Already bummed. Shock. What’s next.

The author is not me. But a very useful material. I hope that by reading of the material and you will get a clearer impression of what comes up when assisting Severely off-roads.What is itShock - it's quite a particular pathological process by which the cardiovascular system is unable to provide adequate circulation, or similar software is achieved temporarily, due to the consumption of exhaustible compensatory mechanisms. Emphasize shock - it circulatory failure. Thus, the basis of any characteristic of the complex shock is circulatory abnormalities (related to insufficient blood supply) Read more [...]
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What’s the scoop gruelling carapace cap for skiing, tramp, and snowshoeing?

The Rainfall Phantasma     Exposure: courtesy, PatagoniaThe Rainwater TinctureThe Rainfall TinctureA:Oodles of effective choices out thither, Microphone, altogether sorts of damage ranges.If you're later a truly dear buy, yield a take Patagonia's Rainfall Phantasma cap ($179). It employs the now-popular 2.5-layer structure, in which the intimate "stratum" is actually upright a embossed formula. It stillness protects the eye bed spell deliverance weightiness. The Rainfall Apparition uses Patagonia's tried-and-true H2No raincoat/breathable covering, and has dainty touches Read more [...]
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On the effect of earthquakes on global warming

July 31, 2013. Studies conducted by a team of scientists from Germany and Switzerland, have shown that taking place under a layer of ocean water earthquake help to increase global temperatures on our planet. This effect of underwater earthquakes occur because the tremors disturb huge reserves of methane, resting in the depths of the ocean. Collects more than one millennium to the bottom of the oceans of methane, one of the main greenhouse gases of the atmosphere, is released from the deep storage and wanders out of the water into the air. Such a process has been launched in Pakistan 70 years ago, Read more [...]
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Alpamys Of Akanov

15-year-old schoolgirl has invented a flashlight that runs from the human heatCanadian tenth Ann Makosinski from Victoria, British Columbia, made an ordinary led flashlight that can be powered warmth of the human body. Because of this, instead of reloading or substitution batteries, all what you need, that he has earned - this is practically just hold it in your hands.Ann Makosinski began to participate in science fairs since sixth grade, and its main enthusiasm was another power, especially the collection of various worthless expending energy around us. During the study the subject of their own Read more [...]
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survival medicine

BISPHENOL-A.Bisphenol a is used as a hardener in the manufacture of plastic goods-based plastics.Soluble in alcohol, acetone, glacial acetic acid, ether, benzene. The presence of bisphenol-A: polycarbonates, epoxy resins, varnishes, paints, glues, different plastics. This make plastic bottles for beverages, sports equipment, tools, dental fillings, lenses, CDS and DVDs, various home appliances, thermal receipt tape, window profiles, film tension ceilings etc. Epoxy resin, containing this chemical, inside cover almost all cans for beverages and merchandise.Only in the land of the rising sun due Read more [...]
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Two suns appeared in the sky over China

A few weeks after the emergence of the Internet the hypothesis that the growth of neighboring stars can lead to the appearance of a second sun in the sky — the version that was later debunked — two suns were recorded on camera yesterday in China. Two of the solar disk appeared side by side, one slightly above the other, according to Life#39;s Little Mysteries. «What happens? — asks Jim Kaler, an astronomer from the University of Illinois, author of several scientific publications. Double image of the sun — this is probably the effect of optical Read more [...]
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Research forest avalanches

3 April. Scientists from the research group on avalanches UBC began to study the impact of avalanches on the forests of British Columbia. Understanding the avalanche mechanism and the destructive power of these natural disasters will help in the proper assessment of risk to the centuries-old forest stands and harvesting of these trees. The study demonstrates that the effect of avalanches can be more than unpleasant for those areas where unskilled logging. The group involved in the project (in particular, Dr. D. McClung), is trying to develop ways to predict how far this or that avalanche can Read more [...]
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The nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania caused a blizzard

One of the pictures taken by radar over the nuclear power plant in Beaver Valley, clearly shows the formation of a weather system that is presented in the form of the valley surprise 25mm environmentally unsafe snow.Snowfall was made possible after the stack station release enough steam and moisture, which flows under the influence of cold air masses from the north-west turned into snow. Appear as a pair of snow helped a pipe located near the generating station Mansfield coal-fired. From the point of view of physics, there was the usual process of condensation, cloud formation and precipitation. Read more [...]
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Scientists on trolling

With this sign everyone who has written articles and notes on climate change at some popular sites (or, even worse, spoke on the topic on YouTube). Immediately after the publication of the material in the comments appear flock trolls. Basically it is the global warming deniers who immediately begin to challenge what has been said and attack on science - sometimes with insults and even outright abuse. Here is a typical example:"As in the phrase" 16 years on Earth no warmer "to understand? You alarmists, call any time period for which the information does not confirm your hypothesis Read more [...]
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There were first forecasts for hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in 2013

