The survivalist And you were vaccinated against encephalitis?

Link About the grip of " Encefalita Information about the Ixodes climacontrol about Ixodes ticks30 Mar 2012 23:36|I like1116 commentsAlexey Nikitin NO, I generally do not use vaccination, with Renesmee youth... go Into the forest every year for mushrooms, and more than once I had to stretch themselves from ticks.30 Mar 2012|5Alexander Shcherbakov I did believe you, at the moment, and diseases of the cloud, it's 100 years back ticks are not worse than mosquitoes were, but at the moment they are carriers of serious Read more [...]
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Weissbier Alexei V.

Weissbier Alexei V. (1900, Chrysostom, Ufa Province. 12.03.1975, Perm), a microbiologist and epidemiologist, Dr. med. Sciences, prof. (1937), Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1962). He graduated from the Perm. University (1925). Before 1938, he worked in Nizhny Tagil, then within 37 years head. Department of Microbiology at Perm. honey. in-ones. Simultaneously conducted scientific. work in Perm. Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera. P. Joint. c prof. B.I.Rayherom is the author of a vaccine against typhus. First discovered by W. Volyn fever, especially studied the epidemiology of the Read more [...]
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Our homeland this year runs the risk devil's surge in the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis,specialists warn. Across the country already fixed 10s of bites. The only remedy unsafe disease is vaccination, experts say. Victims of bites appeared in Omsk, Yaroslavl, Sverdlovsk oblast, Primorskii territory. In the Novosibirsk region with suspected encephalitis hospitalized by a local resident. In the Samara region for the first week of April in polyclinics turned eight people affected by tick bites, and in the Republic of Altai assistance took 11 people. Most cases zapisano in Chemal, where this Read more [...]
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How to remove ticks?

From May to September, in the forests and in urban parks activated ticks. Mites themselves do not carry any risk, but they can be carriers of such severe infections, such as encephalitis and tick-borne Lyme disease. Not every tick contains a virus encephalitis or Borrelia, an average of 10 mites only 1-2 are contagious (though in appearance infected and not infected ticks are not identical). Mites do not live in the trees, as is commonly believed, and the bushes and tall grass. Mite advance sees infrared radiation coming from the approaching man and prepares to attack him. After skin mite sticks, Read more [...]
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Wood ticks

May - is the time when they start to become more active mites bite which can cause serious infections - encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis. Natural foci of tick habitat in our country ambitious - from the Caucasus to the Far North. Do not think that the risk of being bitten, only those who choose to walk in the woods. Small and dangerous parasites have become urban "residents", after moving to the parks and squares. Ticks raznosyaschie infectious diseases - not only a Russian problem. Parasites invaded forests many popular tourist Western European countries - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Read more [...]
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If a tick latched

In early summer, a sin not to crawl into the bosom of nature. Squinting in the sun in the park walking, active vacationers and pohodniki and urbanists are hardened even crawl out of town for kebabs. So we think, and so, it could probably argue and mites, in which "open season" quite accurately matches our holiday season - from May to September.However, much depends on the weather: you can be bitten in April, and even in early October. If you managed to pull the tick alive and whole, it must be delivered to the laboratory in a sealed jar with a damp salfetkoy.Tomu who has ever discovered Read more [...]
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Tick borne encephalitis

in spring and summer, the taiga, the Far Eastern encephalitis, infectious disease with benefits. lesion center. the nervous system. Pathogen - a virus core. tank and carrier-cerned are mites. Source of outbreak - many others. wild animals, including rodents, birds. Infection usually occurs through the bite of infected ticks in the forest, rarely steppe zones Zap. and East. Siberia, the Urals, the Far East (and possibly in other regions - in the Volga region, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and others), rare cases - through the milk of infected goats and cows. Characteristic of the spring-summer Read more [...]
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What to do after a tick bite?

With the arrival of spring warmth and outdoorsy people Kebab-stay awake and are active in the lives of young inhabitants of forests, parks and meadows - ticks. Scientists predict that this year will sharply increase the probability of contracting tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease (Lyme disease). Because that's what this year is the peak of biological activity of most of the population of ixodid (Ixodidae) ticks that cause these diseases. In the summer of 2009 there will be more adult mites. But next year will be more of the larvae, which means less risk to humans. How to protect yourself Read more [...]
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