GEORGIEVSKY GOLD archaeological. memory. Kirov region., Athanasian rn, p. Georgieva, etc.. Bank of the river. Kama. GK was found in the first half. XIX century. daughter of a local priest accidentally. Ch things A.A.Spitsynym treasure was published (1902). Total number of articles 593, from which one pronizki 471 dec. types: tubular, spiral (alloy and wire), with swellings, without slits, straight spanners bristles at the ends, ptitsevidnye. These types of hangers are integral h. Complex noisy suspension. In GK 12 know the basics of such suspensions. Several. items broken. Among the things GK Found Read more [...]
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Do I indigence especial footgear to run in the rainfall?

A:It depends. I take you've had to run in the pelting leastways formerly. Did you get blisters so? Binding when I was a unconstipated marathoner, I trained during the wintertime in showery Portland and Seattle, and ne'er had a exceptional trouble with blisters. So it's just a job's a trouble. How's that for a utilitarian apophthegm?Differently, thither are various things you can do. One is to birth leastways two pairs of place on deal, and mayhap leash. Splay them, so if one ends the run wet, it has leastways two years in which to dry. Or, you can try to waterproofed your feet. One way Read more [...]
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What are the better goal marathons?

Bar Hold, Maine via Shutterstock     Pic: Anne KitzmanA:Climb Abandon Island Marathon, MaineYou won’t discovery droves of spectators on the craggy path of the Setting Abandon Island Marathon, but they’d scarce jam the purview of the Maine glide anyhow. The form, which starts in Bar Entertain and ends in the settlement of South-west Shield, runs on the periphery of Acadia Internal Green, starring runners done forests, on sea cliffs, and by pocket-sized sportfishing towns that empty-bellied out afterwards the summertime holidaymaker temper ends. October 14 Read more [...]
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Weaving leashes

Author: AlexScar Date: January 20, 2006Since ancient times people were weaving, knitting, wound knots on their knives and bladed weapons. Sometimes it had a practical sense, sometimes purely decorative, sometimes just a passing fad.Appointment depends on the Lanyard. Sometimes the sword knot forms a loop that you can throw on hand to reduce the risk of losing the knife in an emergency. On a small knife or a knife fight with a short stick, thick woven lanyard can fill the void in the palm of your hand, increasing the length of the handle.Also it can be used for easy and fast retrieval of Read more [...]
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All Come the Lizard

Bygone Summering, July 1998All Acclaim the LizardYou don't get to see Colorado's about notable reptilian. Hardly mind out on the chase and trustfulness that he's thither.By Rob FloorEl with PositionFlatlanders mind: this is mellow nation — very high-pitched area — where internal woods domain lies supra timberline, trails beginning at 10,000 feet, and temperatures can dive-bomb to the 1930s in mid-July. Regardless. Expend a few years Read more [...]
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Personal protection of children. Available means

The simplest means of respiratory protection against harmful dust, various aerosols of infectious agents is a cotton-gauze dressing. It is made from a piece of gauze the size 80 x 40 cm in the middle of an even layer of gauze put wool measuring 20 x 15 cm and a thickness of 1-2 cm Marlene folded along the length of the top and bottom by placing cotton wool. Lateral ends of cheesecloth cut to 25-30 cm for knotting. Wear dressing must cover the chin, mouth and nose to the eyes. The ends of the tie bandages, lower - on the crown, the top - at the back. Places gapping the mask lay wool. Read more [...]
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Winter refuge Closed

Winter is not the best season. As one well-known character, "in this weather, their homes sit, watch TV." However, for a man possessed of snow and frost is not a hindrance. Just goes to nature, without clearly defined goals have to be worthwhile. First of all, in order to fulfill the basic field skills in more difficult conditions.  For example, winter is the best time to workout at the campfire. Indeed, in the years of drought it will dissolve any child who knows how to strike sharply matches. But properly select and prepare the site, make kindling, light it and bring fire to Read more [...]
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Wolf Bast (Daphne Volchnik Ordinary) — Daphne Mezereum L.

Shrub 30-120 cm leaves are thin, obratnolantset in kind, tapering to short petioles, are located at the ends of the shoots. The flowers are small, pink or cherry, rarely white, sit close to the stem, fragrant, appear in April before leafing. Fruit - drupe, juicy, bright red or orange-red, densely sit at the ends of the shoots below the crowded leaves, ripen in late July. Wolf's bark is common in the forests of the European part of the USSR, the Caucasus, Western Siberia, growing on forest edges and in damp places, large shrubs not formed. The whole plant, especially the fruit and bark, Read more [...]
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Only the application of cats allowed climbers to climb steadily up the steep ice and firn slopes. Most convenient desyatizubye cats, consisting of two parts and made of high quality steel (Fig. 3). Weight of one pair of 1-1.2 kg. One tooth cats in endurance tests should support the weight of 80 kg. Figure 3. Cats The teeth of cats should have a tetrahedral shape. The thickness of the base - 8-10 mm, length 40-50mm, the two middle teeth slightly shorter (3-4 mm). Read more [...]
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Bowel fistula in the way tirivella

To isolate the intestinal loop in the way Thiry - Vella can be taken any loop the small intestine. It is better to use the upper jejunum, because digestive juices of the small intestine contains the largest number of different enzymes. Surgical technique. Skin incision and muscle length of 6-8 cm is carried by the white line of the abdomen from the xiphoid process to the navel. Right hand groping under the edge of the duodenum and liver extract it out. Learn intestine on its location and its relation to the pancreas. To isolate the loops of intestine are choosing plot jejunum 20-30 cm directly Read more [...]
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Achilles tendon rupture

