In girl from Engels moved lightning

on October 24. After a lightning strike Mary Martinoi for a few seconds melted gold chain, his hair stood on end, and going near the dog fainted. A lightning strike knocked out the resident of the city of Engels, but not killed. Miraculously charge landed in a gold pendant with the image of the mother of God. The chain is melted in an instant directly on the neck of Mary Martinou, from blow girl fainted when I woke up next too without conscience lay her dog, and walked stunned husband. It all happened on one of the slopes of the Saratov region. The family was returning home by car, thundering Read more [...]
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In the skies over Engels witnesses videotaped strange falling object

The hype around the predicted Mayan doomsday continues to grow. With a strong desire signs of the apocalypse can be found in everything. But the object appeared in the sky above the frightened townspeople Engels really in earnest. Information about this appeared yesterday in the network. Around 17 pm, witnesses saw an unidentified object, and even made it to the video. - He appeared in the "Steal of the city" (New Village poplar). My friends and I have noticed a strange object in the sky burning. The blessing was on hand camera. Closer and found that the object like a comet, Read more [...]
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Russian revolution: the first attempt of convergence with the West

First revolutionary movement in Russia, which had a coherent project of reconstructing society and the state, were the Decembrists. Their ideals were formed under the influence of the French Enlightenment and his Russian followers. The image of the good life they have emerged as a result of familiarity with Western Europe and dialogue with the Western intellectual elite (in particular through political Freemasonry, active in Russia since the end of XVIII century). Not having a broad social base and tradition of political opposition, and the Decembrists took the path of a military conspiracy Read more [...]
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Meeting with the last-8

Major contribution to the literature, in public life were letters Turgenev and Marx sent them from Carlsbad Pitch. For example, in 1874 (when it was possible that they met) sent letters to Russian writer Emile Zola, Henry James, the term Zeegen. Of the surviving correspondence between Marx to Engels, his letters give a vivid sketches of life and customs of the holiday flock to Carlsbad public. Here and conclusions of the meetings and conversations on sensitive political issues. May have crossed their path when dealing with other people. Turgenev in Carlsbad Vary had many friends who came to Read more [...]
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Meeting with the past-2

In the room where everything seems to have superseded the space with books, the keeper managed funds doctor Kaskova release the most light a window seat under the window may Turgenev room. For crunches hand yellowing leaves of a century ago. The leaves are large format books were not designed for long-term storage, and maybe, by chance survived. Awkward or too vigorous handling of threatened injury. For each day of the ballot at least a hundred names. Many of these transcription incredibly complicated, especially if you are passed on to German names with Slavic hissing consonants. The bulletin Read more [...]
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