Fig. 15. Scratches caused by the needle (self harm). Abrasions (osadneniya) - violation of the integrity of the epidermis in the tangential impact of damaged item. Epidermal detachment and displacement often occurs in the thickness of the growth layer, at least - at the tips of the papillae of the skin. Surface emerged osadneniya moist, pink-red color that is slightly below the level of the adjacent intact skin. Linear Abrasions referred to as the scratch (Fig. 15). Microscopic examination of abrasion indicates that the epidermis is rarely removed entirely - retained its separate islands, consisting Read more [...]
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Effects of electric current

Effects of electric current short-circuit results in elektrometki, and at the outbreak of the arc may cause significant burns and charring of the soft tissue and bone (Fig. 88).Fig. 88. Elektrometki. and - at the entrance, 6 - the current output. When the local effect of the current, in addition elektrometok and burns may experience swelling, necrosis, impregnation of metals and damage. Thermal action electric current is also seen to be the death of tissue, up to carbonization. Sometimes it is possible to see in the original bone formation - "pearl necklace", resulting fusion of Read more [...]
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Sweat glands

Sweat glands - simple tubular glands of the skin, producing, concentrating and secreting sweat. Take the form of long tubular starting up into a ball and opening holes in the surface of the epidermis (sweat pores). By the nature of secretion (see gland) sweat glands are divided into apocrine (large, localized in the skin of the axillary basin, pubis, scrotum big shameful lips, around the anus) and merokrinovye (small present in the skin of the body). Sweat glands moisten the surface of the skin, are involved in thermoregulation (heat loss by evaporation of sweat) and discharge (release products Read more [...]
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Parakeet, or marmot — marmota caudal and jacquemont. Moult

Information on this Groundhog molt based on watching 32 of his skin with the Kyrgyz and Talas Range and 88 from other parts of the range. This marmot molts once a year. Molt, including changing horny layer of the epidermis and hair, begins about three weeks after the release of animals from hibernation and ends two weeks before the occurrence of it. In the lower zone habitat (1800 - 2300 m above sea level. m), it takes about three months polovinoychetyreh, and in the upper zone (2800-3300 m above sea level. m) of the week and a half or two more passes. Judging by the small number of skins Read more [...]
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Exfoliative dermatitis Ritter

This is akin to pemphigus, but more rare disease. Occurs only in infants. The main symptom is a diffuse exfoliation of the epidermis. Most of the children preceded him peel appearance on the skin surface of many bubbles that merge with each other and burst. Disease usually begins with the individual. Around the mouth cracks, soak, then celebrated exfoliation of the epidermis. The process of rapidly spreading to the trunk and limbs. Coming off a big layer of the epidermis, exposing large areas of moist, eroded surface. At the height of the disease looks like a baby's skin is scalded with Read more [...]
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Taking a subepidermal flap

Subepidermal flap consists of the epidermis and the layer of tissue that lie on the packets of the sebaceous glands, its thickness varies in cattle and horses in the range of 200-600 microns, dogs, 200-400 microns. With the capture of the flap should be closely monitored for signs that characterize the correctness of programs cut: safety on the cut surface of the graft and the resulting defect pigmentation, dark spots in the field of cut hair follicles (hair), bleeding in the form of acting individual droplets (Fig. 4). Fig. 4. Scheme of different thickness skin grafts used for transplants Read more [...]
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Toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome (Laila)

Toxic epidermal necrolysis (syndrome Laila) is characterized by blisters, necrosis and lysis of the epidermis (Fig. 5, see insert). In recent years due to the widespread use of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum disease cases Laila frequent. Prodromal symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, severe general condition, urticaria. Soon the skin develop erythema, blisters, exanthema. Bubbles can reach large sizes. They are fast and easy to break, exposing the epidermis and devoid of epithelium (in the mouth) surface. Sometimes the epidermis can be easily removed without prior gallbladder reaction. Read more [...]
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