...]
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SITNIKOV Nikolai Vasilyevich

SITNIKOV Nikolai Vasilyevich (04 (17) .07.1910, ECAT. 23.06.1993, ECAT.), A theatrical feature film. Cum. thin. RSFSR (1973). Rod. family servant. Graduated from the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Ilya Repin (workshops and A.A.Osmerkina M.P.Bobysheva, 1938). Since 1938 in the Ufa theater op. and ballet. There designed op. performances of The Barber of Seville D. Rossini, Mermaid A.S.Dargomyzhskogo, Kachkyn N.Zhiganova. From 1944 he worked in Sverdl. In the theater, op. and ballet performances designed: The Tsar's Bride by Rimsky-Korsakov, Boris Godunov M.P.Musorskogo, Eugene Read more [...]
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Shimane Ilya Ivanovich

Shimane Ilya Ivanovich (1850?), ECAT. 1st merchant guilds and societies. figure. Born in a family of merchants, and from a young age doing flour milling business. In 1884 organized the ECAT. One of the first U. steam mills, products sold to swarm in the plural. s-dy and the city region. AS participated in the activities of the rural and mountains. government. In 1884-94 he held the post of the mountains. ECAT head. With his active support of the first built in the phone line, set up an in-Indemnity (1885), organized by the cobbled streets, a one-day census of the mountains. us. (1887), etc. At Read more [...]
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