In the besieged city

During the Great Patriotic War, the residents of a gro madnogo city found itself in the position of Robinson. In late 1941, Leningrad was surrounded by fascist howl bench and cut off the island from the mainland - then known throughout the Soviet Union. Bombs and fires were destroyed wives food stores. Food and fuel became scarce. Residents of Leningrad, as Robinson, master of tin stove, canned - light bulbs, oil lamps, made lighter, replacing matches. In the spring, when the streets of the stones and asphalt break was fine grass, people began to search for edible plants and vitamins. On Nevsky Read more [...]
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Finding and cooking

The lack of food for people who find themselves in an emergency independent existence - a big problem. To stray far from the village, it will not be as prevalent, as it is hoped to quickly reach out to people. But if the group was forced to autonomy away from roads and settlements, you have to solve the problem of exploration and production of edible plants, animals and fish. In other words, you need to solve the problem of starvation. During starvation adaptive reactions aimed primarily at reducing energy consumption, reducing the intensity of metabolism. To do this, it is desirable Read more [...]
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How not to poison mushrooms and berries

The surest way to avoid poisoning - is going on a journey to explore the poisonous plants, mushrooms and berries found in the area. And what if the plant is not known to have taken a liking to eat and how at the same time does not appear among the poisonous? Do not eat at all? Well, it is a wise decision - consider any unfamiliar plant or fungus known poisonous. But experience shows that starving people will not heed common sense. If he decided to try an unfamiliar fruit or berries, to dissuade him is almost impossible. Therefore, if a person already decided on a risky experiment, this should Read more [...]
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Encyclopedia mushroom picker

Entsiklopediya mushroom picker Author: Craftsmen AP Format: pdf Size: 19.9 MB Year: 2005Entsiklopediya mushroom picker is a unique publication, containing interesting information on a wide variety of fungi, including those of the obscure. The book gives detailed descriptions of more than 400 species of mushrooms - edible, conditionally edible and poisonous, and "tasty" finale - the original recipes for mushrooms. Many of the new reader will learn about recycling and storage of these gifts of nature. Besides encyclopedia teach you self grow mushrooms. Ha color insert are "portraits" Read more [...]
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Robinson shipwrecked

We are a long way behind in the wake of Robinson Crusoe, overtook him, and often, and distilled. We opened up some of the mysteries of vegetation, and during our journey through the fields and forests, something we have to learn to do. Finally, check the following: can we be true or not Robinson? In Zulu and Swazi tribes living in South Africa, there exists the custom every young man who has reached fifteen years to be recognized as an adult and a warrior has to prove that he is a good Robinson. The body of the young men painted with white paint, give it a shield and a short spear, and announce Read more [...]
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Food and water

Starvation When fasting adaptive reactions are expressed primarily in the reduction of energy consumption, reduction in metabolic rate. Deprived of food coming from outside the body, after appropriate adjustment begins to spend its internal fabric stores. They are large enough. So, with a weight of 70 kg has about 15 kg of fat.  Before the death of the organism occurs, it may spend 40-45% of these reserves. Tissue reserves should last for 37-42 days of complete starvation. It is at rest. But the task - to reach the village. Walking - it's work. It it costs three times more than in Read more [...]
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Plant foods

In the world there is a huge number of plants that can be eaten at different times of the year and in different natural zones. The flora of the planet is so varied that die from starvation and lack of water a person in difficult extreme conditions in the forest, jungle, mountains and deserts, almost impossible. In different parts of the world and different climatic zones can always find a plant that will supply you with water, tasty and juicy fruits, vegetable bread, fats, sugar and milk. But for this you need to know where, how and when to collect, how much and how to use it. The nutritional Read more [...]
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