12/11/2012 A team of scientists from the University of Colorado, united in the "Project of Tropical Meteorology", released an initial forecast for the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean in 2013. The final version of the forecast will be released in April next year, but now it is only the possible scenarios. To date, researchers have proposed four such scenarios. Their description is provided on site PhysOrg.In 2013, an unusual increase in the rate will thermohaline circulation, thus there will be no effect Southern Oscillation. As a result, the average tropical cyclone activity Read more [...]
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Dark energy is real, say astronomers

Dark energy, the mysterious substance that speeds up, according to scientists, the expansion of the universe actually exists. So says a team of astronomers from the Portsmouth (England) and the University of Munich. After a two-year study, led by Tommaso Dzhannantonio (Tommaso Giannantonio) and Robert Krittendenom (Robert Crittenden), researchers concluded that the probability of the existence of dark energy is 99.996%. Prof. Bob Nichol (Bob Nichol), a member of the Portsmouth team, said: "Dark energy is one of the great mysteries of Nature today, so it is not surprising that so many researchers Read more [...]
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What really would be watching travelers 'Star Wars'

According to a recent British study, the movement of the speed of light in the Millennium Falcon will look different than it is in the film. In the "Star Wars" Han Solo, Luke and Leia saw the light from the stars stretched by them, when the ship was moving faster than the speed of light.However, the four student-master of the University of Leicester have estimated that the stars would be invisible at that speed, and travelers would see a circle of light in front of him."If the Millennium Falcon, and there really was able to move so fast, it certainly would be appropriate sunglasses Read more [...]
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Sunlight was the cure for arthritis

People living in countries where the sun shines often, rarely suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, according to U.S. scientists. They studied 200,000 women, says AMS citing BBC. The basic idea here is that vitamin D, produced by the sun, a positive effect on the body. The truth, to lie in the sun all day is not necessary.Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the fact that the immune system attacks the human joints, causing pain. It is more common among women. As the staff of the Harvard Medical School, they were able to trace the two groups of women. Followed by one in 1976 and the second - in 1989. Read more [...]
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Scientists recognized videogame helpful person

As reported by the electronic version of the British newspaper the Sun, according to the scientist, the game increases a number of qualities that people often use in everyday life. According to Griffiths, "the process of the game has a number of positive effects: education, increased self-esteem, improve coordination. There is no evidence that video games, if done for them a moderate amount of time, have a negative effect on the person. " "I have three kids and they all spend part of their time in front of a TV playing games - said the scientist. - I think that if they did their Read more [...]
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How to increase the temperature of Mars?

Mars is one of the most obvious candidates for the creation of a future human colony. But living in a sealed insulated cocoons and move in space suits, no one wants.How can increase the temperature on Mars? How to make the living conditions and human life on the red planet are perfect? Experts offer warm atmosphere with chlorofluorocarbons. These gases are present in aerosol cans, and are designed to create the necessary pressure there.Experts offer to spray large quantities of gas in the Martian atmosphere, in order to cause it kind of greenhouse effect. When this is done, then on Mars Read more [...]
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Rising sea levels could lead to cooling and storms

The models describing the future warming and sea level rise is not considered the impact of melting ice on the water temperature and, consequently, the world. And it is in vain, says U.S. climate scientist James Hansen.Catastrophic sea level rise, which we expect by the end of the century, can give a side effect, so far eluded scientists. Melting icebergs cool the sea around Greenland and Antarctica, so that the average surface temperature of the planet will drop a degree or two.This conclusion is not in the published paper comes climatologist James Hansen of NASA's Space Research Institute Read more [...]
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North Pole could disappear by 2016

Climate scientists say that the North Pole in 3-4 years has completely melted, with disastrous calamities in the ecosystem and the climate of the Northern Hemisphere can be reversed. American Center for Snow and ice collect data on the state of the ice cover in the Arctic. This organization is funded by NASA. That happens at the North Pole of the planet can be seen on satellite imagery. Julien Struve (geographer center) claims that have never seen such rapid changes in the study region. In her words can be understood that at this time before the ocean is completely covered with ice. Now, in Read more [...]
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Tropical forests are managed by the winds

Russian experts believe that conventional climate models do not account for in vain role of forests in the atmospheric circulation.Where does the wind? Someone will say it's about the difference in temperature: hot air rises, cold sinks. The textbooks and write.And what if the winds, command of atmospheric circulation are primarily condensation? And it happens mostly in tropical forests: the moisture evaporates, seeps through the trees. Physics and foresters who defend this controversial idea, argue that if we cut down forests, we lose the wind and rain, that they generate.Blinck."Height Read more [...]
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The effect of the solar halo observed in Chukotka

The effect of the solar halo observed in Chukotka. The photo was taken at the Airport "Carbon".
Category: Atmosphere
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Hose breathing apparatus Title Reserve

Title "Reserve" Application:Hose breathing apparatus TCP Reserve provides complete respiratory protection and vision of a man in an area with a high content of toxic gas or oxygen-depleted (less than 17% vol.), In the temperature range from -40 to +60 oS.Apparat can be used: • self-contained breathing apparatus with a small protective effect of time; • Together with the mobile compressed air supply "module."Description:Heat-resistant and durable waterproof harness is fully adjustable to any height by providing a reliable and comfortable fit. Demand valve is activated by Read more [...]
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