Untouchable food supplies

All at the disposal of wrecked human dolgosohranyayuschiesya products constitute emergency reserve. You can use it in a pinch. Unfortunately, often a person starts saving only after he had left the last biscuit.I remember situations of conflict arising in the sea due to the fact that most starving crew members insisted that it is easier to go hungry when there's nothing left than chronically malnourished, watching the foods gradually deteriorate!In other words, they offered time to eat all the food, and then forced "fold the teeth on the shelf". Alas, such a straightforward logic is typical Read more [...]
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1. The alarm system.2. How truly topple the tree chainsaw.3. The simplest shelter in the summer forest.4. Thermal screen in the autumn forest.5. What to do if the storm caught in the forest.6. Overnight in the woods. An improvised bed. 7. Bring the wounded from the forest for himself.8. Carrying a fire in extreme criteria. 9. Hiking backpack - roll.10. How to boil water in a plastic bottle.Survival - Emergency alarm 1:07Take him 1:32Survival is the easiest refuge in the summer. 1:16Survival - "Thermal screen" 1:12The storm caught in the forest, What to do? 1:33Overnight Read more [...]
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Pavel Vakhrameev The rations used in a situation where there is no access to ordinary food. Some examples of this: the civilians shambles, storms, earthquakes, floods. Also, this type of power can be used in campaigns as temporary power.Nutrient tiles vary in the amount of calories and weight. On average for 1 meal quite 300 kilocalorie, based on this You can calculate how many tiles you need for the number of days during which you will have to do without ordinary food.#vizianagaramOverview of Emergency rations MayDay 13:31Review Emergency food ration Mayday Survival Food 10:51Read more [...]
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Emergency kits. Tips on picking [1]

Survival tool is different inviolable supplies (NZ), emergency styling, sets, kits, etc., (the title isn't the essence of the principle, here, really, is more important than the content).Sets & kits special purpose (galakticheskie, aviation, army, spetsnaz and other departmental) I'm not going to outline. They are designed by experts, taking into account the specificity of the purpose, place of use and the qualifications of the people for whom they are provided, and typically have a narrow application. Copy of their independent travelers one-to-one unlikely to succeed. For example, in the NT a Read more [...]
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Drought in Russia

July 11, 2013. As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Fyodorov, according to preliminary estimates by the drought in Russia, killing nearly 2% of the total sown area of ​​crops - 1.45 million hectares. Due to the abnormally high temperature, which was held in Central Russia in June and early July, several regions of the country were subjected to drought. We are talking about Lipetsk, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Samara, Kurgan regions and Bashkiria, a number of districts of the Chelyabinsk, Rostov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, Kalmykia Read more [...]
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In Brazil, declared emergencies in 127 cities in the south of the country

The number of cities that have declared emergency mode due to incessant rain and storms in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, has grown to 127, said Thursday the local office of civil defense. Earlier it was reported on 66 localities in which introduced a state of emergency. From mid-November in the region continue to showers. With a difference of a few days in the state have fallen for four hurricane force winds in some places reached 132 km / h. As a result, thousands of trees were knocked down and a few pylons power lines, tore roofs off houses. Passage cyclone is accompanied Read more [...]
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For 11 months in Kyrgyzstan was 225 emergencies

For 11 months as a result of 225 emergencies in Kyrgyzstan killed 71 people, including 49 people died from the accident. The greatest number of casualties occurred during the 16 man-made emergencies and major traffic accidents, which claimed 49 lives. During one of the 14 landslide in the village Raykomol Aksy district killed 16 people, while 35 avalanches - 2 people. Done without the tragedies of 93 debris flows and floods, earthquake 21, 15 hurricanes and strong winds. The largest number of emergencies happened in Jalal-Abad region, where, due to the fact that the territory of the road from Read more [...]
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United States in the grip of a blizzard

As reported by BBC Radio and Television on Saturday, the most powerful winter storms raged on Thursday evening and Friday - the day of Christmas, in some areas, the thickness of the snow reached 60 centimeters. In South Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma due to a series of accidents closed some highways. Thousands of people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois were without electricity. According to the Associated Press, warning of a blizzard effect in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. The cyclone caused havoc on the roads and the cancellation Read more [...]
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Floods in southern Israel

Torrential rains have caused severe flooding in southern Israel. There are deaths and injuries, a few people still unaccounted for. Under water were dozens of settlements. In some cities, flooded the first floors of buildings. Evacuated hundreds of residents. Rescuers work in emergency mode on the phone lines every minute emergency services received dozens of calls asking for help. No better situation in the Palestinian territories. Moreover, local authorities blamed it on Israel. In the press reported that the soldiers of this country have opened one of the dams, resulting in the streets of Read more [...]
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In 80% of the districts of Tatarstan recorded drought, the president enters a state of emergency

July 19, 2013. At a recent government meeting Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan, said the increased to 35 the number of areas where the drought has been fixed. In the republic of all w 43 districts, which means that 80% of the region is suffering from drought, there declared a state of emergency. Harvesting began in almost all areas: the number of namolochennyh grain exceeded 80 thousand tons. Drought, according minsehozproda Halve predicted earlier harvest of five million tons. If the forecasts are correct, the republic will gather at this year's 20% Read more [...]
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In Bolivia, a state of emergency

