The bird-rainbow

When and how the phase appeared in the UK, it is the subject of much debate. Some English historians believe that the first "Firebird" in Albion brought Phoenician traders, the other - the birds have appeared thanks to the Roman legionnaires.Archibald Tornburn - one of the most talented British animal painters of the XIX century - many of his works dedicated pheasants. The first documented evidence of existence pheasants England is the decree of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold I (nicknamed «Cleft foot», by legend for speed running and hunting skills), Read more [...]
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The Osbournes

A few years ago, searching for a new gun, I attended the auction of hunting weapons store in St Petersburg "Old Hunter." Among the many items I liked one - horizontal shotgun, made in the traditional English style. The inscription on the key-board Cha`s Osborne & son only confirmed Country of Origin: England.The open frame design reminiscent of Colt revolvers. The gun was a well-balanced, 12-caliber, narrowing trunks 0.2 / 1, weight within 3 kilograms — at Generally, classic, frozen in tree and metal. Lack antabok induce the thinking about need Read more [...]
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What Should I Recognize Approximately Tramp England’s Pennine Way?

Aft 50 eld in byplay, the Pennine Way's rolled hills, flecked with pubs and nature militia, are as deserving your metre as e'er.     Pic: Compeer Lawther/FlickrA:The Pennine Way, England’s low home track, turns 50 this class. Tied if it’s literally concluded the mound, the 268-mile path of rolled terrain is as democratic as e'er, particularly this weekend. July 12 marks the yearly Home Trails geocache liberation, during which new coins are released onto the nation’s 15 interior trails and followed end-to-end the summertime.Flush if you aren’t a geocacher, Read more [...]
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Breeding Secrets from the Fittest Char on World

Sam Briggs competing in Europe     Pic: Pic courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.Samantha Briggs' Critical Stats Age: 31Altitude: 5'6"Burthen: 132 poundsHometown: Manchester, EnglandLater ternary years of heavy forcible tests at the 2013 CrossFit Games in Carson, California, at the end of July, Samantha Briggs stood atop the rostrum as women's maven. For the 31-year-old from Manchester, England, that crowning accomplishment capped a yearn grueling journeying rear to the amphetamine echelons of private-enterprise CrossFit.No unknown to succeeder, Briggs played elect soccer in England Read more [...]
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Sabakin Leo F.

Sabakin Leo F. (1746 g.Staritsa Tver Province. 1813 Izhevsk), mechanic and inventor. From a young age was fond of mechanics, at age 30 became Ch. lips. engineer, invented the astronomical clock, by decree of Catherine II was sent to England, where he earned the recognition of the Math. Dzh.Uayta inventor and others. British scientists. Back in Tver, S. invented a machine to measure the ship's speed and tool for taking pictures of different locations, distances and heights. In 1789, the original was published in Moscow by S. Small building, or conversations relating to astronomy, physics and mechanics. Read more [...]
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The first keeper

In mid-April 1840 at the regular meeting of the District Board of Directors of the Nizhny Tagil plant management, as always, to deal with current affairs. Questions, as always, there were numerous: important, urgent and, basically, the usual. But among them is not quite regular. Pavel Demidov sent the order: open in Nizhny Tagil natural-scientific or industrial museum. According to the concept of factory "Muzeum" had become an important entity within the factory facilities. Pure collection occupied a considerable place in the family meeting Demidov is still with his father Pavel Nikolayevich, Read more [...]
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Temperature record in the UK

Sunday June 27, as predicted by weather forecasters, was the hottest day of the year in the UK, said in a statement posted on the Twitter-channel of the British Met Office. The air temperature at the meteorological station near the London airport "Heathrow" on Sunday afternoon reached 30.5 degrees Celsius. Previous temperature record this year in the UK was established on May 24, when the air in London warmed to 28.8 degrees. Languishing in this year of unusually sultry weather viewers Wimbledon tennis tournament, however, were able this time to escape the heat, as on Sunday at Wimbledon break, Read more [...]
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British the weather Bureau predicts flooding in the South

The weather Bureau in the UK predicts a sharp deterioration of weather and torrential rains in the South of England on the night of Sunday to Monday, which may cause severe floods. According to the forecast service Sunday evening over the UK will begin heavy rains, and in the South where it is warm weather — in the region of 20 degrees — falls per night up to eight inches of precipitation. On Monday during the rains will come and squally wind, and temperature extremes will not. The weather Bureau has warned that the situation on the English roads to deteriorate, threatening Read more [...]
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What Are the Trump Route Races in New England?

Wax Washington Route Airstream     Exposure: Lav SmothererA:Your choices are about sempiternal. Without always departure the Boston tube arena, you could run the justify 2.5- and five-mile races approximately Wise Pool in Cambridge that are held every Saturday daybreak at 10 a.m., or the legendarily competitory Falmouth Route Airstream in mid-August. But for your purposes, I’d indicate races that won’t be won by first pros and leave reserve you to revel New England's scene. These are my favorites.Ride Washington Route RunL.L. Noodle 4th of July 10KStowe 8 MilerYankee Read more [...]
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What Are the Trump Fly-Fishing Rivers in New England?

Fly rod.     Picture: Roger Asbury/Shutterstock

A:The Nor’-east’s rivers are oft overshadowed by those in the mid-Atlantic and Se. But don’t split a U-Haul hardly yet: New England’s rivers are total of trout, and under-the-radar sufficiency that you’ll more probable get them to yourself. First with these iii:

  • Penobscot River, Maine
  • Androscoggin River, New Hampshire
  • Deerfield River, Massachusetts
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What’s the scoop weekend stumble in New England?

