Siun Mamontov

Siun Mamontov (06 (19) .03.1903, pos. Irbitsky zd, Irbitsky y., Perm. Lip. 13.03. 1989, Sverdl.), A scientist, electrical engineer, Dr. Sci. n., prof. (1943), the first in the U. Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1963). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the UPI (1925). 1931-1986 Head. Chair of UPI, including 1955-66 Rector. Author of 230 scientific. works, including 11 monographs, 20 inventions. Shire. known method of electric three-phase metal arc (jointly. G.P.Mihaylovym a) used in defense z-dah U. in years. WWII. S. founder of the school of new types of electrical Read more [...]
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PERM ELECTRICAL PLANT (AO Evestur) Regular. in 1946 in Perm for repair of electrical equipment, in a rum-cum. x of dire need. In 1953 the company was DOS. the first low power electric motors., the nomenclature to-ryh every city expanded. By the 1980s, zd became Mfr. asynchronous motors for dec. automated systems and devices, small washing machines, centrifuges, collector motors for welding equipment, cream separators, consumer electronics. Based on its own electric company no. kitchen appliances: electric coffee, grinder, universal kitchen machine. Max. s fame brought do Kama electric and electric Read more [...]
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Built Orenbah. in 1982, is the parent company of the electrical power. MY. uninterruptible power supply to ensure power supply of computers, high-end computing p. and medical equipment, inverters, electrical appliances, welding machines, ultrasonic insulators, rectifier-chargers units, etc. Products s ​​da delivered in all state-va ex. USSR and in 16 foreign countries. The company employs 1,500 slave. and Engineering.

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History is made by people

   The history of electric repair Shop began in the 20s with a wooden outhouse to mechanical workshop. There are six electricians resellers engaged First service lines and electric drainage. The first complex compressor motor rewound in 1934. Doing this under the wrapper Pologov guidance of experts Barkhatova and Aleshin. The first head of the workshop was Erohin. In 1943, of the this versatile plant stands Electrical Repair and celebrates new home in a new stone building that served as the basis Contemporary ERTS. Number of Employees has reached 100 people.    Further Read more [...]
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The position of chief power

     It is reasonable to say that the service of the main power plant arose with the beginning of the design Novotagilskogo smelter. Calculate the amount of water, steam, electrical power required for the normal operation of the future giant Ural industry.     It was then the beginning of the readout biography Energy Tagil Metallurgical Combine. Have you seen the new production capacity, together with them, and develop the energy system. But we must not forget that at the head of any system are real people.     The position of chief power is responsible. Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Moldova. Photo report

Emergency services businesses of electricity and housing and communal services of the Transnistrian city Grigoriopol eliminate the effects of the hurricane that hit the city on the eve of the weekend and led to the collapse of the cliffs electrical wires and trees. As the correspondent of "New Region" at the headquarters of the Civil Protection (PP), gale-force winds and heavy rain band passed through the center of the city. The main blow fell on the highway elements of the republican values ​​Tiraspol - Kamenka, which due to broken wires and trees had collapsed block. According to Read more [...]
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Stopped second unit of Rostov NPP following operation Electrical generator

Stopped second unit of Rostov NPP following operation Electrical generator. Itar-Tass reported in the regional emergencies department.

"At 16:52 MSK following operation Electrical generator Rostov NPP stopped the second power. Radiation background is normal," — said the source.

"Energy consumers are not violated," — he added.?

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Budapest Airport is closed for a day because of a failure of electrical equipment

Budapest International Airport on Friday closed at least for a day due to a failure in the electrical control tower, reports the Associated Press.

Airport spokesman Mihály Hardy (Mihaly Hardy) reported that, from 10.50 GMT (14.50 MSK), flights with a stopover in Budapest transferred to Vienna, Bratislava and other cities.

It is planned that the airport Franz Liszt will resume on Saturday afternoon.

Category: Factors and accident
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Why volcanic eruption causes thunderstorms?

The eruption of Redout in Alaska in 2009 (photo Brentwood Higman). on may 21. Volcanic eruptions can produce lightning is not worse than the most severe storms. The most detailed today, the study of electrical discharges during eruptions will allow you to create a system that can quickly detect ash emissions that could disrupt air traffic.Pliny The Elder 79 year drew attention to the fact that the eruption often lead to thunderstorms, but scientists have only recently begun to create a station for monitoring the electrical activity of the volcanoes. In early 2009, the thunder registered Read more [...]
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Insulating mat

Insulating matInsulating mat

Insulating rubber mats are designed for use as an additional means of protection in enclosed electrical voltage above 1000 (except for very damp areas), and outdoor electrical in wet weather.

The corrugated surface mat provides reliable anti-slip properties.

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A Night-Vision Contact?

In 2010, two British scientists were awarded the Nobel Swag in physics for their breakthrough of a c stuff called graphene. Since so, the incredibly stiff, lightness, and temperature-conductive stuff has been time-tested for use in everything from electronic screens to the build. A University of Michigan survey is now victimization the optic capabilities of graphene to make an infrared contact. Graphene can observe the full infrared spectrum, too as seeable and uv. Nonetheless, because the cloth is as slenderize as a unity molecule, it absorbs but two pct of that lightness. That small Read more [...]
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Storm usually lasts a short time, but after her may follow prolonged rain, snow, storm. Often accompanied by hail storm. In danger of electric shocks that can affect death or severely burn. Lightning mainly affects the most prominent place in the first place tends to metal. The closer to the electrical discharge is a climber, the greater the risk it is exposed. Therefore, when a thunderstorm is coming climbers who are on the crest, the gendarme on a separate ledge, you must immediately go down under any cover. All metal items should be folded away from you, but not lower myself and not Read more [...]
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