The Barbarian Register: Lightning

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull     Photograph: Courtesy of bjarkis on Flickr.Q. Why was thither lightning in the ash clouds from that Icelandic vent?A. The bang of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull did more primer European air dealings; it created bemire thunderstorms in its ash pride. Though many eruptions farm lightning, few cases sustain been studied. "The ash particles battering into apiece over-the-counter in the taint and the charges climax out of the volcano aren't comfortably tacit," says Graydon Aulich, an atmospherical scientist at New Mexico Detective and co-author Read more [...]
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Tramp Tec: Backcountry Electronics Chargers

    All the detective in the earth is no beneficial if users don't suffer a way to superpower it. A few companies are stressful to overwhelm that obstruction with devices that commute estrus to electricity. In June, one former favourite, Vodafone, revealed its Mightiness Pouch, a courser for quiescency bags and dress that uses torso oestrus to exponent your sound, debuting it at euphony festivals roughly the U.K.BioLite, whose society shibboleth is “Muscularity Everyplace,” develops romance burn range that uses its own thermic vigour to bearing electronics.  BioLite Read more [...]
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New Crowdfunded Outside Pitch

    Pic: Vera & Jean-Christophe/Flickr Bastioned: When a admirer of two MIT engineers was hit by a car equitation habitation later his bicycle lights were stolen, the duo founded Bastioned to pee-pee trusted that would ne'er bechance again. They highly-developed USB-rechargeable bicycle lights that are theft-proof. The handlebar and seatpost lights are capable 170 lumens smart, and apiece comes with a customs protection allen key so that you, and lone you, can transfer it. The al Airman Figurehead Ignitor and Afterburner Taillight accompany a life, no-matter-what warrant. Read more [...]
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Pop Benefits Jet Vim

Researchers at Fag Mary University and Purple College London are reportage that exposing solar cells to pop makes them commute sunshine into electricity capable 50 pct more expeditiously.Solar cells, expensive to develop, make capable 40 percentage more electricity spell hearing to the higher pitches ground in pop and rock-and-roll. Standardised tests conducted with classical, typically of darker tones than pop, did not issue the like good effects."Thither are dozens of places where this mightiness be utilitarian," says Nance Mary University investigator Steve Dunn, referring to the Read more [...]
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In Ukraine without electricity more than 200 settlements

In Ukraine, due to snow and squally wind tonight energized over 200 settlements, the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Hardest hit Poltava region, in which no light is 141 town. No electricity in several villages and towns in Kharkov, Kiev and Lugansk regions. Restoration of the power supply system power companies engaged teams. By the morning of January 8 provided the movement of road, rail and air transport. On clearing the roads from Ukravtodor involved over a thousand pieces of equipment and more than two thousand employees. Source: RBS Read more [...]
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In Italy, about 65 thousand households without electricity

Around 65,000 families were left without electricity in the Italian capital of Lazio after Saturday fell on her element, local media reported. Due to the extraordinary power of the winds that caused these tornadoes, in the provinces of Latina (Latina) and Viterbo (Viterbo) were damaged power lines, causing power supply discontinued about 50 thousand families. More about 15 thousand families were left without electricity and heat in the Roman province. Currently, teams of technicians national electricity Enel Group are working to restore the electricity supply to these areas. Strong winds and Read more [...]
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Turkey covered snowfall!

Snow paralyzed Turkey. In Istanbul virtually stopped traffic on. At least two people were killed and dozens injured in the past day from frostbite in Turkey, passed on Sunday, local media quoted police sources. Heavy snow and strong wind, the speed of which sometimes reaches 70-80 km / h, paralyzed life in parts of the country, including in Istanbul. Cnegopad lasts about a day. Roads are having many kilometers cork. It stops the movement of marine trams. Because of the strong gale came shortages of electricity and natural gas. Several urban areas remained without electricity. In Istanbul, there Read more [...]
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BioLite Range: Start-Up

BioLite out of the box.     Picture: Bob ParksA:To use the BioLite, you excite a picayune fan, powered by a belittled lithium-ion barrage privileged the electronics. The fan makes the blast hotter, creating electricity from a solid-state author inwardly. If I were rattling encampment, I would berth an al pot on top of the BioLite and would be warming up my lyophilized chile most now. The twist plant as a even clique range, qualification it a co-generation gimmick—estrus and electricity. For preparation, it boosts the heating with the modest fan, fundamentally the eq of Read more [...]
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Without electricity

Weather impact on humanity, each time getting stronger and stronger. Winter 2009-2010. Thousands ... hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity due to severe frosts, snow and gale-force winds. Let's look at the situation in the world more. These reflect the weekly news situation, February 8-14. Ukraine Snowfalls and strong winds left thousands without electricity for more settlements in Ukraine. As of 7:00 (8:00 MSK) due to severe weather conditions in 12 regions of Ukraine 1000 41 de-energized town: in Nikolaev (region) - 341, Odessa - 221, Vinnitsa - 141, Kirovograd Read more [...]
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Hurricane in eastern Georgia

The eastern Georgia on Monday hit a hurricane, which uproots perennial trees and tear the roofs off houses, damaged power lines. Smashed bus stops and billboards. Hurricane winds in the capital of Georgia, David the Builder in the alley, pulled out a tree that fell on a car "Mercedes". As a result of this incident, killing the driver of a motor vehicle. Strong winds seriously damaged building in Gori. Remained without a roof high school Gori №5. In different districts of Tbilisi hurricane wind knocked out as high-and low-voltage power lines, said in Tbilisi Electricity Distribution Company Read more [...]
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The decision on construction of hydroelectric power station was made in 1942 to supply Satka industrial area with electricity. The war went on and the front needed a wide variety of products. And means and energy for production. The project was designed and prepared under the guidance of authoritative hydro, academician S. I. Beetle.