Glide in Newport, Rhode Island     Pic: Dsearls/FlickrA:Betwixt the Gabardine Mountains, Greens Mountains, Atlantic Sea-coast, open lakes, whitewater, and seaward islands, thither are more awing adventures good you than I could maybe discover hither. So let me springiness you the fin New England things you moldiness do ahead the summertime dies.Off-roader Vermont’s Northeastern LandOne of the commonwealth’s top lead networks lies secret among the lakes, mountains, and maple forests of northeasterly Vermont, upright infra the Canadian delimitation. Called the Realm Trails, Read more [...]
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The Outflank Route Races in New England: Yankee Return 10 Miler

Newburyport     Exposure: MA NewburyportA:Newburyport, Massachusetts, is the Norman Rockwellian nonesuch of a sorcerous New England coastal townsfolk, so lots so that it’s overridden with tourists on bill weekends. But every summertime for more 50 eld, it has hosted a graeco-roman, comparatively matte 10-mile route raceway on the shoreline and done township, closing on the high gridiron. More 2,000 runners vie yearly. If that's too foresightful for you, thither's a 5k wash likewise. The 2012 variation kicks off on July 31. Read more [...]
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What Are the Outflank Hikes in Britain?

Hadrian's Paries at sundown.     Photograph: Prise McIntyre/FlickrA:When I studied in England, I united a tramp radical that went out every Saturday. A bus would drop-off us off by the slope of the route in the Lake Dominion, or the Yorkshire Dales, or on the Channelise slide, and we’d drift cross-country for the day, navigating by map and apprehend, leaving wheresoever we pleased. Handily, our route forever seemed to end at a hamlet pub.Piece Britain doesn’t precisely raise visions of the dateless barbarian, the island is really family to about unbelievable tramp. Thanks Read more [...]
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Where should I enter New England for the spill leaves?

Miff—and Xanthous, and Orangeness: Vermont altogether its autumnal brilliance     Photograph: PhotoDiscVermontHuff—and Chicken, and Orangeness: Vermont altogether its autumnal lusterA:Thither's something unfeignedly peculiar most fetching a slip to see a situation at its eyeshade of unequaled. Alaska in wintertime. Tucson in summertime. The seasons can fork an surpassing see from an expected one. Certainly, you power get cryopathy or heatstroke for your efforts, but attend a finish when no early spot is comparable it and you're saltation to bear a salient clock. Read more [...]
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The Scoop Hikes in Britain: Pennine Way

    Picture: Walkinguphills/Flickr

A:Get your replete saturnine moors and dales hither. The Pennine Way climbs consecutive up the rachis of England, 268 miles from the Vizor Territory in the Midlands done the Yorkshire Dales, the Northumberland berth state, and clear capable the Scottish edge. It dates binding to the Thirties, and was England’s offset designated Home Dog.

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The Better Route Races in New England: Stowe 8 Miler

Stowe 8 Miler     Photograph: Courtesy of Stowe 8 MilerA:This mountainous consequence in the pump of the K Mountains is plausibly the nigh celebrated wash in Vermont, and permanently reasonableness. The class is one of the virtually scenic in the land, rambling done the rachis roadstead of the repair township of Stowe, below the slopes of the commonwealth’s highest summit. A smattering of track clubs from about New England meet on the Stowe 8 Miler to contend against apiece former, fashioning the tether multiplication unco firm for a raceway in these parts. This yr's airstream Read more [...]
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The Trump Route Races in New England: L.L. Bonce Quaternary of July 10K

Freeport, Maine     Photograph: Wikimedia CommonaltyA:If you drop a summertime in New England, odds are full that you'll piddle a pilgrimage to Freeport, Maine, dwelling to L.L. Noggin and its flagship storage. You mightiness also assimilate a raceway piece you’re thither. The One-fourth of July 10K is reasonably militant—it drew near 1,500 runners finis twelvemonth—but really few masses get from out-of-state. Miles two done quadruplet are fundamentally a farseeing bestride this scenic, craggy row by the Maine seacoast. Read more [...]
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Wind storm knocked down trees and power lines in Northern Britain

In the North of England and Wales and in Northern Ireland and Scotland with the approach of night deteriorated weather conditions. Thursday night in the Welsh County Guinet speed North-West wind, which began to bring down trees and power lines, reached 115 km/H. But forecasters expect it to strengthen in the next few hours up to 130 km/h In Yorkshire — historic district North East England — has already been one major incident — wind-blown tree fell on the car. Two people were in the cabin, were hospitalized. The state of one of them is rated as severe. Serious Read more [...]
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Flooding in the South West of England

Torrential rains and subsequent severe flooding has transformed the daily lives of the County of Cornwall in South West England in chaos, with the effects of the storm are fighting staff rescue and fire fighting services, wrote in a newspaper environment Independent. «In the result of heavy rains during the night, in the Central and Northern parts of the County of Cornwall has been severe flooding. Areas of St Austell and St Blaise impassable, people were trapped in their car and houses», — quoted local police newspaper. Powerful streams washed buildings, the cars were Read more [...]
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In the UK the record cold for November

In the UK the lowest temperature recorded for November for the last 25 years - minus 17 degrees LONDON, 28 November. In the UK today was the lowest temperature recorded for November for the last 25 years - minus 17 degrees. Up to the mark dropped the thermometer in the mountainous regions of Wales. Such cold in November was not observed in the United Kingdom since 1985. In the mountainous part of Scotland, the temperature last night dropped to minus 12 degrees, in the County of Shropshire in Central England to minus 12.5 degrees, in Northern Ireland to minus 9,2, in the district of York in the Read more [...]
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