Russia hit the top of the world’s most non-emotional

If you are suffering from depression, go to Singapore - up to recent polls, he called the least emotional world country, and there you will find peace. But if you need vaccination good emotions, you are waiting for a passionate Philippines. The American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup Media asked more than 140 people of the world what they think about their lives. The most dispassionate state in the world is recognized in Singapore, followed by Georgia, Lithuania and Russia. Singapore is strong in finance and electronics, but only 36% of the 5.3 million inhabitants of the country often feel Read more [...]
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Emotions and feelings. Psychology

Emotions - it's specific sensations experienced at this time, expressed as a positive or negative attitude of the subject to some important object for it. The physiological basis of the origin and development of the emotions is a need to implement an individual program, in which a person has certain requirements are necessary to ensure their livelihoods, but also determines the choice of direction for individual self-fulfillment. The implementation of these requirements is accompanied by a deep sense of emotional satisfaction, ie evokes positive emotions. Inability to fulfill their needs Read more [...]
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The final emotional stress

During long trips submarines we have noticed that for 2-3 days before the sailing sailors became fussy, emotionally strained. They all thought that over time has slowed. There was a hurry as fast as possible to get to the shore. Emotional tension during the final period of the job and can clearly be seen in astronauts during time flight. V. Sevastyanov recalls that a few days before returning to Earth "originated something on the brain all, most would end the flight, would rather have on the Earth. Waiting for the end of the flight times were very slow. Mood deteriorated" 316. Read more [...]
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How are reasonable solution

Other root of the misconceptions that have emerged evolutionarily, is extremely dangerous link between righteousness, self-confidence and high social status. One of the most important manifestations of this is the inherent human quality consistently over-reliance. Over-reliance is that people tend to attribute too high reliability of their own opinions. Over-reliance is also manifested in feelings of self-importance, that is, confidence in the higher social status and a higher capacity than it actually is. Most respondents sociologists believe that they belong to the top 10 in the world in Read more [...]
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Psychology of boredom

The emotional background is always accompanies waking mental activity, but it is noticed only when shifted to the positive or negative direction. At the stage of unstable mental activity under the influence of monotony is shaking the emotional background of the tendency to reduce it. Especially true in experiments with prolonged hypokinesia in which subjects are placed in bed for long periods - up to 120 days - the prohibition to move and get up. Very characteristic part of wanton mood changes throughout the day: a rainbow mood unnecessarily replaced moderate depression, and depression - euphoria. Read more [...]
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Acute psychological reactions yield

This stage begins immediately after the amended terms of human existence and the time takes a few hours to 2-3 days. What is characterized by this stage? First, note that the cavers exit out of the ground - is reducing the threshold sensitivity of the visual and auditory analyzers. "When we came out of the Snow to the surface, the earth was a moonless night - says Medvedev. - However, our vision has become so adapted to the darkness of the cave, and the ear to the silence that we all saw around him as if over the mountains Caucasus was a clear day. around and we heard no silence of the night, Read more [...]
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Hypertensive state-4

For athletes of different specializations in the etiology and pathogenesis of hypertensive state, apparently, can make a difference, and some other factors. Do boxers do have consequences blows to the head, especially the state groggi, knockout and knock-down. The players head when receiving the ball in the brain may appear minor point destructive changes, which, if they are localized in the vasomotor centers, is likely to disrupt the regulation of blood pressure, etc. A few words should be said about the modern classification of hypertension Myasnikov, which is based on the concept of GF Lang Read more [...]
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Under the constant gaze

One reason for the emotional tension in isolation is that people are always on the front of each other. "... One of the greatest torment, - said Russian psychiatrist Korsakov - is not able to be alone forever be under the eyes ..." 230 Conditions for the isolation of group R. Baird wrote: "People can work in perfect harmony with the light of the sun, when the labor absorbing their energy, and living conditions can move away from each other, if any random reason will cause their nervous irritation. Quite different case in the polar night. Go nowhere. All life is limited to four Read more [...]
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Psychological trend-1

Concept 3. Freud released his speculations and pretentiousness, has been the subject of criticism, even among its supporters. Particularly criticized one of its major provisions - the Oedipus complex. In order to make the concept 3. Freud's theory of science-based visibility, it introduced various additions. In the U.S. concept 3. Freud is essentially transformed into a psychodynamic theory of psychiatry. As representatives of Freudianism, they produce different sphere of consciousness and "I": the conscious and subconscious, "I", and "super-ego." The importance Read more [...]
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About the beneficial effects of music

In the struggle with the monotony of life in extreme conditions, people have long used music. "During the winter, - said K. Borhgreviik, describing the winter in Antarctica in 1898-1899., - We arrange a wide variety of entertainment, and they have very refreshing. We had musical evenings, during which each member of the expedition successfully competed with music box ... " 350 R. Amundsen in his book "Expedition" Mod "wrote:" 8 hours 10 minutes (vechera. - VL) ... served grog and cigars, and we enjoy the sounds of our favorite - the phonograph "351. Beneficial Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic tests-7