The project was quite unusual and used the topography and nature of this part of the southern Urals. On lake Zyuratkul, whence the river Bolshaya Satka was planned to build a dam to raise the lake level. So the lake, which we currently litsezreem, approximately three times larger than the natural mirror Zyuratkul. Further, from the dam was derivative, in other words an outlet channel with a length of 9 km to the basin. Why was required to build the channel such length? The thing is, what exactly in this place there is a significant height difference, more than 100 meters. What you need to give Read more [...]
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In the United States without electricity more than 160 thousand inhabitants

Snowfall, which began the night on the north-eastern United States, has already left without electricity more than 160 thousand people. According to meteorologists, powerful cyclone capture a large region and will bring more than half a meter of snow in the states of New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and a few others. It is expected that snow will last at least until Friday, February 26. Currently, the areas covered by the bad weather has closed hundreds of schools and government agencies. Canceled events. Thus, in particular, in Maine will not take place the traditional sled dog Read more [...]
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Thousands of homes in Scotland without electricity

Several thousands of homes in Scotland were left without electricity due to heavy snowfall, according to a British television channel Sky News. As a result, suffered in last night to Scotland snow fell from 60 to 90 cm of snow, which was an unprecedented phenomenon, even for these sites. Among the most affected by the bad weather areas - Gleneagles Ohterarder, Bracken and Grinloaning in the county of Perthshire in central Scotland, as well as Benkori and Alford in Aberdeenshire County in the north-east of the country. Snowfall violated electricity in many areas. During Friday's cut off from Read more [...]
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Strong winds in the United States. Video

In the north-eastern United States are heavy rains, gusty winds knocked down passers-by and fells trees. Element has already claimed the lives of three people, about half a million people were left without electricity. The biggest shock assumed New York and New Jersey. Almost two days at Kennedy expected departure to Moscow about 200 passengers "Aeroflot". Now they are on their way to Russia. Source: NTV Previous News: · Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity Read more [...]
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Residents of Chile for a few hours without electricity

Virtually the entire territory of Chile remained today for a few hours without electricity due to an accident in the power supply system. As the Minister of the Interior of Chile Rodrigo Hintspeter Delhi, the accident occurred due to damage to the transformer capacity of 500 kW in the central power supply system of the country. At 20:40 local time, remained without electricity for settlements in the 3500 km of the Chilean territory — from the region of Atacama in the north to the south of the region of Araucanía. Hintspeter said that "it is not a power outage due to a series of Read more [...]
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Element in Georgia left without electricity for more than 100,000 families

Because of the strong wind, rain and snow in the regions of Georgia are disconnected from the electricity 128 thousand families, the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW in Tbilisi on Tuesday. Particularly difficult situation in Kvemokartliyskom region south of Tbilisi, where the river overflowed. Damaged electric poles, flooded substations. Brigade electricians working in emergency mode. Different regions have mud flows, damaged part of the motorway. Flooded ground floors and basements of many houses, including Tbilisi. Source: View Read more [...]
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Yegorshinsky TPP

Yegorshinsky TPP beg. p. in 1916 on the bank. Bobrovka near the miners' village. Egorshino Perm. lips. In 1917-1919 p. Suspended and resumed in 1921 on the ba. electrification plan. In October. 1922 Electra. gave the first talk, to-ing produces two turbogenerator British firm Thomson-Houston powerful. 500 kW each. Were later equipped with two turbine generator Leningrad. metal s da powerful. 1,5-2 thousand. KW and one Swedish company Yungstrem by 11.5 thousand. KW. By 1941, Art. had established powerful. 24 megawatts, serving Yegorshinsky coal bass. Giving current in Eq. energokoltso. During the Read more [...]
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Tens of thousands of homes without electricity in Northern Ireland

Because of the continuing the third day in the north of the British Isles snowfall and blizzards in Northern Ireland remained without electricity for about 100,000 homes, according to British media today. Operating in an emergency mode repair teams local power company was able to restore the power supply to 82 million homes, but about 20 thousand buildings remain without electricity. Repairmen working round the clock to re-pulling to break under the weight of snow wires, raise hundreds of wind collapsed pillars. In the struggle against the elements involved police, coast guard, rescue climbers. In Read more [...]
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25,000 Norwegians without electricity in the Arctic Circle

Accident in the power transmission system left without electricity on Tuesday about 25 thousand inhabitants of the Norwegian Arctic. The reasons for the incident that occurred on located in the Norwegian Sea, Lofoten, are being investigated. "The accident is localized, began repair work. Based on currently available information, we believe that the electricity supply will be restored during the day ", - quotes agency the power company statement Lofotkraft. Currently temperature Lofoten where in this time daylength not exceed a few hours is about -7 ... -10 ° C. Reference: The Lofoten Islands Read more [...]
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Heavy rain drowns the Austrian capital

Torrential rain, which began on Thursday evening in Vienna, has led to disruptions in the transport, local flooding, evacuation of spectators from cinemas and stop supplying electricity to a number of metropolitan areas, according to the Austrian radio. Spectators of a theater in the entertainment center «Lugner City» had to be evacuated from the audience when the accumulated water has already reached the knees. Because of the leak was interrupted traffic on one of the central line of the Vienna subway U3. Firemen went on pumping water from the basements of the buildings between 19.00 Read more [...]
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