What is ecology

On the ecology recently not only speaks lazyPhoto: Vitaliy Koshkin Everything from small to large, from the farmer to the deputy of the State Duma have their own opinion on the matter. And in a hunting environment considerations about the environment so much that can be difficult to understand. Sometimes these arguments are logical and correct, but in most cases amateurishly naive and incorrect.There is an anecdote that in Russia it is very difficult to be a teacher and a doctor, because everyone knows how to teach and how to treat. In this anecdote already safe to add ecologist Read more [...]
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Prepare hunters

Russia sorely lacking competent hunters. The problem of professional training in game management is a long time. It raised the profile ministers AV Gordeyev and YP Trutnev. The faculty is based on the Department of Ecology and hunting. It was organized in the period of foundation of the university in 30 years of the twentieth century (in the beginning it was the Department of Zoology). History of the Department connected with names of famous hunters and biologists: Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of SP Bogolyubsky professors PA Manteuffel, SA Severtsov, SP Naumova, AN Formozov, VF Larionov, Read more [...]
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Ecology megopolisa

which is the habitat of modern man, ie you and me? Much of this city and quite large, urban ecology but also poses a potential threat. As usual I was lucky to stumble upon this as a student and vidyushku ecologist she touched me.conclusions I did, I would like to know the opinion of experienced men on this topic! Read more [...]
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MAMAEV Stanislav Aleksandrovich

MAMAEV Stanislav Aleksandrovich (01.07.1928, subprime Melenkovski district of the Vladimir region), ecologist, Corr.-Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), Dr. of biological Sciences (1970), Professor (1975). The genus. the family of an employee. Graduated From Moscow. leatehr. Inst. (1951). 1951-55 engineer, head neg. IN Agrolesproekt the Ministry of forestry of the USSR; 1956-58 younger naucnostrucne Mosk. agricultural. Acad., 1959-66-senior scientific. fellow In the biology ufan the USSR, 1966-88 head. lab. Institute of ecology of plants and animals, Ural branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Read more [...]
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Flaming balls explode in the morning sky over Norway; meteorites are also observed in Denmark, Sweden, Japan, USA, Canada, New Zealand — April 7, 2013 — OUR Planetquake ecology — Our planetquake ecology

Link planeta.moy.su Flaming balls explode in the morning sky over Norway; meteorites are also observed in Denmark, Sweden, the land of the rising sun..7 APR 2013 19:18|I like1 commentAndrey Mikul Ty "homebrew" sensationalism. Read more [...]
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Spring water kills fish

on March 27. Elena Orlovaca spring turned to Laishevsky district of Tatarstan environmental catastrophe. - Environmental disaster!!! Help to bring this to the relevant authorities, a brief call for help and the series of photos received from the reader Dmitry Sbitnev. Photos from lake Kovalevskoi in the village of Sandy Forged shock. The surface of the water in the hole for swimming covered with hundreds of tropical fry. And this picture is not only here.- Hole, which is used by local residents for water intake, were also filled with half-dead fish, reports our national correspondent. Read more [...]
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Ecology or oil: Caspian the choice

On the development of the giant Kashagan oil field in the northern Caspian took 12 years and $ 46 billion. This is one of the most technically challenging projects in the world. In Kazakhstan, hoping that in the next 10 years, the volume of oil production will double and it is very important for the economic development of the country. But on the other side of the scale - the environment. Despite the assurances of the consortium that owns the mine, the safety of the shelf for the environment, environmentalists believe that the damage will be done to the unique ecosystem. Report correspondent Read more [...]
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Beaver. Foreword

Few of the animal world enjoyed such popularity as the two living species of the genus Castor - the largest rodent, the northern hemisphere - the beaver. Beaver biology of both species so similar, that the knowledge of beaver, its ecology and experience in the use of beaver resources accumulated a Canadian beaver, it is also applicable here in Europe. The value of the beaver population in the home of North America and Eurasia, is reflected in folklore and religious rituals. Peculiar, in a very important place here belongs castoreum - pair of glands, the secret of which was known as a valuable Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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