On Kamchatka volcanoes erupt Kluchevskoye

Photo: ecoportal.ru In Kamchatka from the crater of the volcano Klyuchevskaya on height 300 m is a fountain of fiery lava. There was also the emission of ash to a height of 800 to 1500 meters, gas-and-ash plume extends from the crater to the East more than 10 km This was announced today a branch of the Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Two other Kamchatka volcano — Shiveluch and Karymsky — also active. On the Shiveluch registered the emission of ash to a height of 1200 meters and gathering debris avalanches. On the volcano Krymska gas-and-ash Read more [...]
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Strong magnetic storm fell upon the Earth

Powerful magnetic storm has covered the Earth. It is expected that it will last about a day and become the largest in the last five years. «We expect very strong perturbations in the electromagnetic field of the Earth caused by the incident on Sunday in the Sun two giant plasma emission»- said the British scientists, according to ITAR-TASS.In connection with the storm of possible malfunctions of electronic equipment, including computers and communication networks. In addition, solar storm can cause deterioration of mood and well being of hundreds of millions of people, experts Read more [...]
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Photographic: Volcano Sinabung left the inhabitants of Sumatra without crop

January 9, 2014. In the North of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia increased volcanic eruption Sinabung. In the beginning of 2014 \"fire mountain\" made thirty emission of ash and sixty eruptions of lava. The volcanic ash cloud reached a height of 4 km. In addition, experts managed to secure not less than 115 separate mini-eruptions, which indicates the approach of magma to the surface of the volcano. Natural disasters, which is assigned the maximum degree of threat caused serious damage in the surrounding villages destroyed the entire crop, hundreds of people were left homeless — Read more [...]
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New star-pulsar emits just two types of radiation

Scientists have discovered a strange star, may surprisingly spontaneously switch between two different types of emissions: hard X-ray emission and an intense emission of radio waves in space. Although by themselves these two radiation is not unusual for the stars and the universe is a set of objects that are in the rotation and emit X-rays and radio waves, have not opened a single object that is to throw out the two different radiation immediately.According to experts, the closest example of the similarity of the new object is a star, which at one stage of its evolution, emit X-rays, and the other Read more [...]
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Emission nebula NGC 6188

NASA: fantastic shapes lurk in clouds of glowing hydrogen in the nebula NGC 6188, located about 4,000 light years from Earth. Emission nebula is located at the edge of a large molecular cloud in the southern constellation Ara.

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Star chameleon confusing astronomers

Pulsars - are tiny rotating stars that mystified scientists since their discovery in 1967. They are smaller than the size of the world's average, but weigh more than the sun.New observations of the international team of scientists, including astrophysics from the University of Vermont Joanna Rankin, do these bizarre star even more incomprehensible.Scientists have discovered a pulsar, which can dramatically change its radiation. In just a few seconds the star can mute your radio, but at the same time, its X-ray emission is much brighter.The study "challenges all the recent theory of pulsar Read more [...]
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Benefits of emission reductions will be felt in the next century

Stop climate change is already too late, but some of its most dangerous consequences can be prevented.Can we call our generation altruists? Are we worried about what will happen to our grandchildren and their children? Or do we agree with the character of Groucho Marx who once said, "Why should I care about future generations? What did they do to me? "According to lead author of the new study Nigel Arnell of the University of Reading (UK), an unpleasant truth is that even the most radical efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 will give a negligible effect. By 2050, Read more [...]
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