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on Friday a state of emergency due to incessant rains and floods. President ordered to allocate the necessary funds to help victims of the rampant disaster. At least nine people were killed and thousands of people were left homeless. Culprit engulfed Bolivia floods once again become a natural phenomenon El Niño (Sic). This phenomenon is a warm current, causing warming of the eastern Pacific on 5 ... to 9 °. El Niño usually becomes the culprit of environmental disasters: drought or prolonged heavy rains, leading to flooding. So, in 2006, flooding caused Read more [...]
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The state of emergency in three states in the USA

A state of emergency was declared on Friday in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee at the continued there and in other Central American states snowfalls. As the representatives of the local authorities in the region remain without electricity 175 thousand. Residential buildings and office buildings. On the restoration of electricity required at least one week.State of emergency declared in parts of Virginia, Alabama and others. It closed schools and government agencies. Snowstorms in the central regions of the United States continued for several days. Weather-covered huge territory Read more [...]
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According to Tbilisi hurricane. Video

Also see the last news on the topic.Because of the hurricane that struck on Monday at Tbilisi, many buildings were left without roofs, one person was killed. On one of the streets of a tree fell on a car, whose driver died on the spot. As reported by "Interfax" in the Tbilisi office of the emergency in the car were two people who were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. During the day, the service received 800 calls. As a result of strong winds in many streets of Tbilisi uprooted trees, many buildings demolished the roof, in a number of areas damaged power lines, fires broke Read more [...]
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Table calorie products

Good day to all survivalist! Today I've found a few tables with calorie foods and meals spread suddenly come in handy when picking up an emergency reserve. Quality but the truth is not very readable.PS: In the beginning, wanted to do an article about the seeds: about the benefits and harms of and need for an emergency stock of such material but is already on the resource. But I'd add a little bit: Widespread belief that eating sunflower seeds contribute to the exacerbation of chronic appendicitis, doctors do not support. Like what pumpkin seeds increase potency in men. 100 g seeds (glass Read more [...]
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Storm in the Crimea

On March 5 and 6 in the Crimea, declared a storm warning. According to the press service of the Crimean emergency department, in the autonomy possible heavy rain with sleet and strengthening north-easterly wind with a move to the north-west, gusts will reach 22 meters per second.

«The deteriorating weather conditions notified units Crimean emergency department and service interactions,» — said in a statement.

Source: proUA

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Winter emergency - versprochenen emergency situation in tourism. Suffice to say that for 12-15 percent of travelers who died in the result of the ill-fated cases, specific prerequisite became hypothermia (see Y.A. stürmer, 1972).More than just a cold danger man in the high-latitude zones of the country: in the vastness of the Arctic ocean, tundra, forest tundra, also in the forest, in the mountains, in the plains and the surrounding semi-desert. But all these areas are clearly heterogeneous in temperature characteristics. Even in the same areas, at the same time the readings of the temperature Read more [...]
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On the collision of the ship with a barge on the river Irtysh (video)

August 17, 13 hours and 55 minutes on the Irtysh River near the village The village newcomer Leninsky Administrative Area town of Omsk came head-on collision of the ship "Woodlands-8", owned by OAO "Omsk river port", with a cargo barge. Motor ship traveling from the village of Omsk Achair Omsk region. On board were 56 people, among them 52 passengers and 4 crew members. At the scene, quickly checked the responsible leaders of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the town of Omsk, investigative team, Read more [...]
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On the river Sukhona two snowmobiles were under the ice

Rescuers Vologda region noted increase in the number of accidents associated with the failure of snowmobiles under the ice. Every year, more than the inhabitants of Vologda region acquire high-speed snowmobiles. According to the off-road activities are permitted to travel on the ice ponds. But fans of snowmobiling avoid Directions waterbody ice thickness, which is not known, do not drive up to the polynyas, dark spots on the ice, warns the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in the Vologda region. Some desperate drivers think that at high speed can be Read more [...]
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On the bank of the river Mzymta in Sochi was an emergency

People were evacuated to the surrounding hill. NIGHT MODE is now time rain came partially blurred bulk of the dam that separates the field camp of builders from the riverbed Mzimta, near the village Fri Esta-Sadok. Shift the settlement is designed for 1,500 workers. As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory (www.23.mchs.gov.ru), workers evacuated the city settled in the dorms №51 №1 and 2. Forces of "Transkomstroy" was begun in the damaged levees. Strengthening work carried riverbank Mzimta. Danger of blurring Read more [...]
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Means of communication in emergency situations

Means of radio communication - an essential element of the emergency reserve. It is quite obvious that their effectiveness depends largely on how quickly be found in distress and how timely help will come.May 23, 1928, leaving the shore Spitsbergen, rose into the air, heading north, the airship "Italia". The expedition, led by Umberto Nobile, had to perform an extensive program of research in the Arctic. But May 26 radio contact with the airship suddenly stopped. Day after day passed, and from the expedition were no reports. It became clear that the airship crashed.And here June 3, 1928 in Read more [...]
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