Treatment. At full subcutaneous Achilles tendon rupture is shown operating a treatment is to restore its integrity, the same anatomic length and physiological tension triceps calf. In the early period after trauma surgery is not too difficult, since no pronounced retraction of the triceps and the ends of the Achilles tendon can easily come together and stapled. The most commonly used type of Kuehne seam (Fig. 28) with additional interrupted sutures or a thin plastic flap taken from the central end (Fig. 29). In the later stages after injury surgery is more difficult, since the increased retraction Read more [...]
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The Big Chimneysweeper

Some a billion age ago, Palos Verdes was a near-shore canal island. A few earthquakes and architectonic plateful shifts afterward, it's a canyon-riven peninsula with a slue coastline of striated shale cliffs. Too offer sempiternal sea views, this sagebrush-and-scrub outcrop has a languorous 30-mile (springiness or return) cringle for route rockers, which begins and ends at the Southward Bay Bike Track. From wheresoever you're staying, scratch pedaling s on the beach track briefly astern morning to rhythm the dealings—a impudent scheme for any go-fast biker or skater. The tag ends a few Read more [...]
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Hunters often have to cook their own food, rest and even sleep at any time of the year away from populated areas, so the ability to quickly dissolve a particular stake in the hunting life has great value. Nodya - a fire, which is used by experienced hunters for overnight stays in the forest, especially in winter. For nodi best taken dead spruce: other woods less suitable - birch quickly burns, pine and aspen badly inflamed and often go out fir throws away around the spark. Two spruce logs length of 2.5-3 m along each put one on the other and fixed in this position, driven into the ends Read more [...]
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First aid for sprains

Dislocation - is damage, which displaced articular ends of the bones in the joints. Dislocations accompanied by rupture of ligaments, fastening joint, and injuries articular bags. Signs. Impossibility of movement in the affected joint, a violation of its shape and the pain. What to do when dislocations. To the right dislocation can only medical employee who has the appropriate training and experience. Haphazard reduction only affects the articular ends of the bones, ligaments and joint capsule. First aid is to give stiffness sprained limbs and mandatory delivery person to a medical center. Read more [...]
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Parakeet, or marmot — marmota caudal and jacquemont. Moult

Information on this Groundhog molt based on watching 32 of his skin with the Kyrgyz and Talas Range and 88 from other parts of the range. This marmot molts once a year. Molt, including changing horny layer of the epidermis and hair, begins about three weeks after the release of animals from hibernation and ends two weeks before the occurrence of it. In the lower zone habitat (1800 - 2300 m above sea level. m), it takes about three months polovinoychetyreh, and in the upper zone (2800-3300 m above sea level. m) of the week and a half or two more passes. Judging by the small number of skins Read more [...]
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The experience of survival in the wild. Part 2

While I myself nakipyachival water in small portions, I sat quietly and heard the sound saw chipmunks 3 meters away from me ... Dale rode by himself, but I began to reproach himself for his mistake. What makes a bow in my way? Sitting quietly and just saw a chipmunk / squirrel / bird, I could shoot and not straining to provide themselves blooded meat. And I went to work ... Chose the semi-dry aspen(In this regard, I was very lucky, drying is not necessary.) Now the original recipe of the onion Rimbaud. Pay attention to the ends of the bow!Always sharpen both ends of the bow! The idea is Read more [...]
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Skin and two brothers-cores in general similar. Both have long-petiolate simple rosette of leaves, so deeply cut into segments that they create the impression of compound leaves with small rounded leaves. Both cores erect, sometimes slightly branched leafy stem ends with a brush rather large for a given family of flowers. Both types of love moisture, both in bloom in May and early June. The young leaves of these plants, despite the bitterness, edible. Of them can cook spicy seasoning, as horseradish. In this, perhaps, the similarity between the two kinds of ends. P Core meadow, as the name Read more [...]
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Online restore the lumen of the fallopian tube-2

As the histological study, inflammatory changes are to develop a small amount of granulomas of foreign bodies. In cases of seamless anastomosis with fibrin tube absence of marked inflammatory changes in place neostomii leads to a full recovery without horn sclerosis its walls and narrowing of the lumen. Fibrinous tube for seamless salpingo-salpingoanastomoza was prepared as follows. On the rod diameter of 0.2 cm at the bottom trays, filled with water, and wound fibrin film for 30 minutes. dried in an oven at 80-90 °. Then autoclaved (40 min. Pressure of 2 atm.). Under aseptic fibrin tube Read more [...]
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The structure of striated muscle fibers

Striated muscle fibers have a length of 150 m to 12 cm muscles after birth develop hard and men make up 36% of body weight, women - 32%. In trained individuals muscle mass may reach 50% of body weight. Muscle increases due to thickening of the muscle fibers. Babies fiber diameter 7.8 mm, in 2 years - 10-14 mm, in 5 years - 15-20 microns, an adult-10-100 mm. Working muscle increases in diameter quickly. Each fiber contains myofibrils thickness of 1-2 mm, which consist of 20 nm protofibrils responsible for contractile activity. Myofibrils enclosed in undifferentiated sarcoplasm containing nuclear Read more [...]
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Bones and their joints

The structure and chemical composition of bone varies considerably throughout life, reflecting the age-specific body. In early childhood the bones are composed mainly of cartilage, in the place which gradually are formed bone tissue, cartilage is replaced by bone. In young bones more organic matter and inorganic less than adults, so the bones of children's softer, more flexible and less fragile, and this explains the fact that fractures in children are less likely than adults. In old age, on the contrary, the amount of organic matter is less than an adult, and the content of inorganic substances Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).