Using factor analysis data set derived from MMPI, G. Skinner, J. Jackson and G. Hoffman (Skinner, Jackson, Hoffman, 1974) have identified eight subgroups of alcoholics. Each of them has their own, are not repeated in other subgroups, signs. Without giving the entire typology, we note that it has covered essentially all types of alcoholic patients who have previously been described by psychological techniques. The authors have shown that in-group differences are so great that any kind of average data and average MMPI profiles lead to unacceptable simplification. J. Carroll, also dealing with Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic tests-4

The method of the Rorschach and other projective techniques provided data showing lower tolerance of alcoholics in situations of frustration, stress, etc. (called experiencer type classification Rorschach). Our studies have shown that in terms of test Rosenzweig intended, as you know, for the study of frustration, the patients had very low scores on social adaptability, tolerance to frustration and stress in interpersonal relationships. The most striking aspect of their interpersonal behavior was extreme efficiency with which they start to resolve complex social and psychological sense of situations. Read more [...]
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Test-diagnostic studies-10

Cleveland and M. Sykes (Cliveland, Sikes, 1966) found that alcoholic patients are greater than in healthy, pronounced tendency to feel and your body dirty, disgusting, painful being in a deformed state. A number of studies, in contrast, are characterized as alcoholics people prone to avoidance of strong emotions and feelings did not allow into consciousness thoughts of severe illness and death (Sales, 1971). Correctly, seems to speak of the inability of patients to the formation of strong emotions, except for those arising on egozaschitnomu mechanism (Tsytsarev 1982, Balashov, 1987). The conclusion Read more [...]
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Means of communication and communication

6. Means of communication and communication. The basis of this type of motivation are unmet needs in communication, leaving the lonely, in love, in kindness, in candor, etc., that occur when excessive isolation, in anxiety, in the underdeveloped communication skills, lack of range of communication and culture . In this group of patients in a state of intoxication, not only facilitated communication, but, as a rule, is the attribution of others (for example, participants in the feast) of positive moral values, friendliness, etc. The result is a looseness, a sense of security, identity overcomes Read more [...]
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Means of changing the emotional state

2. Means of changing the emotional state. This mechanism is probably the most versatile, because alcohol acts as a psychopharmacological agent through biochemical processes in the first place on the emotional sphere of man. While working on the physical component of an emotional state, alcohol for some time can get rid of anxiety, depression, apathy, and other negative emotions, achieve euphoric, happy excited state, which is a prerequisite for the formation of craving for alcohol. An extreme version of this type of motivation is inclination habits, formed on the basis of pathological affective: Read more [...]
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Psychological problems of training of psychotherapists and counselors to work in Addiction-2

In the studies of individual (Nikolaenko, 1987) and group (Boki, Tsytsarev, 1982), psychotherapy, results were obtained, indicating a high efficiency of different types of role behavior therapists in the treatment of alcoholics (assessed the effectiveness of psychotherapy is not only directly, but also long-term results: the duration of remission for over a year, the duration of contact with a doctor at the initiative of the patient, etc.). Based on an analysis of more than 200 observations, it was concluded that different therapists indicated a different range or "repertoire" role behavior. Read more [...]
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Psychasthenia characterized alarming suspiciousness, lack of exercise, focusing on their personalities, to experiences. Pathophysiological basis of the features of patients with abnormal dominance is psychasthenia the second system, the presence of pockets of stagnant excitation inertia cortical processes. Frequently observed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive thoughts, actions, drives) are a reflection of excessive inertia centers of excitation and obsessive fears (phobias) - inert braking. The tasks of medical physical culture classes are "shaking" pathological inertia Read more [...]
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The problem of individual differences in alcohol-2

In contrast, there were no differences between men and women in terms of emotional self-control in stressful situations. Both are impulsive, prone to react with anger and aggression in a state of frustration, seek immediate gratification arising motives. Results MMPI, Rosenzweig test, clinical observations that a combination of contradictory note, often reciprocal affective states, typical for women, alcoholics, and as distinctive features of their emotional development highlight anxious-depressive mood background dominated by anxiety. However, along with these emotional reactions in patients Read more [...]
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Personality psychology as a major problem-4

BG Ananiev [1980] established principle of personal union of mental processes, states, and mental properties, along with psychophysical entities, activities, motivations and needs. This is the essence of one of the most broadly defined personality in Soviet psychology. Many members of the general psychology and most health psychologists adhere to a certain person belonging to VN Myasishchev: the essence of the personality are social relations of man to the world and to himself. This definition, which seems more philosophical than psychological, fully described in the numerous works of the author Read more [...]
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Other psychological concept of alcoholism-2

Until recently, the controversial question remains, what comes first - the personality traits linked to self-esteem, or chronic alcohol intoxication, which leads to mood disorders, which, in turn, participate in the formation of disorders of consciousness. The authors of most of the studies do not provide definitive answers to this question. Exception of laboratory tests, among which the most interesting works of N. Berg (Berg, 1971) and N. Noella, S. Lissmana (Noel, Lissman, 1980). And in both cases, the study was conducted in the dynamics of self-intoxication of healthy individuals and patients Read more [...]
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